And baekhyun meet the parents

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and baekhyun meet the parents

scenario where u and baekhyun are classmates and u liked him but he didnt know. one night ur parents asked u to go for dinner to meet their. "I'm not too sure about this" Baekhyun said, fiddling with his fingers. He does that when he's nervous or if something's bothering him. Right now, he's freaking. Read Meet the Parents & the Ex from the story The Letter by exobubz (Fara) with reads. fanfiction, chanbaek, bl. Friday night came around and Baekhyun c.

You scowled at her. You quickly bid goodbye and rushed back to the office. He was wearing a shirt and jeans and a cap hiding half of his face. He followed inside without being prompted. I love you oppa! He smiled and chuckled, seeing you happy and finally hearing you call himoppa.

He tried to say something but you continued squealing, no longer listening.

Meeting The Parents

His words were left unfinished as he captured your lips with his, kissing you gently, then deeply. The rest of the night was spent in each others arms inside your bedroom, on the bed. Did he get permission to get married? You see, my dear friend, a Korean guy only introduces his girlfriend to his parents when they are about to get married. You stopped and faced him again. Baekhyun became rigid, his jaw set. He was looking angry.

When I said yes, you were happy. Are you playing with me? Baekhyun sighed and gazed at you tenderly. I want my parents to know how amazing and how beautiful you are.

and baekhyun meet the parents

I just want them to know who you are. The girl that I love the most. His mum had become like a second mum to you and you knew that he was slightly jealous because he wanted the relationship you had with his mum with your mum. They knew exactly who he was, thanks to your cousins that is. I like this one.

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You sighed and turned back around to look at yourself again. For the past week, since you had told him, he had been beyond excited and now his nervousness was really starting to show. He had changed his outfit like two more times than you had, and he spent a good 45 minutes on his hair.

Worst case scenarios crept up to the front of your mind making you 15 times more nervous than you already were. She pulled you into a tight hug before moving you back a little to look at your dress. I love this dress! I thought your hair was red? Good start you thought in your head, grateful that your Mum was being nice.

Chanyeol nodded, confirming to your Dad that he had pronounced his name correctly. You really just wanted him to get to the point.

Meet The Siblings Of All The EXO Members

You knew exactly what he was going to say because he had said it to you numerous times. You looked over at your Mum to try and get her attention but she payed you no mind. You almost choked on what you were eating. You looked over at your Mum with wide eyes, pleading with her to do something but she just glanced at you and then focused her eyes on Chanyeol with a serious expression on her face.

How was she not freaking out as much as you were right now? Had they planned this?

and baekhyun meet the parents

Oh no please God! You heard Chanyeol clear his throat, disrupting the short silence. He spoke to your Dad confidently which you were fairly surprised by because you expected him to be at least a little nervous, you knew inside he was but he was doing a good job of hiding it.

You squeezed his hand and gave him a small kiss on the cheek which made him blush like crazy.

EXO as fathers ~Father's Day Special~ (OT12)

You were really happy with the way that Chanyeol and your mum clicked instantly, like they were friends or something. Going on tour would be fun! How would I make any money if I just stop working and go on tour for a couple of weeks? You and Chanyeol looked at each other, both knowing what kind of person your boss is. She sighed and gave up, knowing that there was nothing she could say to persuade you to go.

It seemed as if she wanted to go more so than you.

and baekhyun meet the parents

Had she become and EXO fan? You laughed internally at the thought. Your Mum stood up and began clearing the table, Chanyeol got up also and began to help her. You felt like screaming at his cuteness and squeezing the life out of him as he took your plate from in front of you and winked at you so only you could see.

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As soon as the door closed behind you practically dived towards your Dad so you were kneeling beside his chair, you startled him making let out a small yelp. He smirked at you.