Courage the cowardly dog meet bigfoot

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courage the cowardly dog meet bigfoot

Jul 25, Bigfoot comes to the Bagge house. Courage and Bigfoot have a food fight, dance in Carmen Miranda outfits and have a good time. All the fun. "Courage Meets Bigfoot" A hungry Bigfoot turns up at the farm. Courage is terrified at first, but befriends the gentle monster and must save him from the Farmer. What's up potential loyal fanbase? Welcome to yet a longer, juicier, fatter dose of my Courage the Cowardly Dog reviews! I am your host.

The most famous windmill in literature is the one in Animal Farm, but I doubt this one has anything to do with that. The Bagge household will end happily ever after… until next time. An ordinary guy finds himself in extraordinary circumstances.

He is thrust into a circumstance he is ill-equipped to deal with. Note the significance of the colour purple. The pie is purple, and so is the monster lured in by it. The very nightscape is purple. He is not taken seriously by his owners. This is underscored in every episode, not least because it provides another opportunity for comedy. A character looks out through the eyes of the house, maybe even hears a train whistle calling, and dreams of going.

We see it a lot in Courage stories set in and around the house. We see Courage looking out, we see him as an outsider ourselves. This dichotomy is tied to the fact that Courage has opponents both inside and outside the house. Muriel has left a pie to cool on the window sill. Courage sees it moving suspiciously — Muriel has unwittingly left it out as bait. Next time use a plate.

This scene also foreshadows the food fight which will happen later. He gets too anxious to think straight.

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Next we see reports of a Big Foot sighting on the nightly news. Courage finds a massive footprint in the dust and imagines the worst. Next, Big Foot is in the house. The other opponent is, of course, Eustace. Having an opponent both inside and outside the house makes for a fuller, more satisfying narrative. That story feels slower in pace compared to this one.

Because of the pace of a cartoon, more story is needed to fill a shorter amount of time. He is only interested in fame and fortune — the common denominator when it comes to cartoon baddies. Every now and then you also get a sadistic one Eustace himself is often sadistic, especially when Courage is already scared and he pulls out his maskor one with an insatiable appetite e.

Katz of the Katz motel, the fox who kidnapped Muriel for his Cajun stew. PLAN Courage pulls out a pair of gigantic binoculars. Looney toons got away with it. That old lady is Bigfoot's mother I can only imagine how that's supposed to work out.

Here's a hint, next time KevintheDork KevintheDork 5 years ago 6 Interesting review, and I can see your point of view, but I actually like this episode a lot. Sure, it's more lighthearted, and Bigfoot ends up not being a villain but more of a creature on the run, but I don't mind it at all.

Courage Meets Bigfoot/Hothead

I personally don't think everybody Courage runs into has to be some nasty person, and I actually thought that strange mob of people was pretty scary myself. Could you imagine a mob chasing you around for your head? Admittedly, 25 dollars for Bigfoot is a freaking ripoff.

courage the cowardly dog meet bigfoot

Whatever that lifetime membership is, it must be to something good. A strip club, perhaps?

courage the cowardly dog meet bigfoot

Tell you what, dorky: Meet me after you're done, and I'll show you what my boot wants to be when it grows up! Interesting review, and I can see your point of view, but I actually like this episode a lot.

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Hey, that's again fine with me man. At least SOME people have the common deceny to express their own opinions without belitting or insulting another's feelings. People like you, me, and FeelMyBlade Anyway, So long as you enjoyed the review, I feel like my work here is done.

courage the cowardly dog meet bigfoot