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Dr. Two-Brains is a villain in WordGirl, voiced by Tom Kenny. his pastrami sandwich, his vicious mouse test subject Squeaky hit the "Holy cow, Relationships. what episode of wordgirl tobey or consequences - Google Search .. Late Bus Drama by Silentyeller Word Girl, Girl Stuff, Drama, Relationships, Dramas. Learn more about "Tobey–Ayer-Test" on guiadeayuntamientos.info They then take their relationship to the next level by spending the summer together by the beach in Provin more. . WordGirl episodes are divided up into eleven-minute segments .

Violet closes her eyes and hits the ball. Very good hit, Violet. You've been practicing or something. Ok, Scoops, you're up. He confidently walks to the plate and prepares to swing. Next up, is Tobey. She walks over to the plate with him. Ripley said that I can assist you. Do you want me to help you hit the ball? She stands behind him and they hold the bat together. Just keep your eyes on the ball. With Becky helping him, Tobey hits the ball.

I finally hit a baseball! With Becky's help, of course. Would you like to try yourself? Becky steps away from Tobey as the teacher throws the ball, and he hits it very far. Way to go, Tobey! I hit a baseball. Thanks Becky for helping me. He then, without thinking about it, gives her a hug of gratitude. That was an even better shot than Victoria. Later, after all the other students have had their turns. You all did very well today. And, Tobey, you did a very good job.

Feeling confident in himself. All thanks to Becky. You were a very good teacher today. Would you ever consider becoming a teacher yourself, one day? Maybe an English teacher, sure. I hope you know that was just a fluke, Tobey. I'm still the best when it comes to school sports. Maybe you need to learn that you can't be the best at everything. But I'm Victoria Best and I'm supposed to be the best at everything! She then goes to sit alone. Becky looks over at her and sees that she's alone without anyone around her and some kids even avoid sitting near or around her.

Haven't you all noticed that no one sits near or around Victoria? That's because she's not very nice to people. And she's always bragging about how the best she is at everything.

Maybe she really needs a friend. It's impossible for people like her to make friends. Well, it was hard for you to make friends and look at you now. They see Becky getting up. Where are you going, Becky? I'm going to go and sit with Victoria. She needs someone to talk to.

She nervously walks over to Victoria's table. What do you want, Beckface? Trying to ignore the nickname. I was wondering if I could join you for lunch today? Wouldn't you rather be sitting with your friends? I was and then I saw you sitting here all alone and I was didn't want you to feel abandoned. If you wish to sit here, then you're welcomed to.

Becky sits down and for the next ten minutes the two girls sit there in an awkward silence. So um, how's your history report coming along? It's going to be the best. Silence for five minutes. And what about yours? What are you doing yours on?

I'm doing mine on Susan B. I'm doing mine on Harriet Tubman. Both are great women. I like that Ms.

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Davis is teaching us about women in American History. Not every teacher does that. That's because we have the best teacher. Davis is a very good teacher. Most of the time. So are you going to audition for the Spring Musical? I was thinking about it. Um, well, I'm not all that great in singing or dancing. Well, I guess we can't all be the best at everything. And that goes for everyone, Victoria. They just don't want to sit with the best. Victoria, if you want to be the best at something, try being the best at making friends and the way to do that is to compliment and cheer for others.

Don't always think of yourself and don't put people down. I shouldn't do that. But my parents are always striving for me to be the best. She finishes with her lunch and gets up to throw it away before rejoining her other friends. Think about what I said and if you ever need someone to talk to, I'll be there to listen.

She then smiles genuinely at what Becky said. For I'm the best at remembering. And another thing, don't always brag and boast about yourself. That really pushes people away and they won't want to be your friend. Later, after school, Tobey and Becky are again in his room, improving her math skills.

So what did you say to Victoria? We saw her smiling. He also has a crush on WordGirl despite the fact that she constantly thwarts his schemes, which instantly makes his relationship with the main character pretty creepy if you dwell too long on it. He dislikes being beaten by WordGirl, but he'd love to take her out for an ice cream or sing her serenades while the sun sets.

Luckily, the other villains give him hell for this villain team-ups in this show usually devolve into name-calling so I don't have to go too deeply into his psychological strangeness. He's the only gradeschooler with five different restraining orders. After he's done flirting with Violet and giving her vocabulary tests in order to see that she's really The Word Knight herself, BritishVoice McBrainac later brags that he's going to definitely win the costume contest because he's most definitely, assuredly, and positively got the best costume in the entire playground on account he's the superior kid out of all of them and everyone should be worshiping him as a god among men.

It's basically the standard "villain basks in the light of his own hubris before he gets taken down a notch" scene, but what makes it funny is that somewhere along the way, Becky makes fun of his samurai costume by pointing out the lack of chronological authenticity to the outfit.

