The haunting hour flight ending relationship

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the haunting hour flight ending relationship

Josh Smithe is the main character in the episode "Flight ". Josh is a boy who seems to keep his feelings bottled up inside. He's been having a hard time dealing. Hello, Spongey here In , the Goosebumps show aired on FoxTV. Kid's love it Before I get to the ending, I'll talk about the episode itself. It builds good .. The relationship really works in this. In the end Flight. Oh my god, forget The Perfect brother, this episode gave me man tears to fill a waterfall. Summary. A young boy goes on his first plane ride alone and gets caught in the middle of a fight for survival when The Grim Reaper (posing as an old woman).

I suggest you go to my Nightmare hour review and look at my bit on that story. But I can live with that. Jenny Ariel Winter and her brother insertnameiforgothere are visiting their psychiatrist grandfather. He is known for being able to rid of people of their fears somehow. When he heads out to do stuff, they find the machine he uses to record his sessions, and they play with it.

However, they find out that any recording played by it comes true, and their worst fears come to life… Before I discuss the best villain ever, lets talk about how good the concept is. It really talks about fear, and how to face it. But it talks about how fear is often a good thing, and taking them on is the only way for them to not be a huge issue.

It feels a lot more adult than the typical story of this type. Then…we have our villain. The personification of Fear pops up to threaten the kids. You see, the recorder came from Fear Christopher Heyerdahland Gramps made a deal with Fear to get it.

And it turns out that Fear…is the hammiest villain ever. But this is like if Christopher Walken played Satan. Oh, and let me spoil the best part: Fear hamily vanishes and finally gets defeated.

the haunting hour flight ending relationship

She got rid of fear itself. Crowning moment of awesome, eh?

But there is one thing I felt should have been addressed. I felt that there should have been an ending where the city plunges into chaos with everyone doing stupid shit. Seeing as this ep explores fear, it would be nice. He also acts odd, such as tripping a lot and making minor mistakes. Now he thinks his parents may be taking perfection too seriously… Okay, the twist is obvious but well done. We have good suspense, and some good acting.

The real star of the episode is the brother stuff. Josh really does like Matt and he worries the parents may be working him too hard. He ends up at a strange factory. His brother is strapped to a table. He then drops the bomb: Matt is a robot that malfunctioned and will be replaced. Josh is captured and dragged home, where he meets Matt 2. They exhibit too many emotions.

Depressing, deep, tear jerking, and awesome. The concept is great, and the ending is a wonderful cruel twist. The relationship really works in this. He liked josh, and was against his parents shipping Josh off.

It feels a lot more complex than most sibling stuff on this show. This is one episode that just shocked me with how good it is. Not much else to say but the perfect brother is…a pretty cool episode.

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Flight Oh my god, forget The Perfect brother, this episode gave me man tears to fill a waterfall. A kid named Josh another one! He is by himself, and he meets a man never named. He tells him about how his dad got a new wife recently and he feels distant now. Things go fine…until Josh notices an old lady on the plane turn into the reaper for a few seconds.

And on top of that. The plane is carrying a corpse. Brought to you by the man who gave us Fear Never knocks, this is a great episode. But…what makes it a tear jerker? Well first, we find out the man is a ghost. He is the corpse on the plane. He was a lonely man in life. He never felt fulfilled. He was a loner. He never found love or anything. So when he died, he refused to accept it.

During all this, the plane is going down.

the haunting hour flight ending relationship

When the two finally decide to accept their situation, the man is allowed to move on to the after life. Oh, and the guy who played Josh the kid from Reel Steel has been nominated for a daytime emmy for this one. Oh, and it has an ending line that, like Sick, leads to crazy fan theories. But there is one theory that I love: The man was josh as an adult. What could top that? What could be better? The number one haunting hour episode is… 1. Scarecrow When making this list, I knew number one would be the episode that scared me the most.

At first glance, it seems like the typical stuff. A farmer named Jenny Bailee Madison has trouble ridding her crops of an infestation of crows, so she buys a scarecrow from a mysterious salesman.

The man is a known fan of this poem.

the haunting hour flight ending relationship

We are the stuffed men. The crows vanish…and so do the other animals. The scarecrow pops up in odd places…followed by. What makes this episode is the atmosphere. Every scene is filled with no music at all. Except a couple bits. There are periods of dead quietness with no one talking.

Fear of flying: the spectre that haunts modern life

Whenever the man is on screen it slows. He talks at a creepy level, and everything stops when he shows up. There are tons of great shots. But of course, the big part is the ending. How does it end? Her brother walks into the house. Everyone In town has vanished…even the girl. He finds the man in his living room. This is the way the world ends. This is the way the world ends!

the haunting hour flight ending relationship

Not with a bang…but a whimper. We, are the hollow men. That is the most fucked up ending ever! Bobby sets him on fire, and walks off…to be the only man in the world. Bobby and the man are both scarecrows. Oh, and that poem? The episode had two writers, Billy brown and dan angel. In the novel, the kid achieved his happy ending, but on the show he gets killed off thanks to some trickery on Jake Skinner's part.

However, in the sequel "Dead Bodies", the character is Back from the Dead. Farmer Palmer is still alive in the short story, but in "Return of the Pumpkinheads" he was stated to have been Killed Offscreen. Greg and Bonnie die in the show's version of "Alien Candy" instead of winning like they did in the end of their short story.

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Priscilla is killed off in "Nightmare Inn" whereas in the original short story there was a vague implication that she was alive and plotting her revenge. Depraved Kids' Show Host: Uncle Howee, from the episode of the same name. Downplayed in that he's not a criminal or sexual deviant or real, if you believe that Uncle Howee is an interdimensional being, a living cartoon character, Cynthia's imaginary friend, or the ghost of a long-dead children's entertainer whose show — and, by proxy, his spirit — lives on in syndicationhe actually likes his kid fans especially Cynthia, who truly believes that he's real and her friendand he's more a Karmic Trickster who uses his powers for good.

