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celtic fc meet the team bob

MOTHERWELL'S new Local Area Team (LAT) Sergeant Bob Park took time out from his busy schedule to chat about his new role. Celtic Football Club is a Scottish professional football club based in Parkhead, Glasgow. goalscorer of all time, behind McGrory and Bobby Lennox, with goals in all competitions. "Meet our latest Weekend Wonder: Paul Elliott". Dalglish was called for a meeting in the boardroom at Celtic Park. Old Bob would just pick the players he wanted to bring to Anfield and John Smith and Peter.

It was my football ambition to return to Celtic. Another new player had a small feature on page 2. The accompanying text to the questions and the instructions for enetering reads like a Higher Mathematics exam paper.

The board were obviously not going to part with them without a fight.

celtic fc meet the team bob

The other letter was congratulating the Celtic View on starting up, the first of many congratulatory messages received on behalf of either the board or the View over the years. Yes folks, the seeds of Pravda had already been well and truly sown.

The back page message from Jock Stein looks forward optimistically to the start of the new season and there endeth the text, because the rest of the page is mostly given over to the August Celtic Pools winners and how much dosh they got. Very dull, unless you want to scan through it to see which of your neighbours you could tap money from that week.

Manfred Lurker reviewed it for the fanzine. The Best of the Celtic View: What we have here is a mainly visual chronicle of how the View has chosen to reflect the major events in the history of the club during its existence. Won the Charity Cup; beat Distillery Won the Irish Intermediate Cup. Went out of Senior Football until Won the Intermediate League. Antrim Shield Final to Distillery after a draw by Antrim Shield Final to Distillery after a draw. Irish Cup Semi-Final with Glentoran abandoned.

Antrim Shield Final Charity Cup Final again lost to Glentoran by Won the League Championship.

celtic fc meet the team bob

Won the City Cup. Won the Gold Cup. Joint Holders Charity Cup with Glentoran. Won the All-Ireland Championship, beating Shelbourne.

Meet Motherwell’s new area team police sergeant Bob Park

Won the City Cup twice in succession. Finalists Gold and Charity Cups. Irish Cup Final lost to Ballymena by In other words, just pipped on the post after having all the play and Ballymena getting the goals. Items of Interest When Belfast Celtic was formed, Bob Hayes was instructed to write Glasgow Celtic for assistance, who replied right away by sending a cheque, much to the surprise of some people, whom it was reported had written warning the Glasgow Celts against sending anything, as the locals could not possibly carry on.

John Big Kearney, at present in the States, holds the first member's card of Belfast Celtic, and so anxious was he to get it that he waited outside Doherty's Printers in Ann Street for the late Alex. Begley coming out with them. There was a time when Belfast Celtic very near "went West" in the first year, as following defeats by Glentoran ll, Rosebank, and Suffolk, poor Alex. Begley and his pal had to pass the Milltown rivals corner, and got " some betting," but the dominating factor in their determination to carry on was, "what would Glasgow Celtic think about us after getting a cheque trom them.

There were three loyal supporters of the Celts turned up. Well, the Celts had all the play, but could not score. About five minutes after the start, Alex. It is most remarkable that all the record gates in Charity matches have been made where Belfast Celtic were playing. Year after year they increased until last season the receipts went well into four figures.

They are certainly worthily upholding the motto of their big brothers, Glasgow Celtic, in this respect. Another record which Belfast Celtic can honestly claim is that Sammy Curran centre forward has the greatest number of goals to his credit during his first four years of Senior football than any other player in the,game, and will still bang them in.

Still another record in how to win the Irish Cup, when the other fellows are too good was demonstrated by Jimmy Ferris in the last successful Irish Cup final,when they again defeated Linfield Well, "Barney" Moorehead simply wouldn't let Sammy Curran even look at the ball until Jimmy " siddled" up, and made a "fearful kick" at " Barney". What happened then was this, "Barney" went after Jimmy just what was wantedSammy gets loose and scores all three goals. That's how it is done. James are the best of pals.

The spirit that animated Mick Hamill to play in that memorable Irish Cup final,with a terrible gash in the leg, when their life's ambition was realized, by beating their great rivals, Linfield and winning the Irish Cup for the first time is as strong as ever with him to-day.

Very few players ever leave Celtic Park once they have been fixed up, except at their own request. The Irish League record of Belfast Celtic, especially during the last four seasons, will hardly be equalled, much less beaten. However, in the replay the Celts wonand the posts were the correct measurement.

Can anyone tell who the Celtic half-back was that, throwing a ball in, could land it in the goal mouth as good as a corner kick? Harry Laverty, the vetran Celtic back, says that there were no less than five leading English clubs after half of the Celtic team that beat Distillery in the Co.

The Grand Old Team

Antrim Shield in the season and There is a short thrilling story about the transfer of Jimmy Ferris to Chelsea. In fact, had it not been for Mickey Hamill a cross-channel player then assisting Belfast Celtic might have created a sensation by getting " James" away quietly. One of the heaviest defeats the Celts ever got Was by Cliftonville, while Austin Donnelly was keeping goal for the Reds.

At the age of seventeen, Steve Mulholland was considered to be one of the finest forwards in Ireland, by a prominent cross-channel judge, especially in his first International. Barring William Foulkes, the goalkeeper of Sheffield United, the late Frank Toal, the Belfast Celts centre half, was the heaviest player ever played lootball.

It was quite a common thing for the late Jimmy Cormor to walk to Celtic Park from Downpatrick, "play a blinder," and then walk back again, and he was "some player.

Brendan Rodgers reminds Celtic to beware the strength of Zenit St Petersberg

He was particularly fond of the I. He died on the 17th Sept. One of the Celts greatest friends in their Junior days was Mr. Hugh Fitzpatrick, who stood by the young Celts through thick and thin.

Celtic FC - Meet the Team - Stokes Part 1

Billy Pollock, one of the most loyal and wholehearted players any Club ever. If ever a player deserved well of a Club it is Bertie Fulton. As a back, he has few equals and certainly no superiors in Irish League football. His play this season has been a revelation, full of fire and life, and enthusing to his partners, sure in his tackling, and places with rare judgment. Never in the history of football have two brothers played so long and consistently together as Stanley and Jackie Mahood.

Since leaving Dunmurry, they have been the most consistent and reliable pair in Irish football, for the past four years. Often have they turned possible defeat into glorious victories. Jackie has had the honour of representing his country on a number of occasions, and has never once let us down.

They can always rise to the occasion. Trainer Joe DevIin looks after his boys like a "hen after her chicks," and what he does not know about "repairing damaged legs on the shortest possible notice," is hardly worth enquiring about. In the end Liverpool's offer had reachedafter Stein had refused the offer of bothandSmith looked at Paisley and that was all he needed to do, Smith nodded his head and Liverpool agreed to offerpounds which was then the record transfer fee between two British clubs.

Dalglish was called for a meeting in the boardroom at Celtic Park. This is how it looked from Kenny's perspective: Liverpool had such a simple way of handling transfers. Old Bob would just pick the players he wanted to bring to Anfield and John Smith and Peter Robinson would sort out the deals. They were brilliant at deals. So I walked into the boardroom to meet my next employers. Bob was there as well because new players like to talk to the person who is going to be looking after them.

They informed me that the two clubs had agreed a fee.