Betty and veronica meet the punisher cast

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betty and veronica meet the punisher cast

A description of tropes appearing in Archie Meets the Punisher. This leads to Frank looking far more realistic than the Archie cast. Hostage Situation: Red takes Archie's possible girlfriend Veronica hostage after Punisher catches up to him. Archie Meets the Punisher or The Punisher Meets Archie is a one-shot comic book and . Meanwhile, Archie is told Veronica went to the dance with someone who looks like him, and realizing that she is with a criminal, he too goes to the dance. The Punisher actually does appear in an issue of the Archie Comics. So, maybe we've never met the man behind the mask. Bee, who is happy to stir up trouble among Archie, Betty and Veronica, but Cheryl is keeping secrets of her own. The Cast of Riverdale Made a Flashback Music Video, and.

They see Archie with his friend Jughead Jones in an ice cream shop and believe him to be Red. While they are observing him, some thugs from New York arrive and make the same mistake. The thugs know about Red's deal with the government and intend to kill him before he can testify. They abduct Archie and Jughead, prompting a car chase as Punisher attempts to rescue "Red".

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After a car wreck, Punisher quickly realizes his error and lets Archie go. Punisher and Microchip continue to secretly monitor Archie, hoping the remaining thugs will make the same mistake and come into the open. As Red and Veronica arrive at the school dance, Red is recognized by a stage worker and low-level drug dealer, who, hoping to improve his standing among the cartel, calls them and tells them where to find Red.

Punisher and Microchip, who have been monitoring the cartel, also head for the dance. Meanwhile, Archie is told Veronica went to the dance with someone who looks like him, and realizing that she is with a criminal, he too goes to the dance.

Punisher sneaks into the school and realizes Riverdale truly is as innocent as it appears. Determined to prevent it from being corrupted by Red or other forces, he disguises himself as a chaperone and, while looking for Red, identifies the thugs, who have dressed like caterers.

betty and veronica meet the punisher cast

As Archie arrives, the thugs mistake him for Red again and move in to kill him. Punisher uses non-lethal methods to disarm and incapacitate them, but the real Red escapes with Veronica as a hostage.

betty and veronica meet the punisher cast

Red forces Veronica to call her father for ransom, but she takes the opportunity to use code words to let Archie know that she's being held in a specific warehouse. Archie and his friends accompany Punisher to rescue her. At the warehouse, Punisher reveals to Red that the informant who called the cartel to the dance has agreed to testify and Red is no longer needed alive. When Archie and the gang spot Punisher in the dance, everyone is quick to do something about it, and to avoid trouble, Reggie announces that he'll check the bleachers.

This a bad choice in a hindsight, since Punisher's gunplay with the gangsters who are after Red takes him there. Frank has one while walking through empty halls of Riverdale's school, mostly about about what a nice place it is and how we would like to keep it safe by killing the bad guys Deliberately invoked in-story, even Lampshaded by Microchip.

Its implied to be because Riverdale's innocence reminds Frank of what could have been Also, it's telling that at the end of the story, Betty is providing the voiceover for the night's events while everyone is talking about the adventure and Frank and Microchip are preparing to depart.

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Betty makes a very astute observation that she thinks Frank really doesn't want to leave The comic has Punisher's skull-logo crossed with Archie's features. Frank does one for the entire town, as it is obvious that Riverdale's innocence has touched him. It's very apparent when he lets Red escape.

Sure, he justifies it to himself by saying he can always get him later, the Feds are closing in, etc. But there's also the fact that Archie and the rest of the gang are there, and Frank clearly knows that it's the night of the big dance, everyone had a little adventure, no one got hurt, and these kids don't need to see a man gunned down right in front of them. Riverdale's innocence would be gone forever if he did that. Pie in the Face: A mook mistaking Archie for Red has him on knifepoint.

Punisher, currently unarmed, deals with him with a cake to the face just as the guy realizes that he has the wrong man.

betty and veronica meet the punisher cast

Marvel and Archie published separate editions of the book, and both publishers ordered their character first in the titling. The comic ends with a suggestion that Archie's pal Jughead is going to meet up with another popular Marvel Comics character; Wolverine.

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The list for possible destinations in the train station that Red escapes from Punisher to includes such destinations as GothamIvy Town and Happy Harbor. One of Red Fever's aliases is stated to be "Montana Bob". Bob Montana was the original creator of Archie. This comic, thanks to the setting being primarily Archie's, puts much less of an emphasis on Frank's common traits involving death and mayhem.