Stephen kumalo and absalom relationship quiz

Cry, the Beloved Country Quiz | 25 Questions

stephen kumalo and absalom relationship quiz

Reading Check Quiz (plot oriented) on Tuesday, December 8th Compare and contrast Stephen and Absalom Kumalo's relationship. Who bring Stephen Kumalo the news about Absalom? the redemption of the girl through marriage cry the beloved country, chapters quiz review. That is what Absalom Kumalo had in his father, Stephen Kumalo in the novel Cry, the Beloved Country. This lesson will focus on the relationship between the.


Stephen Kumalo discovers how Gertrude has been leading her life. Who is John Kumalo? Why did Gertrude go to Johannesburg? What did the letter to Stephen Kumalo say? Where did Stephen Kumalo get the money to take his trip?

Chapters 10 points 1. A post office book is. Msimangu, power corrupts unless it is the power of 5. Name one actual historical event that is depicted in the novel: In two or three sentences, identify a major motif in the novel and give a specific example: Name the language which is the native tongue of Stephen Kumalo.

Why is so little attention paid to the trial in Johannesburg? What is the name of the video you will watch on Thursday and Friday? How is the beginning of chapter 18 similar to and different from the beginning of chapter 1?

Cry, the Beloved Country Quiz B: James Jarvis had wished that his son would leave the farm and the area to make a life of his own rather than continue at High Place. Which historical figure seemed to have the most influence on Arthur Jarvis, using the number of books he had as a guide. On your assignment sheet there are five title of books about Africa. In the space below respond to the assignment. Please keep in mind all the elements of good writing: Centred focus, topic sentence scomplete, well-structured sentences, and logical development and organization.

You might consider making notes before you begin. Pick one of these voices and write a brief characterization sketch as you imagine the character. Could this character live in your community? Select one of the characters listed below and answer the question in each category. Make 7 notecards standard size to be checked the next day. Use the MLA Style for notecards: See note below under Day 1, 1 regarding notecard format.

A- One bibliography card B - Six notecards: Groups of students work particularly well. Groups will list six areas of human rights they feel are impor- tant. Record on large poster sheet. Post the sheets around the room. Life of Steve Biko as told through the eyes of journalist Donald Woods. The movie is approximately 2: Read the first 20 Amendments to the US Constitution.

Record 6 more notecards: Briefly review US Amendments 3. Place on poster paper and post; explain: First Draft of Bill of Rights for the Republic of South Africa Explain homework according to the directions which follow Also see homework handout in the addendum 6. Freedom 31 Directions for Bill of Rights Assignment: Write a Bill of Rights which will be presented as significant for South Africa, taking into consideration past history and future needs.

Articles should address South Africa as you understand it today. Use appropriate language in vour own words.

stephen kumalo and absalom relationship quiz

Critique first drafts See addendum for the form. In your group select three basic but important human rights for each of the three categories listed below.

Choose carefully and be able to defend your selections! Write a document of 10 Articles of at least sentences in length more if justified by the topic being considered which is written in complete sentences with a clear, separate and central focus for each article.

The individual articles should each address South Africa as you understand it today, concentrating on current and long-term issues of human rights. The document you write should be pages in length, typed, standard manuscript form with pre -writing notes, first draft, critique sheet, and final draft submitted together on schedule. Where have they done so? Provide an example and a comment on the South African reality that creates the need for this article: Does that paragraph contain a topic sentence?

Logically ordered and substantiating detail? Bill of Rights Project Evaluation Format, layout, and presentation: Proofreading, mechanics, and spelling: Sentence structure, language, and clarity. Do the sentences conform to standard usage? Are they active, forceful, and easily understood? Accuracy and specificity of language. Does the language address the human rights issues specifically, or is it vague or fuzzy? Shaka begins Zulu military traditions, Retief killed by Dingane.

Slavery ends in British Empire and the Factory Act is passed Liberal revolutions of hit Europe.

stephen kumalo and absalom relationship quiz

Communist Manifesto published, American colonialism begins in Japan. Civil War, slavery ends, in U. Kimberly annexed and becomes part of Cape Colony. Germany and Italy become nations. Bell patents the telephone. Historical battle occurs at Isandhlwana, Natal Province. Edison invents the incandescent lamp. First modern war against civilians produces war atrocity trials and concentration camps. Louis Botha, moderate Afrikaner is elected first Prime Minister.

Colored population disenfranchised by voting restrictions. African to win Nobel Peace Prize. Massacre at Sharpeville - 69 killed demonstrating against pass laws. Source of malaria discovered. Edison granted patent for light bulb. Anglo-Japanese Treaty signed First call for US companies to divest interests in SA issued. War begins in Europe.

India, China and Israel, the worlds' three oldest civilizations, become independent republics. Kennedy defeats Nixon for US president.

Civil Rights Act passed. Nelson Mandela is sentenced to life imprisonment. Botha becomes Prime Minister. Laws forbidding interracial marriages are lifted. Cuban missile crisis in October. James Meredith enters Ole Miss. Republic ot Vietnam surrenders Jimmy Carter elected president. World concern mounts over human rights issues in South Africa.