Personally, I'm just happy they're calling him a samurai. You have no idea how many cartoons will call that costume a ninja outfit thanks to Shredder. All of you are still in grade school. Like Tobey is seriously going to whip up some straw sandals and an actual kimono on a ten year old's allowance. We also get our first word defined for the day. There's a fun little pun where the future furry in the class says that she's eerie because she has four ears, before Becky shoves herself in front of the class and starts to define the word even though, you know, she's supposed to be trying to hide her secret identity as The World's Greatest Word Detective.

She even gets her own theme song whenever she defines a word. And, for those curious, eerie means spooky or scary, something that gives you goosebumps. You're going to be learning the vocabulary with me! We were all expecting it to happen, but Tobey's failure is still as sweet as a lollipop. Suck on that, Tobey! Personally, even though it was obvious that Violet was going to win, I was rooting for the kid who's dressed as The Hulk while somehow remaining legally distinct from The Hulk.

Yeah, dodge those Marvel copyrights, animators! Gargantukid on the right will never stop being hilarious. Tobey is irate about this because he's positive that girl cheated because she's really WordGirl and just went as herself. It's a good thing the actual WordGirl isn't actually in this shot, because I'm sure she rolled her eyes so hard they fell out of their sockets. In fact, he's so mad he's going to go ahead and ruin Halloween for everybody now.

And yes, he actually says that. He even belts out some pretty decent villain laughter before the cartoon decides to make the often-used "everyone stares at the villain laughing manically as if he's gone insane" joke.

Oh geez, I want a ribbon with that happy pumpkin face. Later that night, we, as expected, find Tobey's house surrounded in his themed villain minions, giant robots.

I wonder if the MacCallister family ever gets complaints from the neighbors. I bet somewhere, there's a very sad junkyard owner who's wondering where all of his scrap metal is going and somehow didn't make the connection between the disappearing stock and the strange kid who keeps showing up with a wheelbarrow. I wonder if there's an episode where one of the robots accidentally takes one step too many and demolishes half of Tobey's house There, the villainous plot our main hero has to thwart is laid out in front of us like the sugary haul of a good trick-or-treating session.

The robots' mission is simple. They have to steal all of the candy so that Violet doesn't get a single piece, therefore wasting all of her precious trick-or-treating time! Considering the fact that this is an educational show on PBS, this allows the villains to be even more petty than ever before and man, do I love it. I love that Tobey's robots actually dressed up in costumes of their own, if only because I'm picturing some poor employee at a costume shop slaving away for hours upon hours at an industrial sized sewing machine just to sew a bumblebee costume that can fit a three-story tall robot.

We leave Tobey and see children on Halloween doing what they do best; approaching the houses of strangers and demanding that they hand over the sweets or else the house gets TP'd. It is during this montage that we get to see one of the other colorful villains from the show, Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy he's a sandwich themed villain, just in case this show ever makes a crossover with Blondiehanding out high fructose corn syrup shaped into candy-like pieces.

I like that the villains, when they're not terrorizing the city, will do mundane tasks such as this. It shows that when they're not stealing or holding the city hostage, they're just normal people suffering from strange themed deformities. I say "deformities" because Chuck's head is in the shape of a sandwich.

And before anyone asks me, no, I don't know how Chuck got this way. The cartoon just assumes you'll buy the fact that he's somehow half-food and moves on. Yo dawg, I herd you like sandwiches The best part though has to be the person who lives in the ornate mansion. Instead of chasing the children away from her porch or summoning the attack hounds, the rich person who lives at this chateau actually hands over giant wads of cash and golden jewelry to people who trick or treat there, turning the stereotype on its head.

Hundreds of dollars handed to you at the same time you're getting free candy! I think I've discovered heaven. The first kid that visited her house was lucky enough to get copy of Action Comics 1. After all that is over, although personally I wanted to see if the other villains like Dr. Two-Brains or The Butcher were handing out any themed treats of their own we get to see that Becky is going to go trick-or-treating with Violet, who is totally letting the whole "Everything thinks she's WordGirl just because she's wearing the right costume" thing go to her head.

As you would imagine, this irritates our hero to no end because basically some kid with none of her raw talents is taking all the glory she should be feeling if she let her secret identity out. In her defense, I'd feel the same way. Oh, and this scene and only this scene, we see Becky's adopted family, but their part is so minor that I can't really talk about her fake dad, fake brother, and fake mom in too much detail, other than they're nice people and the parents are surprisingly good parents despite the fact they can't notice that their daughter is a superhero for some reason.

I'm just noting that they were in this episode for posterity. And eww, the chimp just ate out of the candy bucket. I don't care if he used his pirate sword to get the candy corn out. Who knows where that thing's been. Oh sure, Violet's happy now, but just wait until Frank Miller does a gritty reboot on her backstory. While the kids go out on the yearly candy heist, giant robots mercilessly stomp through the streets of Gotham City and, instead of smashing buildings or killing people, they steal all of the candy.

You're this close to crossing the line from childhood crush to full-blown creepy obsession. This is just terrifying! I'm just glad he doesn't know where WordGirl lives and this isn't on a channel that would allow full-blown insanity present in Batman: The Animated Series or else he's going to graduate from boy genius to boy stalker. But hey, he's a pretty good artist, so I can't fault him for it.

Anyways, after that disturbing little detail, the robots pour out their ill-begotten goods all over Tobey's front lawn and we hear our loveable little Mini-Shredder shout that he's won Halloween. Oh, so this is what this is all about.

He's still horrendously butthurt about the costume contest loss so now he wants to win an actual holiday. Not satisfied with a mountain of candy that's nearly buries the freaking house, Tobey orders his robots to go back to town and steal even more candy because he will not rest until he has every last piece of candy in this doomed burg. Just quit while WordGirl still isn't on to your scheme. You already have enough candy to kill the world's supply of diabetics. We've been visiting people all day and I guess it's lunch time.

Chuck then fixes them sandwiches and gives them glasses of milk. So, what have you been doing since we left? Sits down to eat himself, after serving them.

Well, I no longer am a villian. I own my own sandwich shop and I get all of my meat supplies from Butcher. Did you know he works with his school buddies, the Baker and Candlestick Maker? Yeah, he mentioned it to us earlier. So he provides the meat for your sandwiches? That's a great deal. He does have an endless supply of meat.

His shop is always stock full of meat. Do you have any dedicated customers? Two-Brains and Lady Redundant Woman come in all the time. Doc gets grilled cheese and Lady Redundant Woman gets a sandwich with three different types of meat.

Well, I'm happy that you and Butcher had given up being villians and become law-abiding citizens. I always had the hope that you villians would turn your lives around and do good things.

I'm happy that Doc and Lady Redundant Woman did as well. So, um, anything in your personal life? I get flirts from some of my female customers though. Women used to flirt with you before. Actually, I remember one time, when I was the lunch fellow at your school, I was coming to work on the bus and about five or six women began to flirt with me. Well, Tobey and I have to get going. Maybe one of these days, we can all get together and I can tell you stories about Lexicon.

That sounds like fun. Wordgirl and Tobey leave and head for more homes. The next home they come to is the home of Granny May. She opens the door. We're happy to see you too, Granny May. So when did you both arrive? My grandson, Eugene and Emma are married and they have a baby. I have a great-granddaughter named Bethany May. She's a real sweetie. She's my only great-grandchild. So how are you doing these days?

The doctor said that I have only a few years left. My cancer is gone but the treatment has weakened my heart and he can't really do anything about it. He told me to rest as much as I can.

But I'm glad to see the two of you home again. She then sees Wordgirl upset. Oh Sweetie, don't be so sad. We've had some great times together, even when we were battling.

Those battles kept me feeling young and vibrant. I just hope I can keep your promise about letting you meet at least one of our children before it's too late. Tobey and I aren't even married yet and it'll be awhile before we start having children. So when do you plan to get married?

Probably sometime next year. It will be the wedding of the century too. I can just picture it. We still have two more households to visit. I have some stories to tell you.

We'll be back soon. And I have some stories about Lexicon to tell you also. Can't wait to hear them. They leave Granny May's house and head to where Victoria lives.

They head for Victoria's condo in the expensive area of Fair City. She is reading a baby book when she hears the doorbell and answers it. Becky, Tobey, you're home. She gives them both hugs. How are you both doing? Well, Hunter and I are married. We had our wedding a little after Eileen and Ian got married.

And I'm now 2 months pregnant. So what are you and Hunter doing these days? Well, Hunter is now a stage actor and I'm a motivational speaker. That time in the 9th grade, when I was having a major meltdown from being upset about that math test, you really helped me to see that my parents' expectations were stressing me out too much.

After you talked to my parents, my parents decided that they were proud of me for trying my best, even though I didn't always get the best score or whatever. We have a better relationship now and they decided to not put the same pressure onto my brother either.

So now, I help others with similar issues. I'm so proud of you. And Hunter had gotten over his stage fright and he's now a great stage actor.

He says that he wants to stick to stage acting and he's not interested in doing movies or TV shows. This is a nice place you got here. His parents and mine gave us this place as a wedding present. They wanted us to live in the best part of the city. Well, this is a very good neighborhood. Well, we have get going now. We have one more place to visit before the days' end.

It's good being back home. They hug again and head over to one more place. So, where are we going to now? We can't end the day without visiting Doc and Lady Redundant Woman. They drive to Doc's home, which is a town home. Wordgirl rings the doorbell. I got the door. This is a pleasant, pleasing, enjoyable surprise. Doc, come in here and see who's here. He sees Wordgirl and Tobey in his living room. It's been way too long. We miss you too, Doc. We're doing very good.

They go and sit on the sofa.

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This looks like the sofa from your lair. Yeah, I couldn't part with it. Wait here, I have someone for you two to meet. So when did you two arrive? You're our last visit actually.