Tales of xillia 2 jude and milla relationship

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tales of xillia 2 jude and milla relationship

For the fractured version of Milla who joins the party in Tales of Xillia 2, see Milla Her desire to protect Jude led to her awakening as Maxwell and summoning. Eventually, Milla had to leave Jude in the lab's ruins, where he was found by In Tales of Xillia 2, Jude explains that his father was actually part of Exodus. It extends to Xillia 2 where Fractured! .. Her relationship with Jude was also preferable in X1, mostly because it The Milla x Jude teasing was Handled in a pretty schmaltzy way at times in X1 I felt they did it a lot better in X2.

tales of xillia 2 jude and milla relationship

Honestly, Namco needs to learn how to write better romances. Out of all the romances in the Tales games I've played, not a single one was there, that I believed. Well, there was one: Asch and Natalia from Abyss.

Jude Mathis

And we know how that ended, right? Asbel probably didn't even think of these things, but his mother was urging him to get married and Cheria tended to be the girl he thought of. Nonetheless, that's what 'suddenly' made him self-conscious about it.

That being said, and straying back on topic, I never felt any romance between Jude and Milla either. In the first game, I felt that Jude did have a puppy-love crush and admiration for her strength for Milla, but that's all I felt.

In the second game, it moreso felt like comrades with a unified goal more than anything. Naturally, that tied in to spirits and humans having a symbolic understanding of one another, and I certainly felt that as forced and contrived as it was sometimesbut nothing I would consider 'romance'.

People tend to think I'm bias because of my association with Leia, but I really felt that the chemistry they had in X1 felt more romantic than anything X1 or X2 shoved in my face their relationship in X2, of course, amounted to just being friends or what-have-you, but I blame that on forced party shenanigans. I also found Luds x alt Milla to have romantic elements, so say what you will about my interpretations. Marioak Marioak 3 years ago 3 One could argue that Asbel in Future Arc did growth up a little and begin a little less of idiot by the time of F-Arc, Plus Lambda is with him and all but hey And it's was done fine in the main arc if you asked me.

Asbel and Cheria care for each others, It's just that Asbel is the stereotype idiot ball and is too obvious that Cheria like him more than just a 'friend'. It's just a matter of time before he realized that he like her as well.

In my point of view this is definitely not just "I look up to her" in my book. Elise or Ivar definitely fit in that catalogReally if the game are actually as long other game, I could see Jude outdone Veigue's "Claire" with his "Milla" Meanwhile Milla only see him as comrade or best friends at best.

Milla starts of an ass characters who start of with "Mission Come first, Friends later" but gradually open up the cliche lol. She is definitely feel sad by the time they have to depart. Though it's definitely not the romantic one. I felt that Jude did have a puppy-love crush and admiration for her strength for Milla, but that's all I felt. Honestly, I don't even see the puppy-love thing. Sure, he might find her attractive - but that never says anything.

You don't love every person you meet, who might have physical features you might find attractive. But admiration to idolization?

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Hell, Milla even decided to sacrifice herself, so she wouldn't disappoint Jude's high-pedestal idolization of her as 'Maxwell, Lord of Spirits'. That's not love, on either side. If anything, comes across as peer pressure on Milla's side - must do this or he'll be disappointed! People tend to think I'm bias because of my association with Leia I kinda began to ship Jude-Leia myself, as I played more through Xillia. Not because I was looking for something to ship I don't do that, but if something comes across as a natural potential, I'll check it outbut because they had chemistry together and seemed to really care about another.

After a brief confrontation, Milla's legs become paralyzed, caused by an explosive trap wall.

Milla Maxwell

Jude takes her to Leronde and with the help of his childhood friend Leia Rolandorestore the use of Milla's legs using a painful aspyrixis device and a long period of rehabilitation. The party then decides to infiltrate Fennmont by other means, mainly by flying there with wyverns found in Auj Oule. As they meet the king of Auj Oule, Gaiusit is revealed that a war between the two countries in nearing and that the party must rush to Fennmont to stop Nachtigal. However, as they travel there and defeat the king, they soon realize that the Lance of Kresnik has been taken away from the palace.