Soviet troops invade Afghanistan. Archbishop Oscar Romero is assassinated. Reagan is elected president.

Cry the beloved country court scene

Duarte elected president in El Salvador. Gorbachev comes to power, USSR. State of emergency is declared. Covert repression of ANC heightens. Violence escalates in Natal. Chernobyl disaster near Kiev Iran-contra affair in US. USSR begins pullout protest. Tutu clashes with Botha at meeting, from Afghanistan. El Salvador 1 - Apartheid laws are ended. National Peace Accord signed.

Berlin Wall falls Jean-Bertrand Aristide elected president in Haiti. Germany unified for second time in years. New York Peace Accords signed.

Presidential election year in U. Truth Commission report is issued. Invasion of Haiti restores Aristide to power. Calderon Sol is elected. Xhosa Subgroups of the Xhosa according to Nelson Mandela: T erms to Discuss: Imperialism - 1 an intensified form of colonialism where industrialized nations sought to exercise complete domination of colonial society for purposes of economic exploitation.

Phase I - War by the rules: Color code and label the following countries of Southern Africa. Create a key to explain your color code. Locate and label the following cities of South Africa. George Lawaaikamp - St. Color code and label the nine provinces of SA: Western Cape Cape Province 2. Northern Cape CP 3. Eastern Cape CP 4. North West CP 5. Free State Orange Free state 6.

Kwazulu Natal Natal D. Locate and label the following physical features: Great Karroo Desert 5. Cape of Good Hope 9. Tropic of Capricorn II. Color code the migration rout and add to your key.

stephen kumalo and absalom relationship quiz

Indicate the migration route of the Zulu along the east coast of southern Africa; color code and add to the key. Indicate the two migration routes taken by the Trekboers and the Great Trek Boer ; color code and add to the key.

A Hodam History, l y T.


Daven- port Toronto and Buffalo: University of Toronto Press. Policy Toward Southern Africa Berkeley: University of California Press, r Slavery ends in British Empire and first Factory Act passed[ Crystal Palace opens in London []. Age of Romantic nationalism. English split German African colonies, gaining German colonies with French after war. South West Africa diamonds.

This action was take mostly to prevent which of the following? Inthe British take action to eliminate which of the following in South Africa? Emily Hobhouse worked to end mistreatment of women and children during the Boer War by a writing the Queen b carrying on a legal battle against the British army c conducting a hunger strike d using the British press to publicize mistreatment to the world e writing poetry 5.

Lithebe is the woman who rents Kumalo a room. She is morally corrupt. She makes and sells liquor, lives with prostitutes and we assume she is oneand she has been in prison.

It is not a physical sickness that attracts Msimangu's attention, but a moral one. Why is Gertrude's sickness upsetting to Kumalo? Being a man of God, immorality in any form is distasteful; however, having his own sister behave this way is truly upsetting. He would hope that his own family would behave in a more God-like fashion.

What is Kumalo's brother John doing in Johannesburg? He has turned into a politician, speaking in public for the cause of the natives. The tragedy is that they are not mended again.

Socratic Seminar: Cry, the Beloved Country | Katie Hornung's Classes

The wrong comes in that the injustices have not been eliminated since they have been recognized. Whites fear the natives and the natives fear the whites. Describe Kumalo's meeting with his sister when he finds her in Johannesburg. He confronts her with each of his questions—why she didn't write, if she found her husband, that she was in prison, etc. She answers simply and truthfully. Their first minutes together seem cool—not at all the warm embrace one might think brother and sister might share.

The relationship doesn't begin to warm up until she agrees to leave Johannesburg with Kumalo. Kumalo bought Gertrude and the child new clothes. Why is that symbolically important? The new clothes symbolize the putting on of a new life. Describe Kumalo's first meeting with his brother John in Johannesburg. Kumalo confronts him just as he did his sister. Notice, though, that John's answers come with long qualifiers and explanations unlike Gertrude's.

John defends his actions and accuses the church of not carrying out its responsibilities towards its people. What is Msimangu's one hope for his country? Paton Study Guide Answer Key 3 He hopes that one day "white men and black men, desiring neither power or money, but desiring only the good of their country, come together to work for it. Why did Dubula ask Kumalo and Msimangu to walk instead of taking a bus?

The natives who used the bus system were protesting a fare increase and were refusing to ride the bus lines. Why is the government more afraid of Dubula than Tomlinson or John Kumalo?

Tomlinson has the brains, John has the voice, but Dubula has the heart. Mkize tell them about Absalom? She said he had been there but had left. He had been stealing goods and was in bad company. She thought the taxi driver Hlabeni might know of Absalom's whereabouts. What is the point of Chapter 9 in relationship to the novel's themes? Chapter 9 is used to emphasize, elaborate on and personalize the terrible conditions under which the natives of South Africa were living.