Beautiful creatures meet the casters

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beautiful creatures meet the casters

Beautiful Creatures has ratings and reviews. Tatiana said: Ugh Beautiful Creatures (Caster Chronicles, #1) .. Creatures. Meet the culprit. Main characters in Beautiful Creatures book, analysis of key characters. Meet the Cast The Caster Bunch. The Duchannes and Ravenwood family trees are. Beautiful Creatures is the first book of The Caster Chronicles series, written by Kami After Lena misses a day of school, Ethan visits her house and meets her .

I couldn't even concentrate on the story for the most part because I kept picturing Ethan as a thirty-something woman. Well, unfortunately, I can only tell you what I thought of this book now, not speculate on what I might have thought if I'd read it a few years earlier.

And, this fact aside, other things have nothing to do with when it was written or its similarities with other novels that have since been released from this genre.

beautiful creatures meet the casters

Like the fact that Ethan pisses me off and is a terrible attempt at writing a teenage male voice. So, let's get the whole "this is like every other paranormal young adult book" thing out of the way. There were one or two additions to the witchy aspect of it that felt somewhat original but the general pattern of this novel with the romance and the carbon copy characters was predictable and, therefore, boring.

No one likes a boring read and it's especially annoying when the book is nearly pages long. Shall I check the usual paranormal YA criteria off for you?

Everlasting love after a very small amount of time I don't know if this counts as instalove but it certainly counts as instaweirdobsession, full of laughable musings like "there's just something about her that makes me know it's meant to be" hopefully, it's obvious that this is not a direct quote. Ethan soon meets Lena's older cousin Ridleya seductively dressed and very persuasive girl.

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Ridley invites Ethan to the Gatheringa holiday dinner held by Lena's extended family every year. Ridley reveals that in five months, Lena will turn 16, and on 16th birthdays, all members of the Duchannes family are Claimed as either Light Casters or Dark Casters. After the dinner, Ethan sits in Lena's bedroom as Lena explains that Ridley is a Sirena Dark Caster with the ability to persuade people to do anything she wants. Lena is afraid that she will become evil as Ridley is and be claimed as Dark on her upcoming birthday.

Ethan assures her that will not happen, and he kisses Lena for the first time. That night, Ethan wakes up and sees that his housekeeper, Ammaleaving the house.

Ethan follows Amma to her own home, where he watches as she goes out to the swamp and meets Lena's uncle, Macon Ravenwood. Macon is upset that Amma has not stopped Ethan from meeting with Lena, as it could be dangerous for both teenagers. Amma and Macon have questions they want to ask the ghosts of Amma's relatives, whom she refers to as the Greats. The ghosts are uncommunicative, and Macon and Amma are unaware of Ethan's presence at their meeting. The next day, Lena and Ethan skip school and touch the locket again.

This time, they see a vision of Genevieve Duchannes tending Ethan Carter Wate's bullet wound just before he dies. They go to the Gatlin County Library to get information from Marian Ashcrofta librarian who was Ethan's mother's best friend. At the library, they have one more vision of Genevieve trying to bring Ethan Carter Wate back to life by using a magical text called the Book of Moons. Marian Ashcroft reveals herself to be a Keepera mortal who knows about the Light and Dark Casters and keeps a record of their doings.

However, in order to search for the book, Lena and Ethan must wait for the Caster Library to open, according to its own magical schedule. On Halloween night, Ethan wakes up from a vision that Lena is in trouble. He drives to Ravenwood Manor and goes inside to find Lena lying on a table, with most of her family members standing around her. Lena is in pain, and her family is reciting a Latin chant to stop a spiritual attack on Lena by a Dark Caster named Sarafine.

Ethan's presence seems to break the spell, and Macon's mother, Areliaconcludes that Ethan's love is the only force that can protect Lena from the schemes of Sarafine.

beautiful creatures meet the casters

Amma uses magic to suspend time so she and Lena can talk to each other while the family sits by, frozen and unaware. Ethan can overhear their conversation, as Amma tells Lena that Sarafine is actually her mother.

Beautiful Creatures

Ethan and Lena go to the Caster Library. In the library, they touch Genevieve's locket again and discover the source of the curse on the Duchannes family of Casters.

Genevieve used the Book of Moons to work dark magic and bring Ethan Carter Wate back to life, and the Book gained the power to choose which of the Duchannes children would go Dark or Light in the future. In the library, Lena faints and is again spiritually attacked by Sarafine, but she wakes up when Ethan kisses her.

Ethan and Lena need to find the Book of Moons, and they think it might have been buried with Genevieve. They go to Genevieve's grave and dig up the book. Then they study it to see if they can find a way to keep Lena from becoming Dark.

Beautiful Creatures (Caster Chronicles, #1) by Kami Garcia

At Gatlin High's winter formal, some of the girls ruin Lena's dress by pouring liquid soap on her and Ethan. Lena's cousin Ridley arrives at the formal and takes revenge for Lena's humiliation by mentally turning on the sprinkler system in the school.

The water ruins the dresses of all the girls who were mean to Lena, causing chaos. The mothers of the mean girls believe Lena is responsible for the incident, and they sign a petition to have Lena expelled from school.

The school principal holds a hearing and is about to expel Lena when Macon arrives to protest the hearing. In a local church, the townspeople have gathered around to complete a petition to expel Lena from school. Then, Macon arrives and outside of natural reality Sarafine confronts him. She foresees that Lena will become an even more powerful caster, since the moon will bring out more energy and will contribute to the most powerful solstice.

Sarafine intends for Lena to use her newfound power to purge the Earth of humans, leaving casters to rule in their wake. But Lena and Ethan use the locket to re-experience a whole flashback of their past at a movie theater, while on a date, which reveals that their ancestors, caster Genevieve Duchannes and mortal Confederate soldier Ethan Carter Wate, were in love.

Ethan Carter was shot in battle, and Genevieve revived him using a forbidden spell that caused her to go dark, kill her one true love and curse all the Duchannes family's women into going dark. This mortifies Lena and she leaves the theater in fear. They consult with Amma, who is a seer and keeper of a caster library beneath the town library.

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The most ancient of these books, the Book of Moons, reveals the secret to undoing the curse: Unwilling to take Ethan's life, Lena has a final moment together with Ethan in which she makes it snow and then erases all his memories of their time together.

Ridley seduces Link and gives him a bullet to use in an upcoming Civil War reenactment of the Battle of Honey Hill which will take place on Lena's birthday. During the reenactment, Link and Ethan agree to "kill" each other so they can ditch the reenactment.

While at the ceremony for her sixteenth birthday, Lena feels the shock of the curse being broken and runs off to Ethan, clutching his dying body as Ridley and Sarafine encourage her to surrender to grief and accept the dark. Lena lashes out in anger, sending lightning strikes and a huge twister through the crowd of reenactors and seemingly kills everyone until Ethan's body transforms into Macon, who had previously disguised himself as Ethan to become the needed sacrifice to lift the curse and reveals that he promised Ethan's mother to keep her son alive.