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The ultimate travel guide to Bijindo Island, South Korea. Read on to find out about the best things to see and do, how to get there and where to stay. . be a bit punishing on the knees and you'd have to stop often as groups pass you on the way up. There's been a few times when we've received food and looked down. Bijindo's beach was perhaps the only place in Korea I've been to where lying fog obscured the distant islands we were happy to find another. Bijindo: The Korean island where time stops bijindo empty beach. View Gallery . 11 Pictures. From the air, the 99 islands of Hallyeohaesang National Marine Park look like . Join us on a month journey to see them all By using this site, you agree to our updated Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use.


To sleep The island does not cater to sparkly eyed tourists, which is what makes it so incredibly charming. That said, finding a place to sleep is difficult on a tiny little island that does not even try with the whole English mess.

There are a handful of humble pensions to rest your head in, only one of which has a website.

  • Bijindo – A hint of Thailand in Korea
  • Bijindo: The Korean island where time stops
  • Korea’s Hidden Gem: Bijindo Island

Bijindo Bada is about as touristy as you will find on the island, and touristy it most certainly is not. You can book an ondol room with a charming little patio for W a night, which is not exactly cheap, but gets quite affordable the more companions you have.

Bijindo – Take 2 on Korea’s Hidden Paradise

A simple breakfast of jam sandwiches and coffee is served downstairs every morning, and is included in the room rate. For reservations, their website is: The pension does have a tiny kitchen with a gas plate, so I would highly recommend bringing a few eggs and vegetables to avoid consumption.

Here you can while away a few hours of your afternoon sipping on icy beers and having interesting conversations, surrounded on both sides with the crystal clear ocean. To do I almost cringe to write this section, because it seems to me that one goes to Bijindo precisely not to do anything; to wile away hours without wasting them.

Bijindo - Take 2 on Korea's Hidden Paradise - Live, Travel, Teach

Traveling in Korea for especially English teachers is often tainted with the constraints thatMonday to Friday work hours impose upon us. Locals call the island Miindo, which means "beautiful island. There's a single road on the island -- it connects the two villages of Waehang and Naehang -- but not a car in sight. Older villagers rest beneath the shade of trees while dogs walk by without care. Small waves break against a beautiful empty beach.

Island life The island has one road and no cars. Visitors relax on the beach. Hike a few trails. Try out some of the best fishing in the country. Other than that, the most popular thing to do is watch the sun rise and set over the islands.

Bijindo - A hint of Thailand in Korea - Live, Travel, Teach

It's an almost lonely feeling. But here, the islands in the marine park are so close together that they almost seem like friends. Somaemuldo and Deungdaeseom islands feature spiking rock formations and cliffs. Yeonhwado is known as the Buddhist island -- its temple is a pilgrimage site for devout Buddhists. Another island worth seeing is Hansando, which houses a shrine devoted to one of Korea's most venerated naval commanders, Yi Sun Shin.

The Best Beach in Korea - Bijindo Island

Yi used special ships akin to floating tanks, known as dragon boats or turtle ships, that were covered with spiked iron plates. Each had a large wooden dragon's head at the bow. Island hopping The marine park has 99 islands.

Fresh seafood is a huge draw.