Troublemaker hyuna and hyunseung relationship test

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troublemaker hyuna and hyunseung relationship test

Ever since their debut nearly two years ago, Trouble Maker has made quite the their willingness to try on concepts which seek to test the visual and behavioral . So in theory, Hyuna and Hyunseung as a duo makes a lot of sense. of the extent of that relationship is yours, and yours alone, to ascertain. HyunSeung smiled again, this time, sincere ran across his face. A quick .. “Your mother found out your relationship with HyunAh? .. Don't forget we'll have an important test next week. Jang HyunA, a trouble maker!. 4minute's HyunA and BEAST's Hyunseung (also known as Troublemaker) have been captured holding hands, piquing many netizens' interest.

Seoulbeats 9 Ever since their debut nearly two years ago, Trouble Maker has made quite the splash in the mindsets of Korean and International audiences. What are your thoughts on Trouble Maker? Is the duo deserving of the all the attention? Where do they go from here? People always do these kinds of acts with nameless backup dancers, or act like the lustful nature of the performance was a complete accident.

How many shy and bashful couples does K-Pop need? Maybe like Miss Kahi? I like Trouble Maker and I support them but I have a few issues with the casting. I love the idea of a coed duo but their chemistry is lacking. It just grates my ears. But I support Trouble Maker because I want to see more coed duos in the future.

troublemaker hyuna and hyunseung relationship test

Do I think this comeback is trashy? Nope, not at all. What was the most off-putting to me about Trouble Maker during their debut era was that Hyuna seemed miserable or just dead tired for the bulk of their performances, while we all know that she can be a great performer when she wants to be.

It goes to show that things really come around full cycle. First of all, duos are rare and mostly flourish in the area of ballads. Secondly, coed performances of any kind are also rare.

troublemaker hyuna and hyunseung relationship test

I love how much dedication Cube puts into Trouble Maker in terms of concept and production value. Trouble Maker is truly living up to its namesake. Going forward, I definitely want to see them continue to push the limits by cranking up the risque sexuality and mature content even more. The dysfunction is what keeps Trouble Maker interesting and adds a higher level of nuance that helps to maintain a general theme to the group, while preventing future concepts from becoming repetitive.

The fact that Hyunseung is in charge of the singing while Hyuna does most of the rapping is interesting in itself because it flips the usual girl-sings-while-man-does-manly-rapping model on its head. Hyuna also has an image that is notoriously sexual, but in the same way her image is also unapologetically honest and in-your-face.

Not a muscle, not even to open his eyes.

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His limbs remained stiff. No matter what he tried, something very heavy was pinning them tightly to the ground. Panic began to lurk in his mind while his throat was burning with every flow of air brushing through. HyunSeung moaned softly when consciousness first came back. Dizzy vision bit by bit was dispelled, granted for him a view of white wall, white curtain and the annoyed beeping sound of some machine. He felt like floating between the waking world and the realm of dreams, anchored to neither.

HyunAh, with red and buffed eyes, bursted into tears when his eyes managed to blink a few times drowsily. Though he wanted more than anything to pull her into his arms and comforted her but all he could do was lying there, watching tears ran down her face as she made no effort to wipe them away.

When her visage appeared fully in his view, HyunSeung felt her hand tenderly casted aside some strayed locks on his forehead. Her pale, was not so much better than his sister, completely covered by white paper shade. I can do homework here, HyunSeung can help me.

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Her voice was rich and full of determination. In such situation like this, her worry would definitely tug at the edge of her mind all day and night if she must stay afar from HyunSeung.

Reluctantly, her mother nodded slightly. Her job really was dealing a great toll on her, physically and psychologically. Her son, though always acted much more mature than his age, was still a 17 year-old teenager; and like any other children, he needed care from parents, in which he was totally lack of. It would be better if he cried and told her how painful he must endure, how much he hated the way she treated him but HyunSeung, as thoughtful as always, sympathized for her reasons and took silence as his deep understanding.

troublemaker hyuna and hyunseung relationship test

So then, at least, for this short period, she thought HyunAh would be the best person for this job. The night went on with silence and small conversations between two ladies while they were promoting HyunSeung, who slowly recovered from his surgeon.

troublemaker hyuna and hyunseung relationship test

You should back home, mama. The confine space fell into utter silence once again. Sadly, her desperate action collapsed when the tears acted on their own accord, betrayed her endeavour. His hand reached out for hers but right at the moment it touched, HyunAh snapped away and the rage explored as she started to cried out. You asked for my courage to be with you.

troublemaker hyuna and hyunseung relationship test

Do I look happy now? You started this, you must be the one aware of it better than me but instead of proving your words… What did you do? Oh, I see, you tortured yourself to make me happy, huh? HyunSeung had to drew cold air into his lung to subdue the pain again rushed straight into his head when he sat up to circled her in his arms.