Uzziah and isaiah relationship to

Who was King Uzziah in the Bible?

uzziah and isaiah relationship to

On the relation of the call to the prophet's previous life, see Introduction. that Isaiah's first work as a writer was to write the history of Uzziah's reign ( 2Chronicles. Richmond, Virginia. This paper submits that Isa. i vi ) stems from Uzziah's days 2) .. direction. It is even more significant for the sequential connection. The death of King Uzziah caused Isaiah to see the Lord. When King Uzziah died Isaiah surrendered his life. Who this King Related Media.

While standing there, in wrathful rebellion, he was suddenly smitten with a divine judgment. Leprosy appeared on his forehead. In dismay he fled, never again to enter the temple courts.

Unto the day of his death, some years later, Uzziah remained a leper--a living example of the folly of departing from a plain "Thus saith the Lord. So Uzziah started off as a good king, but when he became strong his heart was lifted up to his destruction. He was struck with a divine judgment leprosy when he refused the counsel of 80 priests who tried to reason with him about his rebellious course of burning incense. He was confined to a house, until the day of his death, and his son Jotham took his place in judging the people of the land See Prophets and Kings Isaiah the Prophet The reign of Uzziah was drawing to a close, and Jotham was already bearing many of the burdens of state, when Isaiah, of the royal line, was called, while yet a young man, to the prophetic mission.

The times in which Isaiah was to labor were fraught with peculiar peril to the people of God. The prophet was to witness the invasion of Judah by the combined armies of northern Israel and of Syria; he was to behold the Assyrian hosts encamped before the chief cities of the kingdom.

During his lifetime, Samaria was to fall, and the ten tribes of Israel were to be scattered among the nations. Judah was again and again to be invaded by the Assyrian armies, and Jerusalem was to suffer a siege that would have resulted in her downfall had not God miraculously interposed. Already grave perils were threatening the peace of the southern kingdom.

The divine protection was being removed, and the Assyrian forces were about to overspread the land of Judah. But the dangers from without, overwhelming though they seemed, were not so serious as the dangers from within. It was the perversity of his people that brought to the Lord's servant the greatest perplexity and the deepest depression.

By their apostasy and rebellion those who should have been standing as light bearers among the nations were inviting the judgments of God.

uzziah and isaiah relationship to

Many of the evils which were hastening the swift destruction of the northern kingdom, and which had recently been denounced in unmistakable terms by Hosea and Amos, were fast corrupting the kingdom of Judah. The outlook was particularly discouraging as regards the social conditions of the people. In their desire for gain, men were adding house to house and field to field.

Justice was perverted, and no pity was shown the poor. Of these evils God declared, "The spoil of the poor is in your houses. Even the magistrates, whose duty it was to protect the helpless, turned a deaf ear to the cries of the poor and needy, the widows and the fatherless.

With oppression and wealth came pride and love of display, gross drunkenness, and a spirit of revelry. And in Isaiah's day idolatry itself no longer provoked surprise. Iniquitous practices had become so prevalent among all classes that the few who remained true to God were often tempted to lose heart and to give way to discouragement and despair. It seemed as if God's purpose for Israel were about to fail and that the rebellious nation was to suffer a fate similar to that of Sodom and Gomorrah.

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In the face of such conditions it is not surprising that when, during the last year of Uzziah's reign, Isaiah was called to bear to Judah God's messages of warning and reproof, he shrank from the responsibility. He well knew that he would encounter obstinate resistance. As he realized his own inability to meet the situation and thought of the stubbornness and unbelief of the people for whom he was to labor, his task seemed hopeless Prophets and Kings, During Isaiah's life as a prophet, God's people faced 5 peculiar problems: The invasion of Judah by the combined armies of Northern Israel and Syria.

The Assyrian forces encamping themselves before the chief cities of the kingdom. The fall of Samaria. The ten Tribes of Israel scattering among the nations.

When King Uzziah Died Sermon by Joel Sumagaysay, Isaiah -

The repeated invasion of Judah by Assyria. God removed His divine protection because materialistic prosperity corrupted the people Isaiah 5: Idoloatry was no longer a shock to them Isaiah 2: They were being desensitized to the reality of their deplorable condition before God. It was on the backdrop of these events that Isaiah was called to the prophetic office. And it is no wonder that he shrank from the responsibility of his time.

uzziah and isaiah relationship to

Have we shrank from our responsibility as a people to share with the billions on planet Earth the solemnity of our times? Perhaps we need to take a walk with Isaiah to see how he was called, and through his calling we can see a picture of how God is also calling you and me. Even though all of these problems were taking place in the political world, and even greater problems were taking place among the people of God, the vision given to Isaiah was a direct message to him.

The message still speaks to us in a similar manner today. God is still seated on the throne. Even though the news makes you weep as you hear of the bloodshed and turmoil, God is still seated on the throne. And that throne is not an earthly throne. And if we know this King, we will not be afraid of what anyone can do to us.

uzziah and isaiah relationship to

Above it stood the seraphims: Here we have a picture of the worshippers surrounding the throne of God. They are sinless seraphims; angels with six wings.

uzziah and isaiah relationship to

They are covering their faces and their feet. These are sinless beings, and still they are very reverent and very humble. How do we come into the presence of God? Did you know that every Sabbath day, in a very special sense, we are in the presence of God in a magnified way. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them Matthew We as Christians are losing a sense of the holiness of God.

We come into the presence of God as if we entering a social club. We talk during sermons, our cell phones are ringing during sermons, and sometimes we sleep during sermons! We are too busy too spend time talking to our Best Friend in the morning, we are too busy to spend quality time with Jesus in the Word of God. Of course our children play sports on the Sabbath.

And the angels are weeping they see our lack of reverence before the God of the universe.

uzziah and isaiah relationship to

The moral taste of the worshipers in God's holy sanctuary must be elevated, refined, sanctified. This matter has been sadly neglected. Its importance has been overlooked, and as the result disorder and irreverence have become prevalent, and God has been dishonored.

When King Uzziah Died

When the leaders in the church, ministers and people, fathers and mothers, have not had elevated views of this matter, what could be expected of the inexperienced children? They are too often found in groups, away from the parents, who should have charge of them. Notwithstanding they are in the presence of God, and His eye is looking upon them; they are light and trifling; they whisper and laugh, are careless, irreverent, and inattentive Child Guidance, What relationship did he have with Isaiah?

How did he die? Read II Chronicles Isaiah was the prophet of God during the reign of Uzziah Isa. Isaiah wrote of the acts and rule of Uzziah from first to last. He sought the Lord, and God made him to prosper. God helped him in battle Vs. He served the people, building towers in the desert to protect herds, digging many wells, and planting vineyards Vs. He had a great army Vs. Only the priests of God, the sons of Aaron, were consecrated by God to burn incense to the Lord.

They told him that such an act could not honor him before God. No matter how sincere nor how great a man may be, it is folly to violate the holiness of God.

God smote the proud king with leprosy, took away his office, and he died in disgrace as a common leper. When they buried him, they said, "He is a leper. Isaiah evidently learned much from the death of King Uzziah.

OurGod is infinitely, indescribably holy in all His ways, acts, and nature. He will in no wise clear the guilty nor receive any man apart from perfect holiness. He will not speak to nor be spoken to by any sinful creature. He is unapproachable except through the Mediator.