Wade and neal relationship trust

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wade and neal relationship trust

Students apply online to Neale-Wade Academy or an alternative Post 16 As an Academy we have forged many excellent working relationships with local. The Effects of Competition in School on Abused and Neglected Children Gerald Wade Neal underlying effects on the child and the child-adult relationship are altered. Lying can become acceptable because the establishment of trust is. WWE diva Alicia Fox has revealed she was in relationship Brit wrestling star Wade Barrett - but her romance with the man known as Bad News.

Make up your mind, why don't you. Besides, if Wade does have a gun in there, it's pointing at Michaels so your boy's safe…' 'That's your definition of safe? That he shoots Michaels first? I've never seen you so protective of anyone before. Or could it be that you're sweet on Caffrey? But Neal isn't an agent, Ruiz, he's an unarmed, untrained consultant.

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He didn't choose this job and he certainly didn't choose this assignment. You're responsible for sending him in there tonight which means you're responsible for his safety and at present, he is not safe…' 'See?

So I'll just put my shirt back on…' 'No, leave it off. You're much…prettier this way…' 'What a creep!

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Let's take Nick into the office and show him some art shall we? A few seconds later a soft gasp came through the wire. If this is just another excuse to try and get me to call off this operation…' 'No! Something's wrong with Neal. His voice has changed. He's not in control now…' 'I'm an art-lover; a man who appreciates the finer things in life and you, Mr. Halden happen to be the most exquisitely beautiful thing I have ever seen.

Look at you standing there half naked, cocky, so sure of your moral superiority…' 'No, no, no! Wade hasn't done anything yet.

If we burst in now, we'll have nothing and Wade will walk again…' 'We'll have Neal…' 'I know your type; good-looking, clever, charming and smooth. You think you're so much better than everyone else; you cruise through life conning people into getting whatever you want just by smiling at them… You think you can just waltz into my hotel and seduce my accountant with idle promises of your body and that pretty mouth? Cruz I want you to go to the front desk and get me a key to Wade's rooms but whatever you do don't let anyone tip Wade off; he's got a gun up there.

If you don't have the teams in position and ready to go in 30 seconds, I'll be on the phone to Hughes and before you can say 'Peter Burke fucked me over' White Collar will be back in charge of this operation and you'll be the laughing stock of the FBI.

And you'd also better pray that Caffrey's okay or else you'll have me to deal with personally as well…' 'Oh, did you hear that, Logan? The pretty boy's standing up for you; all that fire and spunk and defiance flashing in those beautiful blue eyes.

I'm getting hard from just imaging what that gorgeous mouth is going to be doing for me in a few minutes…' There was another hard slap followed by a yelp that Peter would recognize anywhere as Neal's. Give me an earwig for the wire and a microphone so I can stay in contact with you. I'm going in…' 'Stop! Don't touch me…' Neal cried as his arm was grabbed and he was hauled up from the floor and pushed face down over wade's desk. He scrabbled with his hands trying to find something he could use as a weapon; a pen, a paper weight, yet there was nothing.

He tried to find some purchase with his feet, but then Wade was kicking his ankles apart causing his belly to flop down on the desk and then there was something heavy leaning on his back and putrid breath hissing in his ear… 'Not so spirited now are you?

Not so confident when you're about to have a real man's cock up your ass, you little shit…' And then all Neal's frantic struggling ceased as he felt the blunt muzzle of Wade's gun being pressed into the back of his skull. Don't… don't do this. We both know you won't use it. Neal gasped in horror. Wade had just shot Logan which meant that he was going to be next, yet Wade was putting the gun down and then a hand was reaching around his waist and undoing his pants… 'No!

It was quiet at first like it was coming from a long way away, or maybe he was under water because it sounded so distorted and strange yet he recognized it as belonging to Peter. But he didn't want Peter to see him like this; naked and helpless; because how could anyone want him after seeing what had been done to him, how disgusting, dirty and soiled he was; how weak he was to just lie there and let someone use him, to let someone take him… 'Neal… Can you hear me?

He started to shake. Hughes sighed in exasperation. You knew we didn't have unlimited time on this one. Vincent Wade has been liquidating his assets for weeks now and his accountant is the only one who can tell us where that money's going.

We tried it your way and against my better judgement I let your pet convict call the shots and unsurprisingly I got nothing in return.

I got a receipt for dinner at 'La Traviata', a restaurant so exclusive that even the director of the FBI himself couldn't get a reservation. Then there was the caviar, oysters, cigars, champagne, wine, cocktails, a bottle of 20 year old single malt, and finally let's not forget the small anthology of poetry; first edition of course.

It did sound bad when Hughes put it like that. And what was with the poems? All of the above? However, to be fair to him, Caffrey couldn't really be expected to entertain a high powered business executive at the diner across the street…' 'A single bottle of that wine he drinks costs more than the monthly payment on my car!

