Thranduil and legolas relationship questions

Rivendell to Erebor — Elrond and Thranduil’s relationship

thranduil and legolas relationship questions

My friend and I think that thranduil thinks this when he sees Legolas. do this Legolas and then he. The Silmarillion quiz! and then he is like my son i love him what do u think about there relationship in this video he is nice mean nice. This week, Legolas, elf-prince, member of the fellowship of the ring, and Legolas Answers Your Relationship Questions Legolas, Thranduil. Elrond and Thranduil's relationship So I saw a post asking about the give Legolas such an important mission, rather than an elf of Rivendell.

Elrond was always by Gil-galad, who lived in North Lindon. Elrond is of Noldorin culture. The Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales Elrond spent most of his life utterly surrounded by Noldorin culture, meaning that even though his bloodline is mostly Sindarin and Vanyarin, culturally he is very much Noldorin.

More evidence of this is that he moved his fortress in the Greenwood several times, and one of the reasons is that Galadriel a Noldo was infringing on his territory. At least Gil-galad, Elrond, Celeborn and Galadriel attended Celebrian was also present in Rivendell, but we do not know if she took part in the Council.

This is when Elrond was given Vilya and was appointed vice-regent of Eriador. Galadriel kept the ring Celebrimbor had entrusted her with, one was given to Elrond to reinforce Rivendell, the third Gil-Galad kept and gave to Cirdan before the War of the Last Alliance. However, the threat of Sauron was back and they had to discuss how to protect Middle Earth.

If Oropher was not invited, he and Thranduil could also have taken offence at this. And finally, Oropher and Thranduil may have been angry at the Noldor for having allowed Sauron to forge the rings in the first place.

None of this concerns Elrond directly, but it adds to the potential rift between Noldorin and Sindarin elves. There were dozens of thousands of people involved, though, so they may or may not have been in contact.

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Still, it is possible that when Oropher met Gil-galad if only to disagree with his plansThranduil and Elrond were also present. Thranduil survived his father and it seems that he continued fighting in the Last Alliance until the very end. This is a time when he could have been in closer contact with Elrond and Gil-galad.

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It could have been positive: It could also have been negative: Did he know about Isildur keeping the One Ring? Could Elrond or Cirdan have told him, though? Thranduil is more open than Oropher. One of the reasons he chose the Greenwood and to live with the Silvan elves was the desire to get back to a simpler way of life, uncomplicated by Silmarils and Noldor exiles and villains like Morgoth and Sauron.

The Silvans themselves were uninterested in mixing with other people. I already mentioned Oropher moved away when he realised Galadrielwas in Lorien.

Another reason for the move was the dwarf activity in Moria. Oropher moved his fortress several times to get away from them and from the potential trouble they could cause. He did not have contact with Men either, except for keeping Easterlings at bay. He had a good relationship with the Men of Dale and of Lake-town, as well as with the dwarves of Erebor. And of course Thranduil had a very good relationship with Celeborn, since he happily shared his forest with him after it was purified.

All in all, Thranduil is potentially more open to making alliances than his father was. Other wise and powerful elves could well have been a part of it too. This might have been the moment where Thranduil started working more closely with Gandalf, Radagast who lived in Mirkwood Galadriel, Celeborn and Elrond. I think his collabration with Gandalf in imprisoning Gollum is in line with this.

The fact that Elrond, Galadriel, Gandalf and Saruman rid Mirkwood of Sauron and sent him back to Mordor could also be a very good reason for an improved relationship between Thranduil and Elrond. We were supposed to be gone for three weeks at most, but I just got back an hour ago and I left five weeks ago.

He had jumped out of a tree to tackle an orc and had landed with most of his weight on his shoulder. He would be fine soon enough, but he had pulled a few muscles in his arm and shoulder.

I will be, Narloth was a good warrior, and a good friend. I will miss him, but we were lucky that he was the only one who died. It could have been much worse," Legolas replied softly.

Aragorn elected to change the subject, "Have you seen your father yet? Aragorn had just arrived in Mirkwood, but would not be staying long. He was only passing through on his way to Rivendell and had decided to stop on the way, in part to meet Telmir. Legolas had spoken of him occasionally, but Aragorn had never had the opportunity to meet him.

Telmir was Legolas' younger and only brother. In terms of human years, Telmir was still a child, only about ten years old. He had barely started training to be a warrior. That's one way to annoy Father in a hurry," Legolas said, moving to the door of the room. Besides you just got back, I doubt he'll mind," Aragorn replied, straightening his tunic. It had been a long time since Aragorn had been in Mirkwood, nearly ten years. At the time of his last visit, Thranduil had been with Telmir on a hunting trip, but Aragorn had met Thranduil once.

It had been in Rivendell, when Thranduil had come to see an injured Legolas home after one of their misadventures. Thranduil had been outwardly polite to Aragorn, but had refused to give him a chance at the time.

Thranduil and legolas relationship | LOTR Amino

Thranduil thought that it was Aragorn's fault that his son was hurt, even though no one was to blame. Legolas had already assured Aragorn that his father was more open now to the idea of a human friend.

Thranduil had agreed to at least try to get to know Aragorn and accept him as Legolas's friend. Legolas pushed open the door to the dining hall and held it open for Aragorn. Thranduil and Telmir were already seated at the table.

I trust your journey was pleasant," Thranduil said. I expect a very detailed account first thing tomorrow. Let's not allow the food to get cold. He appeared to be fine, albeit exhausted.

thranduil and legolas relationship questions

Whatever had happened could wait until tomorrow. In the mean time, he intended to enjoy having his family together again. Telmir, Legolas, and Thranduil made up Mirkwood's royal family. Legolas' mother had died giving birth to Telmir.

It seemed that because of that, Thranduil was much closer to Telmir than he was to Legolas.

thranduil and legolas relationship questions

Legolas's mother had loved children and she and Legolas had been kindred spirits, but Legolas had inherited Thranduil's strong will, which often led to clashes between the two of them. Thranduil loved both of his sons dearly, but had a hard time showing that love to Legolas.

He had been raised primarily by his mother, and he and his father had spent very little time together. Thranduil had not been king for very long when Legolas was born, and the duties of the throne were still slightly overwhelming to Thranduil.

He had failed to make time for his son, and their relationship suffered because of it. He had pushed Legolas harder than he should have, for Legolas was very driven on his own and tended to take criticism personally.

But Thranduil's pressure had helped to make Legolas an excellent warrior. Thranduil had always respected Legolas for his skills as both a warrior and a captain, but they rarely saw eye to eye on anything besides matters of war, and even then they frequently disagreed. For them, an ordinary conversation often ended in harsh words and an argument. It was different between Telmir and Thranduil. Thranduil had been king for some time when Telmir was born, and he had more free time to spend with him.

Thranduil realized when his wife died that Telmir would be his last child, and he had made a silent vow not to mess it up again.

Legolas and Thranduil’s Relationship

He would not let himself push this child away and raised Telmir himself as much as his royal duties allowed. They spent hours together while Legolas had more and more time to himself. He had not wasted the time. He had overcome his grief over his mother's death by spending hours upon hours on the training grounds, honing his skills.

He was without a doubt Mirkwood's finest warrior. His archery skills were unrivaled and in combat he was faster, stronger, and cleverer than any of his fellow warriors.

Although Thranduil had never said it openly, he was very proud of his eldest son, and he only hoped that Legolas knew it.