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This is it, the one you don't want to miss: The beginning of the end of Steve Rogers. From the mind of three-time Eisner Award-winner Paul Pope comes Escapo! time for some flirting with Kitty Pryde - but it's all in a day's work for the STAR-LORD! clones" unravels further, and MPD-Psycho's strange supporting. Don’t flirt, every day I’m nervous because of you. Pingback: [HAN/ROM/ENG] WINNER – DON’T FLIRT (끼부리지마) LYRICS. Pingback: Lyrics: WINNER – Don’t Flirt (Hangul, Romanization and English tranlsation). A page for describing Characters: Total Drama Mutant Maggots. Total Drama's cast got so big that the page had to be split into several pages. This page is .

He goes from a full body cast to just a broken arm in the span of roughly four days. In his audition tape and in "Bigger!

But in "Finders Creepers", he is strong enough to break out of the cocoon he was trapped in and defeat the giant spider with a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown. Nature's own Super Strength formula. Someone really should bottle the stuff.

Even though he loses to Lightning in one of the endings of the Revenge of the Island finale, he says that not going back in his bubble after surviving without sustaining injuries counts as a personal win.

His intelligence makes up for his weak stature. What the Hell, Hero? Uses someone with an extreme phobia of sharks Scott as shark bait. Even Cameron himself is surprised by his own actions. He was afraid of spiders; however, he overcomes his phobia see Took a Level in Badass above. However, after discovering the spider's true identity, he gains a new phobia: Jo is initially furious when Cameron backstabs her, but when he tells her he "learned from the best" referring to her she cuts him some slack and compliments his cunning tactic.

You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: He manages to pull one on Jo. Jo, The "Take-no-prisoners" Jock-ette "You will choose me for Total Drama Revenge of the Island, because I am the best, the strongest, the smartest, and by extension, the meanest.

That should really go without saying. Even though being a Jerk Jock she doesn't match the "rich, pretty girl" part of the trope, being a commandeering Bad Boss makes her qualify. Made especially prominent when she's put alongside Heather where their tyrannical personalities clash. Ass Kicking Equals Authority: She assumed leadership of the Maggots by defeating Brick in a thumb wrestling match breaking his thumb in the process.

Jo is of the Rosa Klebb subtype due to her rather masculine appearance. She relies on these to get ahead. In "Ice Ice Baby", she exploits Anne Maria's short temper about her appearance to make her participate in the challenge by insulting her or taking away her hairspray. She often exploits Brick's military background and his sense of chivalry.

When she switches teams, she often exploits Lightning's competitive spirit. She tries to be the Big Bad of Revenge of the Island, manipulating others and forming alliances, but gets overshadowed by Scott. Has short dirty blonde hair. She evidently looks so masculine that Lightning can't tell she's female. Played for Laughs ; since it's highly obvious to the audience she's female. She does actually sound rather masculine, though.

Physically, she is the Bully to Cameron's Wimp. Psychologically, she is the Bully to Brick's Wimp. Dude, Where's My Reward? She was annoyed after Lightning refuses to share any of the money with her and everyone else in the alternate ending of the finale of the season, as she complains that she got ripped off in the confessional.

Shows shades of this where she mentions trying to whip her team into shape, where the scene cuts to Cameron attempting and failing to perform a push-up.

Her audition tape and Lightning's ending show just how arrogant she is. Of Sue Sylvester from Glee. Her name sounds like "Joe". Possibly one of the reasons Lightning is confused about her gender, although it doesn't take much with Lightning. She has to be dragged away screaming, but she lets being betrayed by Cameron pass when he tells her he "learned from the best" her and congratulates him on his technique.

Jo has body issues and quietly sympathizes with Sasquatchanakwa when Lindsay says he has it. Her supposed ugliness when she works out in the nude it makes a bird vomit. Of the Jerk Jock variety. In the episode where she's eliminated, she pretty much treats Cameron like complete garbage. Conveniently, guess who sends her right out, instead of Scott?

