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ukitake and unohana relationship marketing

Byakuya: But I do hope Ukitake helps Unohana style her hair better. He seems like a .. Kira: You will now have twice the relationship pain. It was far worse than the disease that Captain Ukitake had and was, by far, the worst of any disease that Unohana had tried to treat. I wouldn't. Shunsui asks after the awkward silence has stretched on long enough. Eagerly, the . Sometimes Unohana will appear, if she has nothing else to do, but she's usually busy. She probably also . Could be friendship or pre-relationship. Here I've been trying to do that for years, and you've got the market cornered. Will you.

So underwhelming and unimpressive!! This girl… When did she get so powerful.? The wounds that girl and I suffered during the fights only just healed thanks to vice-captain Hinamori effort The Death Save the Strawberry: The way she worked though, reminded Shinji of Aizen Nel: If those three are here, then the enemy army is already as good as obliterated…………!

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Always concerned about everyone else Hinamori: Despite not being fully healed, she went to Fake Karakura Town anyways because she wanted to fight for the soul society and help her comrades. Made healing Rangiku her number one priority, thus dropping her guard even though she should be scared for her own safety. Told Izuru to quickly help Rangiku even though she was under immense pain, had a pierced lung that may even have been collapsed.

Immediately tried to attack Bambietta after she attacked Shinji despite how powerful Bambietta is. Hinamori is so stupid and gullible for believing the letter! She actually believes some random fake letter! Read it with appreciation. Also sees that the letter is in his writing and what are the chances that someone can forge so well? Hinamori had no problems with trying to kill Hitsugaya!! Hinamori is a terrible person for trying to kill her childhood best friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hinamori is a horrible friend to Hitsugaya! What she did to Hitsugaya is unforgivable!! She is only a lieutenant because Aizen chose her so he can manipulate her! I feel bad for Shinji getting her as a vice captain. She should be removed from the gotei 13 just for the sheer stupidity she possesses.

When it comes to the likes of hybrids, Rikuri denounces her morales and focuses on eliminating beings that should ever have existed in the first place, as in her opinion, they came about due to the selfish thought of gaining power, and nothing more. Likewise, she despises arrogance and those who seek to grow stronger without what she defines as "proper reason". Rikuri's nurturing attributes have led her to be celebrated as the perfect house wife. From cleaning to cooking, she is a woman who can seemingly do it all.

This is also in part due to her belief that the entire soul society is part of her home, partaking in several activities to maintain it's cleanliness without so much as a command from the captain commander.

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Her caring and modest nature extends to her subordinates, where she portrays herself as a motherly figure. She is soft and gentle with all members of her group, resorting to more peaceful methods of instruction as opposed to the usual discipline route.

Due to this, the Fourth Division is often frowned upon by other divisions, as they are believed to have grown weak due to their pampering. However, if one were to question Rikuri's methods of training, she would calmly explain that she values love above all else.

History Rikuri is the second daughter and the overall youngest of eight children. Born into the noble Ukitake Family, Rikuri's childhood was not at all what most others might have perceived it to be.

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For starters, competition among her siblings was surreal, with each and everyone one of them competing with one another for the love of their beloved parents. Instead, he took the courtesy of managing their workload and arranging their tournaments, pitting sibling against sibling, quite literally, to duke it out and settle once and for all, or rather, the week, who was the better amongst the two of them. Day in and day out Rikuri partook in such affairs, growing in many places, in strength, in speed, in power, but most importantly, in the aspect of establishing a valuable bond with each and everyone of her siblings.

The members of the Ukitake Family lived to support one another and always watched over each other. They worried for the sake of each other before they did themselves, a trait that would remain with them for the better part of their lives. It was almost as if the two were pulled toward one another by an unknown force, one that essentially bounded the two by fate.

The man had always been on the downside in terms of health, though he now found his body deteriorating like never before. Forced into his bed, the nobility of the household took a direct blow, leaving them from the ranks of the four noble households, something that would take centuries to restore.

Bedridden, the man's hair turned pure white from it's original black coloring. He was ashamed of himself, confining himself into his own bedroom, distancing himself from even his dear siblings.

For weeks, no one was able to get ahold of him, not even the then Fourth Division Captain, Retsu Unohana. In denial of his state, all that seemingly awaited the man was his own timely demise. However, a determined Rikuri would see to it otherwise, garnering whatever medical prowess she had developed on her own to prolong the life of her brother who had practically raised her on his own; her way of repaying the debt.

She so desperately wanted to be at his side, even if it were at all times. Thus, she looked to develop a medical technique that would allow her to heal her elder brother whenever it was necessary. Her acceptance captured the presence of the Ukitake Family within the thirteenth division to become a family tradition, as she was the last of her siblings to join their ranks. Thus, the competition of the Ukitake siblings was renewed, on a much higher level than ever before at that. The siblings took to competing as usual, though this time for the benefit of their division, as opposed to something as trivial as the love of their parents.

