St clare and francis of assisi relationship questions

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st clare and francis of assisi relationship questions

that challenge the faith-based social worker to reflect on prominent issues of today's marriage. Clare listened to the inspiring messages of St. Francis, as he . Did St. Francis of Assisi have a passionate love for St. Clare? These and other questions are brought up in author Wendy Murray's a "third" branch of the Franciscan order which allowed for married couples to join. THE STORY OF THE DEATH OF SAINT CLARE [c] One day Francis and Clare are on a journey together from Spello to Assisi.

We enjoy these times living in the sweetness of God's mystery.

st clare and francis of assisi relationship questions

Our path is nothing more or less then receiving. Every day is the simple peace. You in the cave of your heart, me with my budding Roses, life is precious. Simple peace and our hearts wrestle with the Divine being so much for our simple human heart. The birds, animals, planets and stars are family in these moments. Francis, I know you have tried again and again to explain to the Bishops that they are no more special than our homeless friends, the lepers.

The rich are no more rich than the very poor. Life's treasure is within us. Why don't people understand that everything is given in the silence of our heart? Francis I want to tell you about a day dream I have been carrying all week.

I see all the priests and ministers finally agreeing there is nothing to say! Every church large and small is just a house for God. People come and sit in silence. There is no preaching, no need to preach.

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In the silence is all and everything, so much peace. And after sitting for a while, everyone absorbing the goldenness of God in our heart, the people share bread and medicine to any who have need. This is the real church!

st clare and francis of assisi relationship questions

Why do they make it so complicated Francis? Anyway this is not the reason I write. I write today trying to put some words to where I have been led inside. I know you already know. But maybe my words support you as well. One cannot vouch for the validity of the suggested condemnation of Clare and her followers by Francis. The quote attributed to Francis himself that is taken from Bolton and used by Voaden is taken from another secondary source and it is not prevalent in the primary sources attributed to Francis or Clare.

Thus, the reliability of argument that Francis rejected the Poor Ladies can be queried as feminist bias. The Rule of Clare is further evidence of her aspirations to live in accordance with the way of Francis. Clare regarded the Rule of Innocent IV as unacceptable on the grounds that it permitted possessions.

The Order of St. Clare, as it became known inoccupies a central place in the formation of the Poor Sisters or Poor Ladies.

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In The Rule of Clare use is made of the texts of Hugolino and Innocent but neither is explicitly referred to. Conversely, Clare does exclusively refer to Francis. Her Rule upholds the instruction of Francis: This aside, passages in the Rule of Clare that testify to the importance of poverty, sisterly and brotherly relationships, the bond with the Friars, the Gospel as the foundation of life are the words of Francis that were prized by Clare.

Clare was convinced that the essence of her Rule was identical to the brief Rule given to her forty years prior to by Francis.

Clare challenged the papal legislation and her contemporaries by expressing her Franciscan ideal and this had a significant impact on history. Bibliography Primary Sources attributed to Francis and Clare taken from: Francis and Clare, eds. Armstrong and Ignatius C. Brady, Mahwah, Paulist Press, Carney, Margaret, Francis and Clare: Iriarte, Lazaro, Clare of Assisi: York Medieval Press, Brady, Mahwah, Paulist Press,p.

Brady, Mahwah, Paulist Press,pp. Armstrong, Clare of Assisi: The love for Christ and the poor did not diminish at all the deep love that united them, showing that between people who dedicate themselves to God and serving others, there can be true love and relationships of great tenderness. Between Francis and Clare, there is something mysterious that unites Eros and Agape, fascination and transfiguration. The stories that remain from the time speak of the frequent meetings between them.

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However, "they controlled such meetings so that the divine mutual attraction might go unnoticed in the eyes of people, avoiding public rumors. So also the love between Clare and Francis.

An ancient legend refers to it with very tender candor: He went to Clare and said: She felt her heart would stop and that if he said another word, she would cry.

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I will go alone and I will accompany you from afar, as the Lord leads me. The path went through a forest.