Stannis and davos relationship help

'Game of Thrones': Try not to cry at this detail about Ser Davos

stannis and davos relationship help

Ned thought Stannis was a fine, upstanding and capable man. have amputated the fingers of the man who smuggled in vital supplies, as Stannis did to Davos. Davos clearly had a high opinion of Jon and took the time to mentor him a little, and was with Stannis when he specifically warned him about. The foundation of Stannis and Davos' relationship traces back to Robert's hand ) because Davos' smuggling did help the men at Storm's End.

Shireen, ostracized by her mother and shunned from society due to her greyscale, found a true friend in Ser Davos.

She began teaching the Onion Knight to read. And the first word she taught him not only hinted at her father's eventual fall, but the new King that Davos would later come to serve in Stannis' place. Here's the post to help put the scene in context: Shireen Baratheon, cutest cutie pie in all of Westeros, saw the show's biggest twists from miles away.

Stannis Baratheon/Davos Seaworth

One of the most important reveals from Season 7 revolved around Jon's true parentage. As the legitimate AKA not bastardized son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen, Jon has more rightful claim to the throne than even Daenerys — and certainly more than the disgraced Stannis. He [Stannis] sees something in you. Might not be apparent from his tone, but it's the truth.

stannis and davos relationship help

He believes in you. Jon's fate was rather personal for Davos. Why is he keen for Melisandre to use magic to save him?

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He mistrusts Melisandre and has passionately spoken out against her magic before. Look back to when Davos most passionately spoke out against Melisandre's tricks, in episode 10 of series 3: I don't know if Robb Stark died because of the Red Woman's sorcery or because at war men die all the time, but I do know that uniting the Seven Kingdoms with blood magic is wrong.

stannis and davos relationship help

And you are not an evil man. Do you know who had this table carved and painted, Ser Davos? And do you know how Aegon Targaryen conquered Westeros? On the back of his dragon Balerion the Dread.

He had a smaller fleet than the kings he faced and a smaller army, but he had three dragons.

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Dragons are magic, Ser Davos. My enemies have made my kingdom bleed. I will not forget that. I will not forgive that. When Davos gives honest advice, Stannis promotes him to Hand.

stannis and davos relationship help

Martin typically avoids awarding point of view chapters to kings. Robb Stark, Robert Baratheon, Geoffrey Baratheon, and Stannis are all denied the ability to narrate events in the books. Instead, he decided to create Davos to allow readers insight into the actions of Team Dragonstone without hearing from Stannis himself. That being said, Martin still believes Davos to be an important character in his own right. Liam Cunningham and Stephen Dillane, who plays Stannis, are also friends in real life.

I miss him hugely.

stannis and davos relationship help