Trouble ensued shortly there after, however, as through the outbreak of the first Shinigami-Quincy War, many casualties had been accumulated, including several of Rikuri's siblings. Such horrific losses functioned as a severe setback for the Ukitake Family. Around this time, Rikuri took the spot as her brother's partner, officially becoming the lieutenant of the 13th division, where she succeeded one of her deceased siblings.

The loss of her loved ones worked to confine Rikuri's emotions for the future. It allowed her to experience war first hand, turning her into an urban veteran. While she accompanied him on whatever missions were assigned to them, Rikuri, for the most part, was confined within her own room.

With so much time alone, on her shoulders, Rikuri was reminded of her siblings, indulging herself within old family photos. She longed to fill the empty void, of what was once the love that she expressed towards her siblings. Images of Rikuri are smuggled across Soul Society. Jumping ship, the pneumatic woman took to a career in modeling, appearing as the cover girl for several adult magazines across Soul Society.

Though he was not a man who cared much for money, the sudden wealth allowed for the Ukitake name to once again become a force within the Seireitei. As a model, Rikuri participated in several photo-shoots with various background settings. The job required the voluptuous woman to reveal portions of her flesh to the camera, something that only increased in high demand with the success of the magazine. However, despite the presence of other captains continually around her, this did not stop her admirers from transcending into full fledged stalkers, which led to the production of several unauthorized images of Rikuri, some of which even featured Kensei, confirming their relationship.

Around this time, Rikuri was transferred from the Thirteenth Division, in the hopes of concealing her location from her stalkers. Another tragic incident took place in Rikuri's life, shortly after the end of her modeling career. Through the conflict, Kensei was hollowfied, and thus, eventually rendered as a traitor to the Gotei His banishment from Soul Society resulted in the return of the emptiness within Rikuri's heart.

Through the midst of the chaos, Rikuri ascended to the captain level, claiming the title of Third Division Captain. Eventually, Rikuri stepped down as captain, and her position was given to Gin Ichimaruthe previous lieutenant of the fifth division. Much of her so called "retirement" was spent chasing after valuable hollows; overtime, Rikuri's research expanded to include the transcendental activity between the shinigami and hollow, two subjects which were roughly translated to " Arrancar " and " Visored ".

Upon settling in Karakura Town to further her research, Rikuri was reunited with Kensei, as well as the former captains. During the midst of the war, Rikuri returned to the rank of captaincy, taking over the role of Fourth Division Captain following the death of the beloved Retsu Unohana at the hands of treacherous Kenpachi Zaraki.

As the war raged on, Rikuri's medical prowess was of great use, though she was unable to save Kensei, who was murdered by the Quincy Sternritter Gremmy Thoumeaux. Mere moments later, Rikuri would also experience the death of her older brother, who intercepted a fatal blow meant for herself. Sometime in the past, Rikuri became the master of Shingi Kawahiru after finding the latter in a war-torn district, helping the boy achieve Bankai.

Reacting attentively to the nature of the warning, Rikuri stormed into the room of the critically wounded patient; concluding desperate measures were the only means of saving the life, Rikuri comfortably entered the bed of the unnamed male shinigami, taking a seat on top of him. Upon realizing that the man was unconscious and would not be able to suckle on her flesh on his own accord, Rikuri pressed forth with her medical procedures, locking lips with the dying man to knead her reiatsu into his system.

Rikuri managed to save his life, and was informed of a captain's meeting shortly thereafter. A vial that carries large quantities of Rikuri's reiatsu enhanced bodily fluids. Akin to her refined healing prowess, those who consume ounces of the liquid undergo a rapid recuperation process. However, a single vial is only good for one day before it expires, forcing Rikuri to prepare new ones every morning. Additionally, because it is not consumed from Rikuri directly, the medicine does not deliver all the benefits that would otherwise come with Rikuri's flesh.

There is a drastic time differential between healing through the vial and healing through Rikuri's flesh. The liquid appears as a thick, creamy white substance, bearing a striking resemblance to a vanilla milkshake. The liquid is warm and tasteful, though swallowing large portions at oncw appears to be difficult for most. Equipment Reiatsu Concealing Cloak: A cloak designed to hide the spiritual pressure of the wearer; Rikuri came under the possession of such an item upon meeting her with Kisuke Urahara some hundreds of years ago, doing so to prevent herself from being located by Seireitou.

As a captain-level Shinigami, Rikuri possesses an overwhelmingly powerful Spiritual Pressure, noted to be considerably higher than the rest of her peers.

Rikuri's reiatsu is unique in the sense that it portrays her affection towards all living specimens when released. This is at times enough to prevent her opponents from contemplating war, as they are introduced to her up most peaceful persona.

When one is caught in this energy, they begin to feel at ease, with their tension and stress flying seemingly out the window. They experience a high degree of relaxation, close to that of nirvana. It is a very soothing trial, which at times, can even lead to addiction.

