St clare and francis relationship trust

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st clare and francis relationship trust

Early in her childhood, Clare was gifted with innumerable virtues and although Saint Francis rebuilt the chapel of Saint Damiani, place where the Lord had .. Do not trust nor comply with anyone who wants to keep you apart from your goal . Clare cared for Francis toward the end of his life and was with him when he died in How did she demonstrate courage, strength and trust? St Claire showed courage by declining the marriage that her parents. We follow St. Francis of Assisi and St. Clare of Assisi by living faith in a as a sacred trust, embrace of each person in relationship as sister or.

During in front of the Bishop of Assisi Francis stripped naked and handed his cloths to his father.

st clare and francis relationship trust

The Bishop embraced Francis and Francis began to wear the simple cloths of a peasant. Around this time Francis met a leper on a road.

st clare and francis relationship trust

Fearing the disease he initially aimed to avoid the leper. Overcoming his fear he sought to care for the leper. When he did Francis experienced the leper as Christ present. This is what I'm looking for! He greeted people with a call to Peace and Goodness. The Lord gave Francis brothers as others saw the gift of grace that God had given Francis.

A small band of twelve men initially lived a simple life of repairing chapels and caring for lepers begging their needs from the citizens of Assisi. Initially rebutted Innocent III changed his mind and approved their simple rule in St Clare who was from a wealth family saw in Francis her ideal of Gospel life and Francis helped her form a group of poor sisters who became the Order of St Clare. Francis life inspired many to turn their life towards Christ and people who could not follow Francis' strict rule joined together and formed what is now called the Order of Franciscan Secular.

Francis travelled with the Crusades where he crossed the battlefront in Egypt to talk of Christ's Peace with the Sultan in A relationship of trust developed and this enabled the Franciscan's presence in the Holy Land. Francis continued to live a life alternating between service to the poor and a life in contemplation in wild places.

He suffered physically from his strict life and mentally from what he saw as the worldiness of some his followers. This wordliness was expressed not only in the accumulation of wealth but also of power, both lay and clerical.

He stepped down from leadership of the Order in and worked on a more legalistic rule. This rule was approved by the Pope in and is the Franciscans current rule. In his will, Saint Francis talked a lot about this event: His father was distraught because he had his expectations for his eldest son failed.

Another who didn't understand what was happening to Francis was his mother, Lady Pica, but she went on reassuring him. So Francis chose the silence and withdrew to meditate in the countries of Assisi, perhaps exactly in those caves and narrow gorges which are under the Colle dell'Inferno [which in English means "Hill of the Hell"]. He rather liked also to stop off in the little church of San Damiano, which is only 2 kilometres far from Assisi. Here, in a day like any other betwenn andthe crucifix of this little chapel started talking to him saying three times: But since he thought he had made too little on that sale, he sold also his horse!

Then he went to the priest of San Damiano's church and took him the money he had earned. Let's imagine the scene: Francis wanted to give the priest that money but the priest didn't want it since he knew who Francis was, or better, he knew who Francis' father was.

Francis insisted and ended up by throwing that money inside the church This time Francis didn't dare to face up to his father and preferred to hide himself for more than a month.

Instead, the one who faced up to Pietro Bernardone was the priest Francis desired to break off with this world and to lead a life full of esctasy and spirituality.

St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi

More and more frequently these words echoed in his mind: Poor Pietro Bernardone found, or better, picked up him in that condition. Convinced that his son was mad, he took Francis home and locked him up in a room which today is called "St.

As he used, Pietro Bernardone left again to trade so he entrusted Francis to his mother's care Only the History tells us the conclusion: Pietro Bernardone came back from his travels, discovered that Francis was free, started to look for him and decided to disinherit him.

st clare and francis relationship trust

Since Pietro was a laic and thought as a laic, he turned to the Consuls of Assisi, but Francis - who this time didn't feared to face up to his father - turned to the Bishop of Assisi Guido II and renounced publicly this father's wealth.

Saint Francis "Listen you all. Hitherto I have called Pietro Bernadone father, but from today I do want to serve only God, so I renounce everything I could inherit from him and I give him back the clothes I wear.

Francis started to serve God in that day ofeven if he had been ordained neither priest nor friar yet!

st clare and francis relationship trust

He went upriver along the Chiascio and set out for the benedictine monastery of Saint Verecondo, at Vallingegno, then he went to Gubbio. At the time Gubbio was tormented by a fierce wolf that stroke terror and often killed the Eugubini the inhabitants of Gubbio.


Francis met the wolf just outside the walls of Gubbio, near the Church of Vittorina. Francis tamed the wolf and made it docile and domestic. This is considered St.

I hope You dance- St Francis & Clare

During - once he had returned at Assisi at the end of the previous year - St. This is also the period in which Saint Francis outlined the first characteristics of the Franciscan Rule, taking inspiration from the "Missal" and the "Gospel". In that period Saint Francis lived in the little Porziuncola chapel, where sometimes a benedictine monk of the Abbey of Mount Subasio said Mass.

It was February 24th, While the benedictine monk was reading aloud the X chapter of St. Francis suddenly understood what he had to do and a new world opened to him: This was what the Gospel said and Francis took it literally The deeds of St.

Francis - also as a poet - didn't go unnoticed and the people of Assisi started to change their minds about such an odd boy. So, some time later, the first disciples started to join him. So, placing his trust in God, he consulted the Missal three times and had the following answers: Then come, follow me. A short time later others disciples joined up with them: There were twelve of them and they all wore as Francis: Francis got his first monastic experience in the Porziuncola and then in the Tugurio at Rivotorto, where he was with some of his companions and from where his merry party and he left to Rome during Summer Once again, history and legend meet.

Francis and his eleven companions with one of the several heretic companies of that time, so he sent them away. But that night the Pope dreamed the Lateran Basilica in danger of collapsing and a man holding it up. That man was Saint Francis. But Innocent III did a very important thing: Francis and his companions cleric afterwards, St. Francis will become a deacon. Once come back to Assisi, Francis had to solve two earthly problems: In this period other friars joined him: Note of the author: Still today, in the cript of the Lower Basilica of Assisi, there are the tombs of St.

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Francis and the Blessed Friars: Clare's cousin Friar William of England and, along the stair that from the Basilica leads to the crypt, there is also the body of another friar and of Blessed Jacopa dei Settesoli, a Roman noblewoman, wife of Graziano Frangipani.

On the contrary, the tomb of Friar Elia Coppi is in the church of Saint Francis in Cortona In any case, even if the first of these problems made Francis happy, the second one caused him some troubles because he had to find a new "shelter" for his Brothers, but the Rule said the Frairs could possess nothing, so the "shelter" had to be given.

And so it was. The Order had a guide, a Rule and now also the first Mother House. Francis started feeling shackled in Italy, his chivalric spirit would led him in Palestine to take part in the liberation of the Holy Sepulchre and then in Morocco, but he manages to get only to the Sanctuary of St.

st clare and francis relationship trust