You can expect a visit from organized crime this evening as it seems that Wade hasn't limited his activities to selling forged bonds.

Organized crime takes precedence over us but because we've already got a foot in the door with Caffrey and Wade's accountant, they agreed to let us continue with the operation however, they want access to the live feed.

So Peter, either you get Caffrey wired up and send him in tonight or he's back in Super-Max tomorrow. I'm sorry, but I don't have a choice. The man hadn't listened to a word he'd said. It had taken Peter and his team nearly six months just to get this far and now Hughes was going to risk it all by sending Neal in tonight. And what had happened to 'If he can keep it together, there might just be a place for him here after all? And while Peter might not trust Neal completely, he did trust his over-inflated sense of self-confidence in his ability to pull off a job when he said he could and Neal had warned him that this one wasn't going to be easy.

wade and neal relationship trust

He hadn't said it couldn't be done, mind you; just that he was going to have to take it real slow and although that was unusual Peter hadn't questioned him too deeply because Neal knew how to manipulate people and work his marks and because since he had become a consultant for the FBI, their rate of case closures had rocketed. However, organized crime meant Agent Ruiz and suddenly having him on the case only added to Peter's worry for Neal's safety.

Ruiz had always been jealous of Peter's success and despised Neal with a vengeance. Peter couldn't trust the man not to put Neal's life at risk if he thought it meant getting him one step close to closing his case.

Letting Neal go undercover was one thing, but willingly sacrificing him or deliberately throwing him into harm's way was another thing altogether But if organized crime was involved then maybe Hughes was right and none of them really had a choice. He took a few deep, relaxing breaths before putting on his game face and walking back to his office to break the news to Neal. What did he say?

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Yes I told him! I told him everything. I put forward all of your arguments but he wasn't having it. I'm sorry, Neal, but it's got to be tonight.

Wade's selling everything and we've got to…' 'No, I understand that part, but that's not what I meant. Why do I have to go tonight? Organized crime has just involved itself and if Hughes doesn't get some sort of resolution on this case then I won't be able to keep you any longer. I'm sorry, Neal, but you need to bring this one home tonight or you're going back to prison in the morning.

There was an uncomfortable silence between them as Peter belatedly realized just how harsh and uncaring he had sounded. He grimaced at his thoughtlessness. This was the kid's life he was talking about. If Neal couldn't pull it off tonight, it wasn't just his job he would be losing; it was his freedom, his right to self-determination, his very existence that was on the line. Neal Caffrey was no doubt the most arrogant, self-centered, manipulative, dishonest, untrustworthy and infuriating man he'd ever had the misfortune to be partnered with but he was also the most brilliant, quick-witted, charming, kind, loyal and likeable person that Peter had ever met.

He looked over to where Neal was sitting, his long, clever fingers tapping nervously on his leg, the finely chiselled features of his face now set into a troubled frown, those perfect white teeth worrying at his bottom lip as he concentrated on the current problem. Peter had seen that look on Neal's face before, seen the mesmerizing blue eyes flicking rhythmically back and forth as that brilliant mind with its phenomenal IQ turned over all the possible variables and tried to formulate a plan or strategy to once again get him out of trouble.

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At least that's what you told me, remember? And for a second, Peter was back in Neal's apartment and any moment now Neal would be dropping to his knees in front of him and Peter couldn't breathe, couldn't look away, couldn't think for all the possibilities inherent in those three words.

But then he blinked, breaking eye contact and was able to steer the conversation back to safer waters. I'm here to keep you safe from yourself. Because God knows what you'd get up to otherwise…' He waited for Neal to acknowledge the rib and come back with some witty rejoinder followed by a cocky grin, but there was only silence and a look of desperate pleading on Neal's face.

Peter had only seen that naked and open expression of utter desolation on Neal once before and that was when he had caught him the second time round in Kate's empty apartment, when he realized he had missed her by two days and he had broken out of jail for nothing and was now looking at another four years.

He began to get worried. Worried, because the Neal Caffrey he knew was full of smug smirks and dazzling smiles complete with dimples and flashing white teeth; full of self-confident swagger as he strutted his stuff down June's staircase wearing that ridiculous suit and hat; full of flirty banter and witty repartee as he leant over Peter's shoulder while trying to read a case file, warm puffs of his breath ghosting in Peter's ear, his voice suddenly low, suggestive and obscenely intimate.

Worried, because this nervous and agitated young man in front of him was but a pale imitation of the Neal Caffrey he had grown to like and respect since he had started working for the FBI.

wade and neal relationship trust

He realized that despite all that had happened between them in the last few months, he still considered Neal a friend and it was both disturbing and distressing to see him like this. You've met this guy like, half a dozen times already. He should be eating out of your hand by now. Why is this one so hard for you? He's almost pathologically shy and has no self-esteem to speak of.