Don flirt u kiss

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don flirt u kiss

Stream U-KISS – Don't Flirt by DEARWISH25 from desktop or your mobile device. U-KISS Soohyun, Morning Self-Camera "With 'Don't Flirt. Visit. Kiss Members, Flirting, Camera, U Kiss, Song Joong Ki, Baekhyun, Love, Kpop Outfits, Super Star. As U-Kiss continues to promote their album "Mono Scandal" and single "Don't Flirt," fans are seeing the popular K-pop band in a whole new.

Okay, let's start with the screencaps and with the english translation of the songs. We need to go through the meaning of the song too since they interpreted the song in the music video like literally. I won't post the abs anymore because everyone's going yolo over this music video since yesterday. Like is it really about the skirt or the legs? Well, I'm thinking about it's how men like to look at women's legs.

don flirt u kiss

They're not pretty to be honest and I'll be dead if they are going to be revealed trainees if ever. I don't think her eyes even convey an eyesmile.

Those are seductive eyes and they are not magical for me. They way he touched her hair was so full of passion. Do girls really have that charm just by dancing under the disco light? And now you're breaking my heart OUCH! But thank you for rejecting him. You made a way for the fangirls.

don flirt u kiss

This is how you interpret "my insides are burning up". The way he pulled the girl was freaking me out and got this close to him.

I feel so broke. You can't go there, girl. Seriously, are they allowed to do the dance on music shows with all these touchy dance moves?

I'm really reacting with this one because they have a minor in the group. And I really have issues with the other backup dancers. If they used back up dancers to make the MV and the dance look better, it would be much better if they picked all pretty girls to make me shut up.

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What kind of building is this? The girl puts on lipstick in the mirror to suit the lyrics of the song, but it just reminds me of the Selfie song by The Chainsmokers, lol. And he has stolen the lounge from Kevin! Honestly, I think Kiseop was the best actor in this video because in this shot above, he looks genuinely annoyed that the girl is trying to flirt with him. And he seemed the most comfortable to do the whole concept, in my opinion, even though at the showcase they had they said that he was one of the most awkward.

Well, I guess the threesome was enough for that. What position is that?!

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What have you done to our sweet, innocent Kevin?! Lol, Hoon just got slapped! Jun dives in for the rapping! He kind of reminds me of AJ a bit? They would probably look like brothers standing side-by-side.

Review: Don’t Flirt – U-KISS

On another note, his rapping reminds me of Junhyung. I just wanted to include this picture because I think Jun looks adorable. Making sure to include the others, of course. This choreography looks pretty neat in the MV, but I think it looks totally awkward in real life… I wonder if it will look better on the music show stages?