Taylor swift and ronan relationship

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taylor swift and ronan relationship

Last week, the news broke that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris had split. Though it describes a relationship and the eventual breakup, "Blank Space" This song was written for four year old Ronan Thompson, who died from. He's managed to keep his relationship with Taylor Swift under the radar for two years. And Joe Alwyn revealed he will never open up about his. Former big fan of public displays of affection Taylor Swift has been privately starring possible Swift acquaintances Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan. a short profile of Alwyn in which he sort-of addressed his relationship.

I have been thinking about this all day long. I am not proud of myself very much anymore because you died and that just ruins any sort of goodness that I am able to feel most of the time. To me, that is still unforgivable. I know your cancer was out of my hands, Ro, but you know it destroys me that I broke my promise to you.

Today, I let myself be a little proud. Do you know why? When Taylor invited me to her concert last year and I had the chance to spend a little time with her, I just knew she was going to do something amazing, on her terms and her time.

See if she will donate this or that or do this or that. I always kept it to myself why it was that I was not going to reach out to this very generous girl, who out of the kindness of her heart, invited me to her concert, only to take to time to talk about you, with me.

To me, that was enough. I was so thankful just to hear her say your name out loud. That was so much more then I could have ever asked for.

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I always went back to, if Taylor does something for Ronan, it will be something completely organic and natural, not because she felt pressured or forced to. Not because I asked her to. I sat back and just let the world work in the way which I have always known it would… because it was meant to be.

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Because I feel the best things that happen in the world, just happen naturally, when they are supposed to and when the universe comes together. I mean, I get the news that I am pregnant only to find out about a week later, that Taylor Swift wrote a song just for you?? That is you working your magic in a way that I cannot even wrap my head around.

I am still in complete and utter shock at this point. The timing of all of this is really unbelievable. How the stars and the universe are just aligning at just the right time. How everything that I knew would happen, is just falling into place, naturally. The way that I always trusted in myself and you, to make this all happen. If you had to die Ronan, and I have to live on this earth without you… you can be damn sure, I am going to make something amazing come out of it.

This is by far, the most amazing thing that I could ever have imagined… times 1,, I could not have dreamed up any of this happening, in my head.

How that girl, with the most sparkling blue eyes, that remind me so much of you… is about to finally give a face and a voice to childhood cancer that it needs so desperately. Now, people will want to pay attention.

taylor swift and ronan relationship

Now, maybe less children will die in the future due to somebody huge, stepping up and caring. Taylor Swift, just changed the face of this disease and all I can do is sit here and sob about it. But I am sobbing in a way that I never sob anymore. Because I am so unbelievably happy, Ronan.

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This is all because of you and our love story. One that will live on forever and do such good things in this world.

taylor swift and ronan relationship

All with the help of an amazing girl who just happens to be named, Taylor Swift. She could have done this for anybody, Ronan. She did this for you and for us.

Ronan (song)

Because she knows and believes in us so much, that she is giving us the biggest gift that we could have ever received. The gift of an eternal love story between a mother and a child. One that will never end. One that will keep on living forever and soon the entire world is going to know about the most beautiful little boy, who changed the lives of so many because of the love he had for the short life that he lived on this earth. That girl named Taylor who fell in love with your beautiful blue eyes so many years ago and made me aware of her love for you when she invited me to her Speak Now World Tour, the Red Tour, and now her Tour.

I follow everything she does in this world and not in a creepy way. Or the latest example being how I have been following her most recent tour online and every morning before school your brothers and I freak out about who her special guest was the night before.

Did you see who Taylor had as her special guest last night?! Never in a freaking million years did I ever think to wish for her special guest to be you. We found out pretty last minute that we were going to her concert. I gonna show Tayllllor my meow meow shoes.

taylor swift and ronan relationship

I meowed back at her, of course. We chatted with him as he caught us up on how the tour was going, how life was going, etc… He is always so much fun to talk to and always has the most interesting life lessons to share. He then told us he would be right back as he was going to check in with her. Poppy was so entertained by the lights, the crowd and the music that she was keeping me more than busy by twirling her around. We waited for backstage for Taylor and soon she came walking out, her eyes twinkling as she scurried over to give us hugs all around.

Her mom was with her which I was so happy about. We chatted for a bit. Poppy clung to me, but was so infatuated with Taylor and her sparkly coat. We said our goodbyes as Taylor had to run onto the stage to start her show.

She grabbed me for one last hug and I felt her hug me extra tight. I thanked her for everything as much as I could without bursting into a big pile of mushy tears. We headed back to our seats as we waited for Queen Tay to take the stage. Once Taylor appeared and the music started, it was on like Donkey Kong. I was dancing with her, twirling her about for a good 40 minutes when I felt someone tap me on the shoulder.

At the time, I did not understand what it truly meant to have Taylor perform that song again. I had always just assumed that she never would, therefore I had not even had time to make up an imaginary scenario in my head of what it would be like if she did. In other words, I was in no way prepared for what was about to happen.

taylor swift and ronan relationship

I stood with her dad after hearing the news. He went and made sure the pit area was full of Kleenex.