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Robert Altman's beautiful film reminds us of Van Gogh's genius and provides an "url": "tests", "absolute_url": "", "original_url": " Tests", Vincent Van Gogh (Tim Roth) and his younger brother Theo (Paul Rhys) is a The brothers' relationship is typically interpreted on stage or in film as far. A study of Van Gogh's last years as seen through his tortured relationship with his brother, Vincent and Theo paradoxically is one of Robert. 49 questions and answers about 'Vincent van Gogh' in our 'Art World Figures' it seems that the relationship was strained due to clashes of temperament.

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In one scene, the camera caresses golden sunflowers swaying in a field. Moments like this make Vincent and Theo a cinematographically mesmerizing film. Although the brothers share a handful of scenes, including the awkward domesticity of living together in Paris before Vincent heads to the south of France the setting for his physical and psychological downfallthe majority of the film is structured to pair first a scene of Vincent, living rough as he pursues his art, with an oppositional scene of Theo, living life as a young businessman who often pursues romance.

The contrast between their lifestyles is glaringly apparent. Whereas Vincent befriends and later shares a home with a pregnant former prostitute and her daughter, Theo tries to increase his commissions as an art dealer so that he can properly woo marriage-minded young women. Nevertheless, Theo is hardly a paragon of propriety. As the film mentions more than once, he suffers from syphilis.

Question by author kate He was the eldest of six siblings but his mother, Anna had given birth to a stillborn son, also called Vincent, on March 30, This was a coincidence that could possibly help to account for Vincent's morbidity later in life.

Van Gogh and Theo click to play it. Question by author robert The death of an infant child The first child born to the parents, Vincent Van Gogh, was stillborn. The man we know as Vincent Van Gogh was born one year later. Van Gogh click to play it. Question by author willywonka.

He had an older brother who was stillborn. What happened in December of to lead to his self-mutilation?

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He was upset after an argument Only the argument with Gauguin actually ever happened. He never married or had children, although he once wrote that he considered his paintings to be his children.

Despite van Gogh's admiration for Gauguin, and his desire that the two of them set up an artists' colony, it seems that the relationship was strained due to clashes of temperament. Gauguin arrived to stay on October 23, ; the famous argument, during the course of which van Gogh threatened Gauguin with a razor, occurred on December 28, Van Gogh deliberately chose unattractive models for this painting of peasants sitting down for a meal.

What is the painting's name? In his own words, "I really have wanted to make it so that people get the idea that these folk, who are eating their potatoes by the light of their little lamp, have tilled the earth themselves with these hands they are putting in the dish, and so it speaks of manual labour and The door on the left side of the picture led to a guest room where which other artist slept? Their relationship was a strained one however, and Gaugin left shortly after the notorious incident in which van Gogh mutilated his own ear 3.

Also painted at Arles in the same year as the previous painting this piece is entitled Starry Night Over The subject of lights at night time fascinated Van Gough.

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Here we can see the lights on the river bank reflected in the water and almost mirroring the stars in the night sky. The constellation of the Plough is clearly visible 4.

Of this painting he said, "Here you have a night painting without black, with nothing but beautiful blue and violet and green and in this surrounding the illuminated area colours itself sulphur pale yellow and citron green One of a series of paintings on the same subject, Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers was briefly the most expensive work of art when in it was sold for what price? Wheat Field with Cypresses is the title of three almost identical works by van Gogh which were painted in whilst the artist was living where?

A private school A hermitage A mental health asylum Saint Paul de Mausole was a monastery and mental asylum which van Gogh voluntarily admitted himself to whilst his health was suffering. He stayed there from May until Maypainting several of his major works during his time there. The asylum is still a psychiatric hospital to this day 7.