Staz and fuyumi relationship problems

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staz and fuyumi relationship problems

Contains: graphic Staz/Fuyumi - m/f, blood play, possessiveness and he could — but other than the trouble that there was no magic essence. Okayy,when I read and watched Blood Lad (the manga and anime adaptation are both very good),despite the manga will continue,I think the end will be something like this: ~The King of the demon world will kill Staz's older brother-Braz ~Hydra Bell will be left with broken. Blood Lad ~ Staz x Fuyumi Cute Anime Couples, All Anime, Manga Anime, . relationship advise Otaku Issues, Anime Meme, Otaku Meme, Animes To Watch, .

If what Dek said was true, a few more minutes from now, and he was going to have a human in his apartment. He looked around studio layout of the apartment, through the pink-tint of his heart-shaped sunglass, his hands planted on his hips — something was off.

The state of his apartment had always been to his standard, comfortable, lived-in — by now he was wondering if it was up to the human girl's liking. He looked around, and it seemed alright to him, but what if Staz gave his head a rapid shake — what did it matter what the girl thought?

He was just going to drink her blood, and that was all. The banging at the door made him jump, and he jerked around. He could smell her — actually smell her! His brain buzzed at he stared at her. She looked back at him fearfully, small, bound and gagged, held against Dek's side. Now get the hell out of the way! Though Staz was hardly even half his size, he was twenty-times as stronger.

And don't let anyone in! He pressed his back against the door, breathing heavily and staring down at the human girl, still tied-up and collapsed onto his floor. He made himself breathe through his mouth, thinking it might help with her smell, but now he was sure he was starting to taste her in the air, too, if that was even possible. Slowly, he stepped from the door and towards her, his hands raised in what he hoped was none-threatening.

She gave a quiet whimper as he grasped either of her arms and pulled her up, before pushing her on the closest piece of furniture — his bed.

He shivered at the heat flowing beneath her skin — her blood. He gave his head a brief shake. Now that he actually had her here, he thought of something that he could use her for — other then to drain her dry of all her blood in one go. His face lit up with excitement — it was a good thing he didn't drink her dry just yet after all. This couldn't have been better. He finally had someone from the Human World… all the things he needed to know, all the sequels he didn't know about —!

He dived right in, hardly stopping a breath to let her form proper answers. He inhaled sharply really for another bout of questioned about all his favourite Manga and Anime — "Enough!

staz and fuyumi relationship problems

He was startled into silence, looking at her open-mouthed as she jumped to her feet in front of him. So I wanted your blood, but then you said you were from Japan — and I loved that place — even though I've never been there — I wish that I could sigh — anyway, I'm a big collector of everything from there and so He looked down at her in a heap, not bothering to even get up.

The girl turned over with a soft whimper and sat up, revealing a bloody knee.

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Staz's red gaze zoomed in on the scrape like a laser. She looked at it, poking around the edges of the small wound with the tips of her fingers. Blood rushed in his ears — but it wasn't his own.

A heart pumped fast — but it wasn't his. Unconsciously, he found himself sliding off the bed, and slowly started to crawl towards her, a bit dazed. She watched him, wide-eyed and frozen as he reached her.

He pressed his face close to her knee, inhaling sharply, his eyelids fluttering, his mouth water. His lips parted in a breath and he stuck his tongue out, and drew it slowly across the scrape, collecting any beads of blood there. She let out an exclamation. He shuddered a bit as he could feel his tongue tingling and exploding after tasting just a drop of her blood.

His pink tongue grazed across his pointed teeth and lips, his cracked open eyes, looking up at her. He needed to taste more — he needed to have it fill his mouth and melt down his throat. Her drew his tongue across her scrape again, collecting the remaining morsels of blood there before it clotted. He pushed towards her more, his cheek brushing the inside of her knee.

He turned his head slightly, and his lips ghosted across the inside of her thigh as she sucked in a breath. He inhaled deeply, scenting the blood that flowed continuously beneath just a few layers of skin, smelling her. His cheek finally brushed against the edge of her short, pleated skirt and he finally stopped his progress. Her heart was hammering in her chest as she felt his teeth lightly graze against the soft skin.

She let out a small cry as she felt his sharp teeth pierce the sensitive flesh. She felt it burn, and then he started to suck, and the pain faded away. She found herself leaning back on her elbows, then dropping back onto the floor completely. Moored by the sensual sucking motion against her skin. Staz caressed the outside of her thigh with one hand as he sucked. His body was vibrating with her blood, rushing hot in his veins, rushing to fill every corner of his body.

His cock was growing hard in his jeans as he lay on his side between her open legs. His other hand trailed the flesh, under her skirt, tracing the crease in her thigh. She shuddered at his touches. He stopped sucking, and instead let the blood flow sluggishly into his mouth until slowly, eventually, it stopped. Finally, he released her flesh, his tongue tracing along his puncture marks.

They stopped bleeding and the blood congealed, sealing the wounds, but not healing them out of existence. He didn't stop because he was done — he was far from finished… He slowly pushed himself to his knees between her legs and looked down on her, her eyes hooded.

