What happened to delko and calleigh relationship

And once again…utter disappointment | The Eric & Calleigh project

what happened to delko and calleigh relationship

In the premiere, Delko and Calleigh get snippy with each other. Procter: They did want me to kiss him on the cheek, and I said.”I think Feeling Old? Do This Once A Day And Watch What HappensLCR Health Supplements. Detective Calleigh Duquesne is a fictional character on the CBS crime drama CSI : Miami, .. Later in season 10, Calleigh reveals to Eric Delko that she intends to adopt Austin North and his sister Patty, whom she had met in the season 9. Eric Delko and Calleigh Duquesne are the oldest members of Horatio's team. .. in their relationship, you can see that Eric is just a little bit protective of Calleigh in . thing happen to Calleigh, and Natalia cues in on Eric's feelings for Calleigh.

We should be ashamed of ourselves! They walked out to the white Hummer limousine with rose petals thrown at them.

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They were going to be driven to the reception. I can finally take off these heels!

what happened to delko and calleigh relationship

Besides wearing these made it easier for you to kiss me," Calleigh said. Delko," Calleigh said with a smirk. She wouldn't mind him carrying her…. She could tell that Eric was just as excited and happy as she was that they were married! If you want kids that is…" "I want kids with YOU. I meant what I said in my file.

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I want to settle down. I'd be nice if it were Calleigh…" "You are now. And for the rest of you life," " I know," He said before Calleigh silenced him with a kiss. By now they had arrived at the reception. It was an old fashion opera house with a grand staircase, old tile, and two giant rose arrangements at the entrance.

It was perfect; traditional, classy, simple, and elegant. Just like everything else. They were going to have a traditional Cuban dinner served for Eric and their cakes was tall and white with cream cheese filling and butter cream icing layers.

On top was a miniature model of Eric and Calleigh kissing. Everybody clapped when Eric and Calleigh walked into the ballroom.

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Then they danced to the first song. It was Destiny by Jim Brickman. Then after the song was over everybody joined in.

Eric and Calleigh then separated and Calleigh danced with her father, and then with Eric's. Eric danced with his mom, and then Calleigh's.

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He is my little boy, please don't break his heart," Eric's mom whispered to Calleigh when they talked. I love him too much. He is my life," she answered.

what happened to delko and calleigh relationship

She acts tough, but she has feelings. Even if she doesn't show them. I trust you with her, understand? If you hurt her you will have to deal with me," Mr. More than my own life. I have loved her since the moment I met her, and I will never cause her any pain.

If I hurt her it would hurt me more," Eric said completely serious. Everybody had enjoyed the dinner but now it was time to cut the caked and drink champagne.

Once everybody's eyes were on him he began to speak.

what happened to delko and calleigh relationship

No midnight tiptoe, a hug between friends and the season ends. Season 2 — again with the flirting, but it backs off a little when Hagen comes into the picture. Season 4 — Hagen kills himself, Peter betrays Calleigh, and she who shall remain nameless attempts to con Eric into parenthood. Season 5 — bring back the flirting, Eric almost dies, he figures out he has feelings for Calleigh…and Jake comes back.

  • Are Things Over Between Eric & Calleigh?

Season 8 — After failed contract negotiations, Adam Rodriguez leaves the show. Season 9 — YAY! Eric is back full time. Calleigh loves him like family….

what happened to delko and calleigh relationship

Season 10 — The cold shoulder treatment continues, but slowly fades. A little bit of flirtyness comes between them. Calleigh falls in love with the North children, she adopts them. Eric offers to help her out, she decides its not a good idea. He says we are family…. Season 11 — still being determined in other family-related news, Calleigh Emily Procter will finalize her plans to adopt.