In "Mascot," it's never revealed just what Big Yellow is—we know he's a monster, but how he came to live in the school and be considered its mascot are totally unknown. In "Uncle Howee," the home audience never finds out the truth behind the titular kiddie-show host. We know he has powers including teleportation, directly interacting with his audience, the ability to slip from the TV to reality and back again, and transforming people into cast members of his show, but what exactly is he?

A human who was literally cursed with TV magic? Cynthia's imaginary friend who can communicate with her through reflective surfaces, like the TV and the bathroom mirror? Some kind of monster or otherworldly creature posing as a human kids' show host? Is the television under some kind of curse? Has Cynthia's love and devotion to the show somehow make Uncle Howee and his friends real? Has Uncle Howee done this to other kids in the past? The answers are never even hinted at, making him all the more frightening.

It's not explained how Mangler in "Near Mint Condition" came to be evil nor do we actually see the aftermath of Mangler's attacks. Was it a flaw in the robotics?

Was it a mistake with the manufacturers? Or is there a toy creator out there so sociopathic that he can make a toy that injures and kills kids without feeling remorse or thinking of what that kind of stunt means for the toy company brand? The House from "My Old House" is a sentient building with the ability to summon food, manipulate everything inside of it, communicate through dreams, turns into a blood red snake made out of its wiring, and can speak, but we have absolutely no idea as to what the heck it actually is and how it even came into existence.

Which makes its presence all the more horrifying if you realize that it's been watching the family for years. According to The Other Wikiit's implied that it might be a demon. The Alp from "Red Eye" is a shadow demon that has the ability to insert itself within photos, send threatening letters capable of altering themselves, haunt Georgia's nightmares, turn into a specter, and can possess human beings. However, we have no clue how it exists, what its motivation is, or why it's even bothering with stalking a random little girl and her father.

Two episodes have reran with alternate endings: In the original version, the scarecrow salesman turns back to his true form and is burned at his stake by Bobby, who walks off into the empty world.

In the director's cut version, the scarecrow salesman turns Bobby into a scarecrow and the two are the only things left in an empty world.

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The director's cut ending is the ending that now airs in reruns on TV and on Netflix, but, if you comb YouTube or any video site, you might find the original ending. In the original version, Aaron volunteers to play Spaceman with Ms.

Hollinger's dead son as he felt sorry for her loss and Aaron finally had a friend who liked space travel. In the director's cut, the spirit of Ms. Hollinger's son forces his mother to make Aaron his new friend. Aaron tries to escape, but ends up locked in his room.

Hollinger's line, "I'll leave you two spacemen alone" goes from being sweet and part of the game to being bitter and spiteful. Lilly has a mole on the back of her neck which helps identify her as the real Lilly rather than the doll just as the mom was about to dump her in the trash.

Does This Remind You of Anything? Phillip's visible terror at his robot doing "what's good for him" in "My Robot" is strongly reminiscent of a child with an abusive, controlling parent or someone with an abusive, controlling spouse. Jake forcing Anna to shake his hand so he can steal her life is very akin to rape. His guilt-tripping to force her to do it—"Don't you love me?

Marty's behavior in "Catching Cold" is disturbingly similar to that of a drug addict: In one scene, he's shown repeating "Kreamy Kold" to himself like a Madness Mantra and a few scenes later, he casually sells off a bike that his dad got him for twenty bucks so he can buy ice cream.

Exactly one scene later, he blatantly lies to his parents about where he's going so he can sneak out to buy ice cream. Cut to him repeating "Come on, come on, come on" as he waits for the truck to show. Similarly, Chad's actions in "Funhouse" after he gets his taste of violence and revenge have drug parallels. He's shown rocking back and forth and shaking as he sits alone in the hallway, and eventually sneaks out to get his fix.

the haunting hour flight ending relationship

He even tells the carnie "I need more! The house itself shows traits similar to how a pedophile targets its victim.

In "Flight" The Grim Reaper takes the form of a nice old lady and is good-natured, but still has a job to do and will kill everyone on-board an airplane if the spirit doesn't come with her. Don't Go Into the Woods: In Spores, this is the case with Melvin's family.

Dragged Off to Hell: The fate of Jake Skinner in Dead Bodies. The end of the episode implies he broke out — but only to get his comb back. Implied to be one of Fear's powers in Fear Never Knocks. Also Dreamcatcher Dull Surprise: In "Uncle Howee," Jared takes it in a little too well that a fictional children's show host has come to life outside the TV, broken into his house, abducted his sister, and is threatening his life while holding him hostage.

In "My Old House," Alice looks a lot less intimidated than she should be upon seeing the house's true demonic form readying to kill her. Though, her screams definitely make up for it. In "Inturders," Eve doesn't look as frightened as she should be when she notices the army of evil fairies charging up at her front door. Earn Your Happy Ending: If an episode has a happy ending, chances are the main characters are going to have to go through hell to get it cf. The fate of the main characters in "Mascot" and "The Girl in the Painting".

The alien-monster creature from "Sick," though it's hard to tell since he's rarely shown all we see of him are tentacles, and it's implied that he's not of this Earth and that blowing up the house is the only way that he can be destroyed.

Jake Skinner, due to cheating it. Death is not happy and comes back with a vengeance. Episode on a Plane: This is how leprechaun magic works in "Lotsa Luck.

For instance, protagonist Greg wishes to be lucky; Seamus, the leprechaun who he catches, gives him incredible luck, but gives Greg's father horrible luck as a trade Greg's father gets fired from his job and breaks his hand while fixing his car. Even Evil Has Standards: