Zhang muyi and akama miki relationship test

year-old Chinese pop star Zhang Muyi professes love for year-old Canadian Akama Miki

In regards to her relationships, she wants to put her career first, "one person is also [+8] Virginity is the only way to test a woman's purity In Akama Miki's father hired a music teacher, Zhang Mu Yi for his daughter. Akama Miki, 12, declared her love to Zhang Muyi, twice her age and more importantly While there's no suggestion of a physical relationship, Muyi wished her a .. Tomorrow I'm dropping a class (right before the first test I'll inevitably fail if I. Akama Miki and Zhang Muyi post pictures of themselves together And, coinciding with the recent announcement of their relationship, has.

I could talk to Muyi about everything. He said that when I would reach the age of dating, he would help me check them out. At the time I did not understand what it meant, and he said he would not let me date bad guys, because it is very easy for people to get hurt.

Looking back now, Muyi was also still young at that time, so I told him that if he did not want me to get hurt in the future, he should just marry me. At the time we were just joking around, like playing house. With that uncomplicated promise, I grew up with him by my side. Of course, we will stay pure until marriage. The couple became a big topic of discussion inwhen the then year-old Li tied the knot with the then year-old Lin.

Li Kuncheng with his 40 year younger fiancee inimage via Asianpopnews.

The Zhang Muyi & Akama Miki Controversy: From Teacher to Husband | What's on Weibo

About Zhang and Miki, one commenter writes: The goal of pedophilia is unpure [sex], but they have been together a long time. Zhang has no evil intentions. Renowned Chinese sexologist Li Yinhe answers a question on Weibo about whether this is pedophilia or not. If it is in line with these three principles, it is not punishable by law. The law can punish adults who have sex with girls under the age of 14, but if they wait with having sex until they are both adults, then the law cannot control them.

  • The Zhang Muyi & Akama Miki Controversy: From Teacher to Husband
  • Akama Miki & Zhang Muyi: 24-Year-Old Chinese Singer Reportedly Dating 12-Year-Old Child Model

Pedophiles are people who sexually assault children. The most popular post has Miki in a midriff top and jeans on the beach pointing upwards.

The child and the pop star

Zhang Muyi stands disconcertingly two heads taller than her with his finger joining hers - a "kiss", of sorts. An overwhelming number of the comments show messages of support, wishing them good luck, and enraptured by their romance.

Advertisement Is the relationship even real? Akama Miki and Zhang Muyi pose for the cameras.

24-year-old Chinese pop star Zhang Muyi professes love for 12-year-old Canadian Akama Miki

There are also a number of detractors who express shock and label the "relationship" as "unnatural". But is the relationship even real? Many internet citizens sniffed a rat. If it were real love, you wouldn't feel the need to talk about it on Weibo.

You're no different to those celebrities engaging in sex scandals. And, coinciding with the recent announcement of their relationship, has been the release of several music videos, including their new cover of the ballad Pretty Boy. The video begins with Miki drawing both her name and Zhang Muyi's in childish writing she is 12 after all and then singing heavy lyrics such as: Zhang Muyi responded to calls that their relationship was nothing but a publicity stunt with a post saying: There's nothing we can do about this, nor do we feel the need to prove anything to these people.

Blah Since I Know: Introducing Muyi and Miki!

All we can do is continue to persevere with our love, our life, and being together. And, as devious and creative as PR companies in Australia and America are, I'm pretty certain few would be willing to gamble with as strategy as outrageous as this.

The difference is that, as anyone who has been to East Asia will know, the region is deep in the cult of cute. This infantilisation reveals a pressure placed on women to always maintain an appearance of purity and innocence.