She even admitted that he was a Worthy Opponent after that. In All-Stars, she conspires to get rid of Lightning first since she considered him her biggest threat on her team. When her team loses the subsequent competition, she regrets getting Lightning eliminated and she herself gets eliminated next. Lady Looks Like a Dude: This is even lampshaded by Lightning. Although he might not be the best judge on appearance.

Of the Mutant Maggots, where she's a typical case of a Bad Boss. Lesser of Two Evils: When put alongside Scott, though she's still arguably the secondary antagonist of Revenge of the Island. She often forces Cameron to bend to her will.

Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy: Both are depicted as tough; however, Brick has a more sensitive side, whereas Jo is more aggressive. When she said she never kissed a guy, Lightning, thinking Jo was a boy, replied: She wears one in a confessional. Dirt Boy got in the way! She has called Brick "G. In Cameron's case it later becomes an Insult of Endearmentas he refers to himself as such so she can recognize him.

She goes even further in All-Stars and gives names to all of her team members at once: Look at the way she strokes the cannon. No Guy Wants an Amazon: During the mine challenge, she confesses that she never kissed a guy.

She's very open about being a tomboy. Please Put Some Clothes On: She runs a tight shift as the Maggots' leader, makes it perfectly clear she's tough, mean, and in it to win, and can be quite critical.

However, she's not above praising her teammates when they win a challenge. Samus Is a Girl: Lightning thinks she's a boy due to her masculine appearance and attitude, her Action Girl tactics, and her Tomboyish Nameso he acts appropriately when he finally finds out when Jo is eliminated.

To the Toxic Rats after switching teams. She was so confident that Cameron would do whatever she said, that she never expected to be Out-Gambitted by him. Jo takes the general premise of Eva's character brawn and a serious attitude and builds a much more complex and hyper-competent competitor. In Saving Private Leechball, she goes into a rant about how weak her team is and that voting off Lightning might not have been a good idea after all cue a pre-recorded confessional video of Lightning rubbing it in on how Jo would regret his elimination.

She dislikes anything even remotely girly. Or so she says One reason for Lightning believing that she is a guy. Tells Brick to ignore his "no man left behind" instinct when she and the other Maggots are caught by the "spider" and finish the challenge in "Finders Creepers", figuring him making it to the end first will win the challenge.

WINNER – Don’t Flirt (끼부리지마)

Even some of the very few Sugar fans that are out there have said that she shouldn't have won over Jasmine. The revelation that Sky has a boyfriend back home named Keith. Leaving out what happens to Dave as soon as this is revealed, the entire announcement itself feels like it was conceived purely for the sake of having the relationships on the show be subverted for once by having Sky and Dave failing to become one due to this.

While the existence of Keith was kinda foreshadowed in previous episodes where Sky was meaning to tell Dave something important about why she doesn't want to be in a relationship, these instances feel like they were hastily added into the episodes to try and fool people into thinking that her already being in a relationship wasn't this trope when it clearly was due to the lack of buildup and poor use of "Foreshadowing".

Shawn still being Easily Forgiven by Jasmine in the ending where he loses and doesn't have the money to split with her. It comes across as him being able to insult her for her idea to use the money and ultimately get away with doing so by still having her become his girlfriend. He's dashing, beautiful, irresistible to girlsand he knows it. He wastes no time in admiring and bragging about how perfect he is. He's a Master of Alla brilliant strategistand a Chick Magnet. He's all too keen at showing off how amazing he is and once he drops his nice guy act he'll happily remind his enemies on how he thoroughly outclasses them in every way.

While practically all of the songs the cast sings qualify, one Cartoon Network commercial features a chorus of kids dressed as pilots singing a little number about the season. It's short, but just awesome. Duncan's status as a badass is inconsistent, but he sure gets his butt kicked a lot for a such a supposedly tough guy: Courtney frequently beat him in Action and both Harold and Cody are able to knock him out with a single blow in "Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen" and "Greece's Pieces" respectively.

