Development opportunities to meet current and future defined needs

development opportunities to meet current and future defined needs

Understanding Developmental Needs - Developing Employees to Maximize Performance have the skills and knowledge they need to perform well and meet their objectives. Start by thinking about what work your team members should be doing – this will be defined by their job What does this future look like to them?. Identify Development Opportunities To Meet Current And Future Defined Needs. is your Individual Career Development Plan.I hope you find it useful. Creating. Reflect and evaluate development opportunities to meet your current and future defined needs. During the last activity I identified the need for.

The Major competency of the employees is their physical look, which is noticed in the first attempt at the time of an interview. Later other competencies are noticed once appointed and every effective individual should have such competencies to give the challenge to others in the organization- Competencies of administrative work Competencies of intelligence.

development opportunities to meet current and future defined needs

It is only possible when the person participates in self-managed learning or engaged himself in various training sessions. An overcome of all such weaknesses or any other if anyone is having may become the strength for an individual himself personally or in his professional life. An organization is not interested at all in appointing such candidates as their employees who is having any of these weaknesses.

development opportunities to meet current and future defined needs

Before starting any activities that helps in overcoming from such weaknesses, a proper strategy requires. Strategy made by an individual that how to developed his skills or lack points so that he can meet his objectives. It is possible by enrolment in various ways: First is, self-effective learning means when a person reads newspapers, journals, magazines or any other text to improve their communication skills.

A person can also explore himself through internet Priest. To gain knowledge or explore him by his own is an example of self-effective learning. The improvement in the skills related to personality or communication increases the self-confidence if the person. Different types of training sessions are given to the new employees and existing employees i. Training is arranged by the employer itself to increase the professional knowledge of the employees.

To increase the personal skills one can go and enrol in other training sessions which are started by the different personality development organizations. Current needs which are require to be satisfied at present that may be used to make the present work more effective and the needs those are to be satisfied so that they can implement in future it meet the goals of the life is known as future needs. In personal and professional life of the person it is very necessary to be educated, technology savvy, Communicative personality, imaginative etc.

Those people who does not have such qualities they join the various personality development courses and also gain the knowledge shared by experts Nichols.

Development in the communication, presentation, personality gives lots of the opportunities to an individual. There are various extracurricular activities which are offered to the children at their school level only.

Unit 13 Personal Professional Development Assignment Travelodge

These children already have the developed skills as they are grooming by the school from their initial stage but those who have not got such chance they can join the various activities started by the outsourcing companies for developing the skills.

So to meet his personal aim in the life he has to follow strategies.

development opportunities to meet current and future defined needs

Professional development plan is done by the employees and follows strategies to achieve the goals of an organization and their own life regarding their promotions, increments etc.

SWOT analysis is considered in both personal and professional development plan.

Unit 13 Personal & Professional Development Assignment – Travelodge

PEST analysis is basically for the organization to meet its goals. It also helps an individual to get aware that how the political, economic, social factors effects on the organization and related to this what qualities an organisations behaviour demand from their employees Mason.

It is very essential to get aware about this. On the basis of SWOT one can accept the task and continue with it. Be familiar with the task: Steps to be taken: Proper planning needs to be done after understanding the nature of the work that how it should be performed. This will help me get attuned to the psyche and work ethics of the young contingent and will help me manage and administer them better. Omission of pre conceived notions and pre determined perceptions ill help me in being more productive while working with the young contingent at the work place of the Travelodge Hotel.

MTD, Undertaking these various processes and activities will help me implement the development plan that I prepared earlier. Undertake and document development activities as planned. In this task you should implement the development plan you prepared for yourself and then write down how you implemented your plan. The development plan prepared can be efficiently implemented by successfully carrying out the activities discussed previously.

The various processes include that of management development programmes, Business Coaching and Personality Profiling. Other additional activities involve module based learning sessions, team Building modules, etc. Here emphasis will be laid on how the development plan was implemented. The various steps involved with the implementation include the following. The drawbacks on the avenues of finance and budgeting could be quantified by conducting this assessment.

This was done by constantly giving input to various situations provided by the Business Coach on the aspects of finance and budgeting.

The feedback from the coach was analysed and that helped in quantifying the amount of backwardness on that particular topic. Establishing and analysing the reasons for the purpose of development helped in motivating me to efficiently acquire the missing skill sets and attributes required for the proper functioning within the management of Travelodge Hotel.

It helped me understand the why I am undertaking the various development programmes and what will be the resultant outcome of subjecting myself to these programmes. I subjected myself under consistent monitoring from the coach or other teachers while developing the requisite attributes.

Constant revision of the amount learned and the skill set developed helped in assessing how well or bad I actually was and how much I had to do in order to meet the high standards of management prevalent inside the Travelodge Hotel.

All these three stages were incorporated in all the training programmes that i subjected myself under which includes business coaching, management development programmes, e- modules and tutorials, module based learning, etc. By adhering to all of these, I successfully implemented my development plan.

Reflect critically on your own learning against original aims and objectives set in the development plan.

Unit 13 Personal and Professional Development Assignment Solution

Did you really learn new skills at the level you aim for them? The original aims and objectives set in the development plan were to attain enough interpersonal and behavioural attributes so that I can co-exist with the young employees and become efficient in training them and developing them. Apart from this I did manage to equip myself with a few aspects through the concept of self managed learning.

I completely focused on learning by collaboration. Although the idea behind it was to be able to develop skills in order to work and manage with the youth contingent at Travelodge Hotel, it helped me develop my overall collaborative work ethics. It brought change in my perspective and perception in how I approached people belonging to various age groups and backgrounds.

Hence it will not only help me cope with the youth contingent at the Travelodge Hotel but it is a competency that I have earned now for life and can apply in other aspects and walks of life as well. I concentrated on this aspect by laying emphasis on a fact that is contradictory to the previous learning of collaborative learning. According to me, it is also important to develop and learn on an individual basis and independent way.

This will only make me more efficient and independent. Thus I managed to learn the various dynamics of both collaborative and individual learning. Update the development plan that you prepared for yourself in task 2. The following should be updated in the development plan based on feedback and evaluation. The Personal Profiling development programme undertaken along with self managed learning through aspects like collaborative and autonomous learning helped me improve my behavioural aspects towards the youth contingent in the company.

Not only this, I feel that I am now ready to work with not just the young people but with anybody hailing from any background or age group. This has been initiated as a result of the development and learning I received as a result of the development programmes that I subjected myself to. But with regards to budgeting and financing allocation, on evaluation of performance by the business coach, he stated that my concept is still not completely clear on the aspect of finance.