Will i am and cheryl cole relationship questions

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will i am and cheryl cole relationship questions

Given that Cole has been so private about her pregnancy, her friend guiadeayuntamientos.info admitted Monday on Loose Women, "I don't know if she has had. Cheryl Tweedy – formerly Fernandez-Versini and Cole – has had life could have played a part in Cheryl staying with Cole for four years. But the relationship also shows her inability to see bad boys for Related Topics. Insiders believe Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne are very close to calling time on their relationship and will break up soon. Rumours of their issues hit the British tabloids a week ago, with one friend saying they now feel "under strain." "It's very sad," the pal They have once child together, a son named Bear.

I take that as a big compliment that I just have to rock around in me Juicy trackie. The only reason I'd even be in a trackie is because I'd be getting my hair and make-up done and wanted to be comfortable. And I think that's what annoys him. I'm my own person. Even the fact that we're talking about him is irritating. There's a wryly amused pause: The past 10 years have been incredible — the whole of my 20s. That would be amazing to put into words, and go into my 30s with a clean slate.

But then I think: I can't be bothered. He might get a footnote if he's lucky. This sort of thing appears to drain her energy? I just don't need this nonsense any more. As Cole earnestly puts it: All I ever wanted was to perform, make music, make videos. Unfortunately that was my deluded idea of what this world is.

It was in me blood. I had no second option. Life was tough in their neighbourhood. She tended to "wag off" school, but gained another kind of street education via poverty, troubled siblings, drug-addicted boyfriends and a granddad who died of alcoholism.

Now Cole barely drinks and has no time for trendy showbiz decadence.

will i am and cheryl cole relationship questions

These people would never betray you or speak to the media. Then you meet people of another class who would happily fuck you over.

will i am and cheryl cole relationship questions

What's that about — being derogatory about someone who's done well from nothing? I hope I really wind them up. Again, it's a big compliment — to want to drag you down, they obviously feel that you're above them. She tells me that, early on, she was the victim of a kiss-and -tell by a druggie ex, and felt mortified.

It stuck in my brain. You never expect in a million years to be put in that situation. Whether or not you choose to do that, you still would never expect that to happen. It's an intimate moment with somebody I suppose you believe you can trust. I've got 10 nieces and nephews. Have things gone wrong for her in this way? I didn't even know myself when I had children. You're at that nice age where you're developing into a young woman and you can give your children the things they need.

I ask Cole what quality she most values in a person. Another famous fan, Rihanna, called Cole "the most beautiful woman I've ever seen". However, when I try to talk to Cole about her beauty, she bows her head in agony, declaring the topic "cringey! You know those 'FHM's sexy women' or whatever? I don't jump out of bed and frame them. I view people differently anyway," she says.

And that's far more special to me.

Where did it all go wrong for Cheryl… and why can’t she keep hold of a man?

It's like, someone could come into the room and take your breath away by how she looks. Then she opens her mouth and she's a complete bitch, or she's got an ugly soul.

will i am and cheryl cole relationship questions

And I see that. Or there's the girl in the corner who has nothing to say and her hair is in a messy bun. She's not what you'd call commercially beautiful, but she speaks with such elegance and grace, and she looks stunning to me. I get a powerful sense of people. I leave the complicated, defiant, but rather lovely Cheryl Cole to what she tells me is her ultimate single goal: Hate the whole fucking thing.

She gulps, and chokes back a tear. When your heart is breaking, your heart's breaking — it makes no difference what either of you do. Not famous, she stresses, just successful.

will i am and cheryl cole relationship questions

She grew up on a rough council estate in Newcastle. So many kids drank and took drugs and ruined themselves before they'd even embarked on adulthood. Her parents separated when she was 11, she was suspended from school twice for fighting, and for swearing and her brother was in regular trouble with the law.

But there was always something special about young Cheryl — she won Boots' bonniest baby competition, was named World Star Of Future Modelling at the age of six and appeared in TV commercials for British Gas.

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When she made her first appearance on Popstars: The Rivalsthe show that created Girls Aloud, she looked like a pretty little street fighter. She had crooked teeth, a bit of a belly, and was at home in her tracky bottoms.

I ask if she's seen the oft-repeated TV show documenting her transformation from "chav" to "people's princess". I'm not ashamed of that.

You know what, a lot of people that don't have that are worse off because they're not street-smart. I find it all a bit… weird.

Has her character changed? I might have chilled out a bit and grown up a lot. Just after winning Popstars: The Rivals, she almost killed her embryonic career. In JanuaryCole got involved in a fight with a nightclub toilet attendant and was charged with racially aggravated assault and assault occasioning actual bodily harm. The prosecution said she was "high on fame" while the judge described the attack as "an unpleasant piece of drunken violence". The jury cleared her of the racist element, but found her guilty of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Did getting into trouble back then strengthen her in the long run?

will i am and cheryl cole relationship questions

It wasn't just a little bit of trouble, it was a big thing. Often, depending on the context, she is described as one or the other.

Both versions, she says, are a caricature. I do have a toughness. That's what's embedded in us, to be tough. If it was normal, I'd go out and have my dinner and nobody would be video-phoning me eating my dinner.

She looks as if she could be sick. It's funny, because having dimples is something I always struggled with growing up. She gives Blue a quick cuddle, stuffs some Butterkist in her mouth and I ask a series of random questions. If anything, we're the closest we've ever been. We have funny conversations. He checks I'm OK, he reads me really, really well.

But I also think pop music helps that. And that's what I'm going to focus on — being a pop star. I'm not a politician. Does she want to get rid of any of her tattoos? I ask if she really is going out with him.

She replies with a fabulous evasion. I have spoken about everything that's been written about just to put everything to bed, close the door on this year, close the door on this chapter of my life, and start afresh. I had to say. I just wanted to say, right, this is from the horse's mouth. And then I can move on, and try to have as much sanity and normality as possible.

Is she aware of them?

Cheryl Cole heartbroken after Will.i.am starts dating Ashley Cole's romp twin

You know the worst thing is, when I was in intensive care, they were outside the hospital. Does she ever think, "Sod this for a game of soldiers, I'm getting out? I want to make music. Yet I'm equally aware that she is promoting a new album, which focuses on the breakdown of a relationship.

My feeling is she's still trying to get her life back together. If I went back to being Cheryl Tweedy, I'd be… I'm not ashamed of my marriage, it's a period in my life. And I am Cheryl Cole. That's how I feel. And Cheryl Cole is who she's been most successful as, and Cheryl Cole sounds a cool name, and Cheryl Cole is a great brand. If she's sticking as Cheryl Cole, does she think that one day she might get back together with Ashley?