Alanis meet the jetsons robot

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alanis meet the jetsons robot

The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones is a animated crossover spy on Cogswell where George finds out that Cogswell's robot computer, S.A.R.A., has been. an army of feminine robots who are assigned to steal America's first directed- energy ray weapon. actually a talented □anger get* hi* big chance when the alani fail to Jetson* o Sesame Street © Woman: Reel to Reel CD P I I. Club . Al Pacino Two drifters meet up and through their friendship learn. The Jetsons family: (left to right, top row) Rosie (the robot maid), George, Jane, and Judy; (bottom row) Astro (the dog), Elroy. The following is a list of major characters in The Jetsons. The Jetsons is an animated television .. In The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones, Sentro is used again by Mr. Cogswell to steal the information.

George Jetson's work week consist of an hour a day, two days a week.

The Jetsons

Spacely has a competitor, Mr. Jetson commutes to work in an aerocar with a transparent bubble top. Daily life is leisurely, assisted by numerous labor-saving devices, which occasionally break down with humorous results. Despite this, everyone complains of exhausting hard labor and difficulties living with the remaining inconveniences.

Penny Singleton was the voice of Jane Jetson. List of The Jetsons characters George Jetson: He is a loving family man who always seems to make the wrong decisions. He is married to Jane and together they have two children, Judy and Elroy.

alanis meet the jetsons robot

Jane is obsessed with fashion and new gadgetry. Her favorite store is Mooning Dales. She is a dutiful wife who always tries to make life as pleasant as possible for her family. A student at Orbit High School, she is a stereotypical teenage girl whose interests include clothes, hanging out with boys, and revealing secrets to her digital diary that she calls Didi.

He is highly intelligent and an expert in all space sciences. A mild-mannered and good child, Elroy attends Little Dipper School, where he studies space history, astrophysics, and star geometry. Elroy loves his dog Astro and is always there to support him when George loses his patience with the family pet.

Rosie is the Jetsons' household robot. She's an outdated model, but the Jetsons love her and would never trade her for a newer model. Rosie does all the housework and some of the parenting. She is a strong authoritarian and occasionally dispenses pills to the family. Excluding a scene from the closing credits, Rosie appears in only two episodes of the original s show, but makes many appearances on the s show.

Astro is the Jetsons' family dog. Prior to being a Jetson, his name was Tralfaz and he belonged to the fabulously rich Mr. Astro is one of George's best friends, next to his work computer, R. He is able to speak in a rough sounding English resembling dog barks and growls, a manner of speaking which voice actor Don Messick would later reuse for the role of Scooby-Doo.

He has the ability to express his emotions by changing color. This character was introduced in the s version of the series, but didn't appear for the third season except for one cameo or any of the movies.

Spacely, especially when he antagonizes her family and her husband.

alanis meet the jetsons robot

Although this wife of the future has both a robot maid and automated apartment appliances, even pushing buttons for housework gets to be too much for her and she has to take a vacation "Dude Planet". She has terrible driving skills, turning her driving instructor, a gangster and her husband into nervous wrecks "Jane's Driving Lesson". She even appears on Kanye West 's music video " Heartless ".

In one episode of Animaniacsa female space alien resembling Jane appears twice; once as a receptionist, and then again when a male alien trapped on a treadmill calls out the famous catchphrase "Jane!

She was included in Yahoo!

  • Brenda Vaccaro

Despite Judy still keeping modern-day "teenage girl" likes and dislikes, such as seemingly never-ending conversations on the telephone and shopping for futuristic outfits, she does not live exactly like a modern teenager, obviously because of the time the show takes place, because she enjoys taking advantage of the many gadgets at her grasp because of the technology like controllable zero-gravity switches made for accomplishing popular dance moves of the show's time or for other uses.

She also gives a summary of how her day went including her problems to a floating robotic diary, appropriately named, "DiDi" voiced by Brenda Vaccaro.

Judy is also very fond of a futuristic rock singer named "Jet Screamer", whom George at first despised until Judy won a date with the heartthrob singer in a contest in which girls who wanted to win a date with Jet Screamer were to write songs, and the writer of the winning song would win the date. Judy won because George replaced her original song with her younger brother Elroy's secret code.

Clip from the jetsons

George came along to try to stop the date but failed and wound up as the drummer for the song and soon took a liking for Jet Screamer and his music.

Judy is depicted wearing a deep pinkish-purple, futuristic outfit and, like a few other Hanna-Barbara cartoon characters such as Bamm-Bamm Rubble from The Flintstones and some background characters in various cartoons has white hair that is colored to resemble platinum blonde or bleached blonde hair, which she wears in a ponytail on top of her head.

She attends Orbit High School, which her father had also attended. Judy went unvoiced in her appearance in Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Lawdue to the fact a voice actress could not be secured for her Waldo by this point was in her 90s and retired from voice acting.

Henry Vaccaro

He is highly intelligent and an expert in all space sciences. Elroy attends Little Dipper School where he studies space history, astrophysics and star geometry.

He is a mild mannered and good child. Jetson family household[ edit ] This section relies too much on references to primary sources. Please improve this section by adding secondary or tertiary sources.

alanis meet the jetsons robot

He was designed by Iwao Takamotoand originally voiced by Don Messick. Despite the stress he tends to cause him, George often regards Astro as his genuine best friend.

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Astro, despite being clumsy and dim-witted, was very loyal to a fault to the Jetsons, particularly George and Elroy. He was more advanced than present-day dogs, in that he had a rudimentary grasp of the English language. In a recurring gag, while George is walking Astro on a gravity-suspended treadmill, Astro begins chasing a cat that stumbles onto it, eventually forcing it to go at speeds too fast for George to keep up with, trapping him. This led to George's trademark phrase "Jane! Don Messick would usually give Astro a speech pattern involving replacing the first letter of any word with an R, such as "I love you, George" becoming "I ruv roo, Reorge".

When Jane, Judy, and Elroy proposed keeping him to George, he was against it, claiming an apartment is no place for a dog. In an effort to make his family happy, he gets an electronic dog, 'Lectronimo. Through mishaps, 'Lectronimo fails to catch a burglar whom Astro inadvertently stops. The family gives 'Lectronimo to the police and keeps Astro. In Season 1, Episode 16, a millionaire named J.

Gottrockets shows up and claims to be Astro's original owner and his original name was Tralfaz. Astro had no memory of his past life with the millionaire, but understood why he ran away, with Elroy rescuing him from the dog catcher - he didn't want wealth and privilege, he wanted a real family. After seeing how much he loved the Jetsons, Gottrockets gives Astro back to them. Despite this, Astro makes an appearance in the ending credits prior to the episode.

Astro makes five cameo appearances as a portrait in the music video for the Kanye West song " Heartless ", which takes place in West's actual apartment den. Astro was also in 11 episodes of a spin-off called Astro and the Space Mutts. Rosie is depicted as wearing a frilly apron, and was often seen using a separate vacuum cleaner.

Her torso is mounted atop a single leg and she rolls about on a set of caster wheels. She frequently calls George Jetson "Mr. She was originally called Rosey in her first appearance. The series' first episode, "Rosey the Robot", gives her model number as XB She was in fact outdated when introduced, and her obsolescence was the focus of several episodes focused on her. In the episode "Rosie's Boyfriend," we learn she has a boyfriend, the robot Mac, a helper for Henry Orbit.