Twilight and spike relationship counseling

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Hello, my name is Twilight Sparkle, new transfer student at Canterlot . This story's title should be "Sunset Shimmer, Couples Counselor" (not. Often with either Spike or Twilight at least wondering what the letter said. Plus there's your guidance counselor position that would be need to. The show follows a studious unicorn named Twilight Sparkle as her mentor Princess Several episodes focus on the exploits of Spike, Twilight's baby dragon .. the captain of Canterlot's royal guard who has a close relationship with his In season eight, she is made a guidance counselor for the School of Friendship.

Screenwriter Lader shows a great talent for farce with his depiction of Real Ethan's burgeoning jealousy. The fun stuff reaches its apotheosis when Real Ethan enters the guest house pretending to be Double Ethan and makes love to his real wife.

Elise Nakhnikian of Slant Magazine understands that Lader's script is getting to something much more serious underneath the lighthearted goings-on: Double Ethan is no longer the "new and improved" Ethan and reveals Real Ethan's deceit when he took his place and made love to Real Sophie.

The bizarre socializing including a dull poker game slows down the manic proceedings and it feels that the earlier premise has been altered and the narrative has now worn out its welcome. Double Sophie soon provides Real Ethan with a convoluted explanation as to what's happening. As the doubles repair their relationship, they'll be allowed to leave but as the real Ethan and Sophie continue to bicker, they'll remain trapped. The Twilight Zone-like explanation that the doubles are real people planted by the therapist doesn't appear to be worked out very well.

Nakhnikian in Slant Magazine feels that the explanation "raises distracting questions. How does the therapist keep them trapped in the guest house? And who's the therapist and why is he playing God like this? Meanwhile, Double Ethan remains unconscious at the estate after running into an unexplained force field that suddenly pops up, as he attempts to run away. That way the premise could have been more convincing, based on some kind of verisimilitude. At a certain point the fun is lost, and the narrative turns a tad bit nasty.

How hard could it be to find a dragon in Ponyville? Soon, however, Spike caught a glimpse of her walking down the road on the other side of a crowd. Spike made his way through the crowd as politely and as quickly as he could and caught up to Ruby on the other side. The memory of Spike asking to be just friends still pained her. If you don't mind, I was wondering if you wanted to get dinner tonight. Surely she hadn't heard him correctly.

Spike returned to the library first, while Twilight came back about half an hour later. It was now nearly noon, so Spike had prepared a lunch while waiting for Twilight, and now that she was back they sat down and started to eat.

It was the easiest thing in the world.

twilight and spike relationship counseling

I'm not sure if I'm getting a little over my head, though. She was practically crying tears of joy," Spike said. She really cares about you," Twilight said. Where are you guys going?

That's where Ruby and I are going! Guess I wasn't thinking," Spike said. This is going to be so much fun! The pain of her rejection still stung, and along with that came the guilt Applejack felt about yelling at her the way she had. To be upset was one thing. To call Rainbow Dash a cunt was something quite different. Betrayed or not, there was no reason for Applejack to have used such language against one of her best friends.

It's too late now, AJ, she thought. What's said is said, and what's done is done. But deep down in her heart, Applejack somehow convinced herself that she and Rainbow Dash weren't done quite yet. Am ah really considerin' givin' that backstabber another chance? Yes, it was true that Rainbow Dash had totally violated her trust. It was also true that Rainbow Dash was the most loyal of friends, and that she was bound to screw things up once in a while.

Maybe Rainbow Dash had been confused about how she felt. Applejack certainly wouldn't have blamed her for that; just a few weeks ago she'd been wondering if she liked other mares.

But the enormity of Rainbow Dash's lying was too much to just overlook. Oh, what am ah gonna do? She didn't want to admit to her friends what had happened between them, as they would be disappointed that they were having trouble.

Nopony else knew about them, especially not Applejack's relatives, who would certainly not take kindly to the news that she was a filly fooler. Applejack felt lonelier than she ever had in her life. She pushed another barrel into the barn and sighed audibly enough for her brother to hear. She wished she could just go to dinner with Rainbow Dash again like the whole fight had never happened, even if it meant having to stomach her eating fish again.

Good luck with that. Applejack left the barn to grab another barrel, happy for her brother but miserable about her own situation. Rainbow Dash was lying on a hilltop, the very same hilltop, in fact, where he had spent time with Pinkie Pie the day before.

There were no clouds in the sky this time, however, so no shapes to try to discern to distract her thoughts. How could she have been so stupid to treat Applejack like that? How could she have let such a good thing slip away? And why were her feelings for Pinkie Pie starting to grow? Rainbow Dash didn't know if it was good timing or not when Pinkie Pie bounced on over to her.

Pinkie Pie lay down next to her friend but decided to give her some personal space this time. Something had definitely gone wrong with Rainbow Dash, and she wanted to hear what it was before attempting to console her. I lied to her and told her I loved her. Then, when I decided to come clean, she chewed me out and I just abandoned her. You can tell me. You know how good I am about keeping secrets…" "True," Rainbow Dash said.

Well…let's just say sex makes you do crazy things. Applejack already laid into me yesterday. I don't need it from you, too.

twilight and spike relationship counseling

I'm really hurting here. Maybe you should ask Applejack to start over and take things slow. Rainbow Dash remembered all the times Applejack did that and realized how sorely she missed it. AJ's probably still super mad at you, so can you wait it out? I've got some baking to do and I want you to join me. The two of them left the hill and began to head towards Ponyville. Out of the bushes popped the three Cutie Mark Crusaders, who had also followed Rainbow Dash out to the hill and were now extremely confused.

Scootaloo shook her head. Ah ain't never heard of two fillies gettin' together like that. Ah'm really curious and a little lost. Twilight was busying herself in the library when Rarity entered. Spike was upstairs cleaning Twilight's room for her, but the look on Rarity's face told Twilight that Spike probably shouldn't be called down at this point.

Let him watch," Rarity said. Are you sure you can't send him on a quick little five-minute errand? My room's a mess and I really need Spike's help to clean it up. If you change your mind, I'll be waiting at the boutique.


Sweetie Belle isn't with me today, and business is rather slow, so I'll be ready…" "Sure, Rarity," Twilight said, mentally noting to herself not to go anywhere near the Carousel Boutique. It will only take a minute…" "Um…what is it? Rarity looked extremely uncomfortable, and Twilight's imagination ran wild about what she was going to admit. I'll see you later. What was that about? She racked her brain trying to figure out what could be so important all of a sudden.

She then realized that she wouldn't be able to keep her date with Big Mac very secret, and hoped to Celestia Rarity somehow didn't find out.

It would be wrong for them to continue doing what they were doing if Twilight started dating Applejack's brother, but until that was actually established she saw no reason to cut things off with Rarity.

twilight and spike relationship counseling

But what did Rarity want to tell her? The sound of Spike walking down the stairs broke Twilight out of her thoughts. Twilight breathed a sigh of relief.

If Spike found out what she and Rarity had been up to…it would be beyond bad, she decided.

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Groaning at all the secrets she was juggling in her head, Twilight decided to take her mind off it and return to her work cleaning the library. Fluttershy had given it a lot of thought and had decided that before she tried to track down her mother in Cloudsdale, she needed to start some counseling. She wasn't quite sure how she had made that decision. It seemed it had come to her overnight, but when she had awoken in the morning she realized that it was the only option that made sense to her.