Tatiana volosozhar and maxim trankov relationship

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tatiana volosozhar and maxim trankov relationship

Another interview with Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov. a German Spitz, which Tanya got even before our relationships have started. Apparently, the fiery relationship will continue on, and off, the ice. But Tatiana Volosozhar and her boyfriend Maxim Trankov are not likely to. Tatiana Andreyеvna Volosozhar is a Ukrainian-born Russian pair skater. With Maxim Trankov, she is the two-time Olympic champion in the pairs and in.

Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov are waiting for a baby! Yes, we are waiting for a baby! Of course, we planned to have children, but it happened suddenly … Tatiana: We wanted to perform this season at the Russian Nationals and European and World Championships, but everything turned out quite differently, plans have changed dramatically.

We will skip this season. We have already missed one season because of my injury. And then it would have been wise to take a moment. It was right after the Olympics Now we are at that age — both of us are over thirty — that we must resolve: And as we have already won everything we could, the question about children has become paramount for us. What about Olympics ?

After the birth of baby we will have a year to prepare, so we want to participate. Tatiana spoke with many girls, skaters, who gave birth, recovered and got back on the ice. And biathletes and skiers, for example, even improve their results — due to the hormonal rise.

We had problems with motivation. There will be new emotions and new circumstances that may push us to next achievements. Now every time before eating, I think for not to harm both baby and me. Well, I still can say that yes, I plan to get on the ice as soon as possible after giving birth. Frankly speaking, I really want to take part in Olympics. But at the moment the most important thing is the birth of a child. Then we will decide yes or no.

Yes, it was, because we were focused on our competition with them and we looked forward to it. We worked hard to beat them and after their withdrawal we felt a bit disappointed. But then we had another goal: Was it kind of a satisfaction for you? Maxim, you have already been on the podium at European championships, but never won before, while you Tanya, had never won a European medal.

Our dreams are coming true. For me it is the first time on the podium and I got the gold. Now I want the same at the World championships.

I have more pleasure when I skate than when I receive awards. We received a lot of messages on Facebook and other websites, also many text messages — all together we got about one thousand congratulations! Fans already dreamed about your partnership while you were skating with different partners. How does it feel to you to skate together? We skate together only for one and a half years, but we have had a lot of good moments and a lot of medals. We lost only two competitions, Worlds and Grand Prix Final; at all the other competitions we won the gold.

We are very happy to be together, everyday is a pleasure to skate and work together. But of course we will be even happier when we beat Aljona and Robin.

What do you think are your strengths compared to Aljona and Robin, and in which aspects are they better than you? Aljona and Robin are very technical couple. They are special, they have huge experience.

Those experiences are their big plus. But I think we have maybe more choreography on the ice; we have some energy connection together; people feel it and we also feel it when we skate. I think we can show relationship of a man and a woman on the ice. Choreography is our power part. Both of your programs for this season are very intense and dramatic. Who chose the music, Bring Me Back to Life, for the short program? Last year we performed in Switzerland in the Art on Ice show.

It was live music with an orchestra, but during the practice before the show, the orchestra played without the singer. It was great; when I heard it I said: In the summer we tried to find some music for our short program with Nikolai Morozov, but there was nothing.

When I gave it to Nikolai, he immediately said: What about the free program music? I went to the cinema to watch the Black Swan movie, because I love ballet so much. And I thought this story is also about Tatiana. With our choreographer we often push her, when she has to be more aggressive.

tatiana volosozhar and maxim trankov relationship

So I told her: It happened in the middle of the previous season, before the Worlds, but when we watched this movie, we were ready for this program. I did all this with them. In addition, I washed my clothes, doing other household things. And why did you coach refused to housing? It was a difficult family situation. I found a shelter, said that as long as I can stay at the stadium, in the barracks with the soldiers.

And what could I do?

tatiana volosozhar and maxim trankov relationship

I wanted to stay in St. Why did you hid all this from your parents? If you would have known my mother, I would be immediately taken back to Perm. Your parents did not come to visit you? First, there was no such possibility: I am from a very poor family. The first year I was alone.

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Then came my father, but he understood, as also not grown in great conditions. When my parents came to Peter together, I did not live with the soldiers, and in the next room, with three skaters. Good training, Max, was with you at an early age. And when I lived with my parents did not have the freedom, my mom will not let go.

The entire yard was a May 9 salute, and I can not all go to the disco. Mom, apparently afraid of something. In this, our mothers are like. I sometimes liked to do away with the sport, to go to discos butmom would not let me. She wanted me to think only about skating. I was with the girls hugged around the corners and my mom was calling me home from the balcony. We because of this even quarreled. She is now trying to take care of me and my brother, sometimes you have to tell her that I was living alone for 16 years.

I know how to live. Petersburg, I had a lot of things. The only thing not allowed was to drink vodka before 18, only tried on my eighteenth birthday.

We play the guitar, shouting songs, drank port wine. The fact is that when I rode in the gym SKA 18, it was amateur. We practiced once a day in the morning, and then - freedom. Tanya, you felt the strength of fate? So, as Maxim, no, not experienced. But I had a wish, I saw the prospects, I had a goal. And what about your purpose of Max?

Honestly, to win the Olympic Games was not my dream. And I had this dream. We with Tatiana Navka are from the same city, I saw her success. I had with my first partner a one year difference. At this age, girls mature faster, I was still a little boy. We could no longer skate together. The second partner left for St. Third just wanted someone to train, and we teamed up temporarily. Petersburg, I already had Ira Ulanova, we got along very well, never had a fight in three years.

But she has outgrown me, it was clear that she would not be multi-jumping to do - it is too high for the pair skating. I was skating up to 14 years in singles, transition I did not want.

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I had what is called, a solo psychology. I just wanted no one to bother me and I did not want anyone to interfere with me emotionally.

Tatiana Volosozhar

A little later, I realized that in single skating I have no prospects, and passed into the pairs. So I look, Tanya, as you always smile.

I think with your radiant smile you can solve all problems. Tanya can not stop smiling, she just goes and has a solid positive attitude. And I have the contrary. I do not have the people to cause such feelings. But I do not think this is my fault. I feel so comfortable. It happens that a person can say to my friends, that I scared them. I then pass it, and the country becomes. Max has big beautiful eyes. Sometimes his eyes scare people, they do not always understand that this view is in itself fraught.

Max a lot of time is hovering in his mind, is immersed in them, can not hear each other. Smiles So, Tanya attracts positive things, and Max, on the contrary, nothing but trouble. We arrived at the lake and there was a storm, flew to Japan for the Worlds and earthquake, flew somewhere else the weather turned bad, the plane was detained for a long time.

We just laugh at it. As they say, the rest can only dream of. Max I can not ignore one very personal subject. Just on the eve of the European Championships in Zagreb inyour father died.

I did not want to talk about it right away. When my father died, my mother first called Nina Mikhailovna Moser, our coach: And Nina had to make a decision.

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But nothing foreshadowed the tragedy. Just the day before we were sitting at home, with Tanya, we communicated. My parents came, my father then met with the father of Max. It turned out that it was the first and last time they saw each other. Dad built a country house near Pskov - he always dreamed of having a home.