All-Stars is taking this and running with it. Duncan's trying to prove he's still a bad boy, but he just can't stop being a kind hero. Happens to every antagonist after their respective season, due to everyone realizing how manipulative they are.

In All-Stars, he was demoted to a dumb redneck and Butt-Monkey. Gwen was also a victim of this.

World Poll - Part 3 • Senses of Cinema

In Island, she was a strong and viable contender who won several challenges, singlehandedly clobbered a real psycho killer, and survived long enough to make it to the finals. After that, her competitive edge wore down as the writers instead decided to exploit her relationships with Duncan and Trent to stir up romantic drama, resulting in her pre-merge eliminations in Action and World Tour.

She started to pick up the pace again in All-Stars, only for her chances of winning to be derailed once again to get her out of the way of the Mal vs. The 6teen parody sequence in Action. The Island episode "Camp Castaways" is never mentioned again outside of the next episode's recap and cameos by Mr.

Most of the finales seem to fall under this with the exception of the All-Stars finale, which has a near-unanimous hatredwith World Tour, Revenge of the Island, and Pahkitew Island being the most heavily debated.

While most are in agreement over who deserves to win World Tour, it is highly debated over who the "intended" winner is: Due to the inclusion of the Star Wars Shout-Out as part of his karma, followed by him asking for the money that he never won in Heather's ending. Plus a goof was present Sierra not using her wheelchairwhich didn't occur in the other ending. Or was it Heather? As it would have been the perfect end to her arc of Character Development from a Villain Protagonist to an Anti-Hero over the whole season.

Also it has been pointed out that switching the dummy seems like a really poorly written, last-minute stint. Plus some goofs that were present Heather's cleft chin being missing, Hawaiian men who warned the others of the effects of pineapples on volcano disappearingwhich were fixed in the other ending, implying this ending was created first.

While the finale's plot was fairly well-received there's still quite a bit of conflict over which finalist deserved to win: Should Dork Knight nerdling Cameron who was unexpectedly resourceful and developed phenomenally rightfully deserve to triumph against brainlessJerk Jock Lightning? Or is the Thunder Man the far more hilarious, interesting character, who was clearly the better choice over the whiny screenhogging Bubble Boy who godplayed his way through the finale?

Scott's karma in Revenge of the Island where he ends up in a trauma chair after being brutally mauled by Fang in "Eat, Puke and Be Wary". Some including a couple of his haters bizarrely enough thought that it was way too harsh and uncalled for, while other felt that it was very well justified especially after his actions in "Grand Chef Auto". Which episode of All-Stars is worse: Who is the best antagonist: On a similar note, which antagonist is the worst: Justin, Courtney, Scott, Mal, or Sugar?

The entire plotline of Pahkitew Island regarding Dave and Sky's ultimately failed relationship. Some thought it was great because it was unique and different on top of being a subversion of the couples trope by not having them get together by the end.

While others specifically the minority of fans who actually hated Pahkitew Island thought it was terrible for being a very weak attempt to subvert said couples trope resulting in the franchise once again shooting itself in the foot for needless drama as well as rendering most of the season pointless similarly to the Gwen and Courtney plotline in All-Stars.

Samey getting Amy eliminated in her place and the fallout from it in Pahkitew Island. Was it good because it was shocking and epic or awful because the show had to insult their audience's intelligence for it to work? Was "Scarlett Fever" the greatest or worst episode of all time? Sugar's elimination In "Pahk'd With Talent".

Some feel it was so hallow that it felt pointless, since she ultimately gets away with no punishment for any of her actions beforehandwhile others were simply satisfied seeing her get eliminated because of her own stupidity and lack of talent. Who is Pahkitew Island's true Big Bad? Is it Scarlett, Sugar, or both of them?

Some even factor Max and Amy into the debate. Confirmation from Word of God hasn't succeeded in easing this debate.

Which of the newer casts is better? The Revenge of the Island ones or the Pahkitew Island ones?