He reached for her, his palms brushing her curves under the high school uniform that she was wearing. He grasped the material and tore open her buttoned blouse. She yelped and thrust forward in shock, up onto her elbows again, but he let her got no further. Hands on her shoulders, he pushed her back down after ripping her torn shirt off, and her bra. She made to cross her arms, but he took hold of her wrists gently in his firm grasp.

Her breasts were plump and firm, almost milky-pale, her rosebud nipples already firm and staring at him. It was like his gaze physically delved inside of her and she felt the heat between her legs. Not taking his gaze away, he said — "You're mine now, Fuyumi. Taking her blood was just the first step — when he was through, he would have her blood, her body, her soul. Fuyumi would be his completely.

He took her slightly trembling fingers and wrapped them around his stiff member, panting as he pumped her palm. Even after he released her, she pumped him like she was shaking a spray can. He gripped her bent knees on either side of him for balance, gritting his teeth as his thrust forward. If he was in fact human like her, he already would have cum, but he was a vampire and he held off, just barely — but if she continued on like this, he would splatter her stomach and chest and he just wasn't ready for that.

With a growl, he startled her as she watched his expression contort, and tore her hand from his weeping cock. He bowed over her, his cock head brushing her belly button so that he gasped a bit.

He took both her wrists in one hand and pinned them above her.

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He pressed his forehead against hers, his blood-red irises staring straight in her purple-blue intensely — "What's your rush? The pads of his thumbs were calloused from all the Video Games he played, and she shuddered as their roughness grazed across her already sensitive nubs. His thin lips claimed her plump ones, forcing her lips apart with his tongue. He delved into her mouth, ravaging it, leaving her panting and writhing lightly beneath him.

His cock head forced deeper into her navel, he grunted into her mouth, claiming it. He nipped at her lip as he finally pulled back slightly, leaving her thoroughly flushed. He finally released her wrists as he started to claim his way slowly down every inch of her pale flesh with kisses and grazes of his fangs.

Her fingers tangled themselves in his short spiky hair as his tongue dipped into her abandoned belly button, licking up the pre-cum he'd left behind, tasting both him and her on his tongue. His palm brushed up from her ankle, along her cafe, and over the clotted fang marks on the inside of her right thigh, making her whimper, and then gasp as his digits probed into the moist heat between her legs.

He thrust his middle finger through her folds and into her tight hole suddenly, firmly. After having his power unmarked by his brother, Staz becomes much more powerful. He is now able to manifest his power in a physical form, taking the form of a hand with open circles in the joints and in the middle of the palm.

Staz has shown using this hand as an attack, hitting or catching an enemy, and a mode of transport, using it as a platform to stay ahead while traveling. Staz is expert in using his demonic power to attack from a distance.

staz and fuyumi relationship problems

He does this by extending his magical energy from his body to affect his opponent directly or the environment around him, such as using it to strike with powerful blows or create huge eruptions of energy from the ground. The manifestation of Staz' magic Special Moves: ZIP - Staz extends his magical energy from his body and concentrates it on his opponent's vital organs usually the heart. He then clenches his hand into a fist as if he is physically crushing an object, causing his opponent's heart to burst.

Chew-Chew Drain - Staz first locks the person in a full-body hold and bites into their neck or shoulder. He breaks off one of his fangs and leaves it embedded in his opponent's skin. After that, the tooth acts as a remote transceiver that draws out the demonic energy of his opponent and transfers it to Staz, allowing him to replenish his own magic or life energy. After the seal on his power is broken, he is capable of directly draining other demons of their energy without this strategy, as demonstrated in his battle with Team Fearless.


Playback Payback - First, Staz performs a powerful uppercut that sends his opponent soaring into the air. At the apex of flight, he materializes a mass of energy above them and thrusts his fist downward, the energy shooting down at the airborne enemy and sending him hurtling to the ground. Vampire Tetsuzanko - Staz focuses his magic to enhance his physical strength and executes a powerful shoulder strike. He uses this technique against Akim, which sends him crashing through several buildings until he lands in the barren outskirts of East Demon City.

This technique is based off of Akira Yuki, the main protagonist of the Virtua Fighter series. Staz is prematurely interrupted by Akim from using this technique, who refers to it as "third-rate" due to the openings it leaves in one's defense.

However, in the manga, Wolf states that the attack would have completely incinerated Akim if it were completed. This special move is most famously used by Dragon Ball protagonist, Son Goku, whom Staz deeply admires and respects as a great hero.

ZIP used when he and Fuyumi were a hybrid to defeat Grimm in his final form. He's fast, agile and durable; which makes him able to effortlessly avoid attacks and survive blows from even the most powerful demons. After his training with White Step along with Wolf,his reflexes and precognition became much sharper than before,making him able to easily dodge and predict attacks he previously couldn't.

However silver can weaken his regeneration significantly. Equipment Edit Spray Bottle: As seen when Staz travels to the human world, by using the saliva containing his vampiric powers, Staz is able to control others without having to bite them. He does this by filling a spray bottle with his saliva, and simply spraying them, which then allows him to have control of the person.