There is a second alternation to Rikuri's potent spiritual power. Dependent on the situation, it will give off an avid fluctuation of pressure that causes her opponents to lose focus of the battle. Almost like some sort of illusion, those who are exposed to this energy begin to instead view Rikuri as their love interest, losing themselves in the comfort of her presence.

ukitake and unohana relationship marketing

This prohibits any and all strategic analysis her opponent may have been planning at the said time. Contrary to belief, the said attribute applies to all genders, whether they be male or female. The givens style allows Rikuri to eliminate her opponent in the fewest number of strikes, with the up most minimal bloodshed. The style is comprised of the act of unsheathing the blade quickly from the scabbard and continuing to deliver one quick lethal strike to the opponent, inflicting damage and cleansing the blade of any blood on the route back to the scabbard.

When Rikuri has struck her opponent, the splatter of rich red blood accompanied the moist atmosphere, followed by the clicking of her weapon back into it's scabbard. Her level of mastery allows Rikuri to travel quickly to just about any designated location, with little to no effort from her part. In conjunction with her masterful swordplay, Rikuri has constructed a multitude of techniques that require simultaneous usage of both subjects. Rikuri's preferred style of combat is the utilization of her own hands and feet to subdue her opponent.

However, as she progressed through the ranks, she found herself greatly injuring her opponent in only a few blows, which would then lead Rikuri to holding back her prowess yet again. Though she is honorable, she does not feel the need to unleash her maximum power against enemies who she deems unworthy, instead, opting to use her own fists. As the captain of the Fourth Division, Rikuri possesses outstanding healing capabilities. This allows her to prolong her own battles, by healing herself.

This also aids in the fact that she can attempt to persuade the enemy from changing their perspective, as Rikuri fights not to kill, but save those that are in dire need of her assistance. These set of skills are only known to her, though she is in the process of teaching it to others.

Her abilities in the medical field are far more developed then the rest of the world. Her prowess has enabled others to acknowledge Rikuri as the most gifted medic in the universe. Rikuri's medical capabilities have stretched as far as being able to heal her own wounds without so much as a recitation let alone movement, making her a deadly opponent in battle. In fact, these medical abilities are so refined, that her body seemingly recovers on it's own when it has been injured, giving Rikuri an auto regeneration of some sorts.

According to herself, the technique took 75 years to develop and an additional 25 years to fully master. Studying the behavior of hollows for centuries, Rikuri was able to somewhat mimic their regenerative properties to manifest her own technique.

Without so much as the slightest movement, her spiritual pressure envelops her body through the circulatory system enriching her flesh with refined nutrient. This allows Rikuri to regenerate her own wounds near instantaneously, from the moment it has been inflicted. However, there seems to be a limit as to how much she is able to heal at once, though Rikuri is known to possess other healing methods to recover any lost limbs and ligaments.

The benefits of this regenerative process can be shared with her patients in a simple but effective manner. Because the technique is centered around focusing Reiatsu into the flesh, anyone who suckles on Rikuri's skin can be healed in the same manner, allowing Rikuri's Reiatsu to enter their body through the entry point of the mouth. According to Rikuri, because the technique acts based upon her circulatory system, sucking on the flesh closest to her heart allows her to heal greater wounds she otherwise would not have been able to, with a substantial increase in the recovery time.

ukitake and unohana relationship marketing

An ability that was previously imagined only to be accessible by arrancar and hollows alike, Rikuri's centuries of research have allowed her to replicate the regenerative properties of the hollow. Though the process would have been much easier, had she opted to don a hollow mask, Rikuri's resilience instead lead her to develop her own method as opposed to resort to such criminal behavior. This ability allows Rikuri to essentially regenerate any lost limbs and arteries of her body, though cannot recuperate certain internal organs such as the heart or brain.

Renowned for her prowess in the arts of the shinigami, there are very few who can declare themselves equivalent to Rikuri's degree of mastery, including captain level soul reapers.

She is also one of the few shinigami who can cast spells without incantation, and has been seen exhibiting spells of the 99 rank caliber. This has since become her primary focal point whilst in battle, even more so than hand-to-hand combat.

Akin to her days as an academy student, Rikuri is a bright shinigami, providing several aspects even whilst inducted in the heat of battle.

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Her knowledge of the soul society in particular normally outpaces that of even her fellow captain companions, as Rikuri is essentially like a history textbook, filled with facts and information about the past.

While on the battlefield, her keen instincts allow her to distinguish between the several abilities of her opponent, while also allowing her to form and test her own theories and hypothesis. A being of tremendous power, it was only natural for Rikuri's most trust worthy companion to portray this element thoroughly.

Rikuri first came into contact with Hanamaru during her academy days, when the latter took the form of an Asauchi. It was then are there that Rikuri took to establishing what would later become a profound relationship, with the spirit of her sword, learning it's name and earning it's trust. Before long, Rikuri gained a degree of mastery over Hanamaru; she was soon able to contact the spirit lying within the blade at will, referring to it even when in the heat of battle for it's own personal suggestions and or advice.

Communicating with Hanamaru became second nature, almost as if housing a second conscience in her mind. In it's sealed form, Hanamaru takes the shape of an ordinary Katana. The only decoration is the tsubawhich is a hexagonal shape. The two sides parallel to the blade are long, whereas the four sides above and below the blade are shortened, making it into almost a diamond or prism-like shape.

It has a red handle.