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Your good looks may have gotten to Kitty, but they just make me jealous and want to punch you even more!” —Dudley Puppy, Diary of a Mad Cat T. kitty katswell and dudley puppy kiss | Dudley-Kitty Relationship Tuff Puppy, Kitty Katswell by Verona Tuff Puppy, Kitty, Puppies, Little Kitty, Cubs, croxovergoddess: “ My “draw the squad” memes so far ” Also you can buy my Ref . Kitty Katswell Tuff Puppy, Childhood Tv Shows, Giant Bomb, Female Protagonist, Cartoon . kitty katswell Tuff Puppy, I Laughed, Jokes, Husky Jokes, Memes, Humor . kitty katswell and dudley puppy kiss | Dudley-Kitty Relationship.

When asked for his last words, Dudley says that Kitty means far more to him than the suit or fame. Despite Dudley's arrogant and displeasing attitude throughout the episode, Kitty still believes that Dudley is still a good agent.

When Jack is holding Kitty's hands, Dudley coughs erratically to get her attention. Dudley mentions he would be lost without Kitty. Dudley is extremely jealous that Kitty is paying so much attention to Jack, and even spies on her. When Jack tries to convince Kitty to join S. Kitty turns down his offer and mentions that she actually really likes Dudley. After Dudley saves Kitty, he uses romantic dance moves on her briefly before spinning her out of the room.

Kitty thanks Dudley for saving her and tells him he is the best partner she could ever ask for. He doesn't hug anybody else when greeting them in the alternate reality. Dudley tries really hard to make Kitty remember him.

Kitty saves Dudley from certain death when he is catapulted into the shark tank. Kitty and Dudley hold hands, with Kitty thanking Dudley for helping, right before Dudley is teleported back to the original reality in present day.

When Dudley goes back to the present day, the first thing he does is hug Kitty once again and says "Kitty, this is awesome! Dog Dish Kitty is the only one who is sensitive to Dudley's feelings and doesn't laugh when he has to wear the cone.

Dudley-Kitty Relationship

When Dudley loses all faith in himself and says he's useless to everyone but the birds, Kitty said she would argue with Dudley This shows that Kitty really felt bad about how the cone was affecting her friends job and confidence. Despite being disabled by the cone and having lost his confidence, Dudley immediately rushes to save Kitty when he hears her cries for help.

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After defeating Snaptrap, Kitty smiles at Dudley while giving a high-five at each other. Mind Trap While in the Hockey game, Kitty wears a 99 on her shirt, and Dudley wears a 86 on his Shirt, which shows how these two are mirroring Agents 86 and 99 from Get Smart, where both of these agents fell in love, and eventually married. Eric is somewhat saddened that Kitty is getting "married" although he does wish for her to have a good future.

While dating Peg at Dudley and Kitty's "wedding" Eric objects and tells Kitty to come away with him, despite saying that he was okay with them being together. When the Chief tazed him to be quiet, Kitty was worried about his face being damaged.

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Mutts and Bolts When Dudley gains the ability to see into the future, Kitty eagerly asks him multiple times if she will marry Eric someday. With his last remaining power to see into the future, Dudley revealed to Kitty that Eric is going marry her someday, but there is something else Dudley tries to tell her about him.

While he didn't get the chance to tell her, due to his power disappearing, it appeared to be an important, even urgent detail of information. Kitty is disappointed to learn that Eric has been replaced by another water delivery guy, who happens to be Eric's brother, Derek. She doesn't like him, not showing anywhere near the same affection towards him, as she does for Eric.

Trivia Dudley doesn't seem too fond of Eric. In Diary of a Mad Cat, he admitted that Kitty being distracted by Eric's good looks made him jealous, even making him "want to punch Eric even more. Despite Dudley's apparent negative feelings for Eric, he doesn't always seem to mind him.

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It's also possible that Dudley wouldn't give the bouquet back simply because he was being a dog, and he may have wanted to keep chewing it. It is unknown why Kitty didn't tell Eric the truth about her fake marriage to Dudley, as it seemed rather strange that she gave up everything he offered her, when she could have just explained the situation instead.

While the Chief made it clear to not tell anyone the marriage was fake, she still could have gotten what she wanted, but she chose her job over him anyway, even though he is rich enough to make up for losing her job. It's possible that she's just very devoted to her duty. Despite this, she tried several times to tell him the truth, which risked the mission. Considering that Dudley wanted to warn Kitty about Eric in Mutts and Bolts, it's possible that Eric is a villain of some sort, or just a very bad person in general.

It was never revealed what Dudley intended to tell her.