They head to the battlefield to stop the Lance and the war once and for all. But the Lance is fired despite their efforts and is revealed to not being as a weapon, but a tool to destroy the schism surrounding Rieze Maxia. As the party head to stop the invading Elympios army ontop their flagship E.

ZenethraMilla sacrifices her mana, and her life, to save Jude and his friends from a deadly trap. Artwork for Tales of Card Evolve. Milla's soul is taken to be reborn like all other humans, but the Four Great Spirits intervene due to how close they became in the last twenty years. The Milla that they rescue is nothing but a shell at this point, lacking both personality and memories. The Four Great Spirits know that their lives are now forfeit because they have disobeyed the true Maxwell, so they decide to travel with Milla as she wanders into familiar landscapes, including Hamil and the Aladhi Seahaven, and discovers that she is being hunted for the sin of false reincarnation.

The Four Great Spirits give themselves up to reincarnated while telling Milla that she is now free to be anyone without being bound by the name "Milla Maxwell". They then obtain a light orb that contains Milla's memories, which they use on the Nia Khera Hallowmont.

There, Milla witnesses Jude and the group's struggle against Maxwell in the Temporal Crossroads and incarnates herself in a physical body, helping to first break Maxwell's barrier and then defeat him. In Elympios, Milla takes in the plight of a resource-starved world dependent on spyrix to function. As they travel and behold the world, Jude figures out that Milla died and returned as a spirit based on the fact that the aspyrixis is no longer functioning.

Milla confirms this fact, acknowledging that her time in the human realm is now limited. In the end, with all parties united in purpose, Maxwell dispels the schism and disappears. Milla ascends to the position of Maxwell and the Lord of Spirits, leaving for the Spirit Realm and keeping watch over all humans and spirits.

Appearance and Personality First cut-in image for Tales of Xillia. Milla holds her duty of protecting the world above all else. She states that it is synonymous with the name Maxwell, being the lord of all spirits that it is her responsibility to protect all living things.

She shows a strong determination to play her role despite losing the power of the four great spirits early in the story. She shows that she is willing to go to any lengths to uphold her duty, at many points risking her very life to accomplish this. At first, she even shows disregard for people if it were for the greater good, making her come across as downright cold at times.

She reasons this with her belief that getting emotional would keep her from fulfilling her mission. However, after spending time with the party, she learns a greater appreciation for individual life, eventually admitting to Jude that all life, whether human or spirit, is equal and precious to her. Having lived twenty years together with the Four Great Spirits, she has had little human contact except with her worshipers in Nia Khera.

Her knowledge of human behavior stems from what she has read in books, leading her to have many odd mannerisms. In particular, she heeds no mind to her rather light attire, claiming that it is comfortable and easy to move in, despite Jude's initial discomfort.

Milla frequently muses at the behavior that makes humans "human", giving a lot of insight to Jude as they journey together. Milla shows a rather deep fondness of food, not knowing the delight of eating for the first twenty years of her life. She is often caught drooling while any food subjects are mentioned.

tales of xillia 2 jude and milla relationship

Fighting Style First cut-in image for Tales of Xillia 2. Milla wields a traditional sword like many Tales protagonists. Her stats gained from the Lilium Orb are rather balanced with a slight focus on intelligence and strength. Her physical artes mainly consist of close range attacks that use the blade of her sword or short range magic projectiles. She can also summon the four great spirits to do quick attacks, unlike other Tales games where spirits are used like spells and require an incantation time.

Through the "Magic Stance" skill, she can trade her quick melee slashes for a slower style consisting of ranged light strikes.

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Milla has Spirit Magic of elements from the four great spirits but focuses more on fire and wind, as well as having access to lightning, a combination of fire and wind, and light magic. She can be played as an offensive spell caster or as a melee attacker. Her spirit-shifted artes allow for fast elemental damage, compared to spirit artes that requires incantation time but covers wide areas.

Milla excels more in aerial combat, exemplified by her many aerial skills that allow for better mobility and damage while in midair. Almost all of her artes have aerial enabled with quick speed to allow combos to be easily performed. While Milla is the secondary partner, any time the monster targeted by the primary partner is stunned, she will bind them with a magic circle, disabling the target while the former is free to attack. Milla is best utilized against Speed-type monsters who are too fast to hit easily.

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tales of xillia 2 jude and milla relationship

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