For never the twain shall meet susan

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for never the twain shall meet susan

Oct 13, I liked this following e-mail so much I asked the sender if I could share it on my blog. He agreed. Mr. Gray, who asked I not use his first name but. Literary theorists should be made to wear a patch over one eye, keep a parrot on their shoulder and always carry a bottle of rum. That way it will be easier for the. Never the twain shall meet. What's the meaning of the phrase 'Never the twain shall meet'?. Two things which are so different as to have no opportunity to unite.

Universities had abducted the intellectuals. And one year later, Lawrence W. In the 19th century, he said, Shakespeare companies toured the nation's small and medium-sized towns as well as the cities, and it was not uncommon for ordinary citizens to be as familar with the works of the bard as many Italians in all walks of life are with opera. The professors were able to make Shakespeare intimidating, a subject open only to those with specialized training, he charged, scaring off the rest of us.

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I've only caught up to it now thanks to its being mentioned in a review of a millennial apocalyptic art exhibition. The organizers had confused the age of the Solar System with the age of the Universe, and the reviewer went on about how art people couldn't care less, mentioning the book in the process. The title picks up on a book by British physicist and novelist C.

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The two cultures were the intellectuals and the scientists. The twain did not meet, he pointed out; each group lived in its own universe. The split was not new; Snow noted that in the s, literary theorists had begun to use the word "intellectual" to refer only to themselves.

for never the twain shall meet susan

He envisioned a third culture in which the two groups would actually talk to each other. In Brockman's book Murray Gell-Mann, a Nobel physicist now working on complex adaptive systems at the Santa Fe Institute, points out that "there are people in the arts and humanities. People who have read a science story I've edited will say, with a proud smile: Gell-Mann went on to say: You may occasionally find a scientist who is ignorant of Shakespeare, but you will never find a scientist who is proud of being ignorant of Shakespeare.

for never the twain shall meet susan

No one could know everything, of course, but it was possible to have a frame of reference. Needless to say, I never made the grade, but as the years went by some of those same criteria became part of my own definition of an intellectual: In my mind this person lived in a large city, was not affiliated with a university, and spent at least some of her time in coffeehouses reading obscure publications.

Until recently I always pictured her framed in a curl of cigarette smoke.

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She didn't have much money, but she always vacationed in Europe. It all has to do with matters of the mind. And yet even I, erstwhile backyard astronomer, erstwhile naturalist, continuing science buff, have all these years allowed myself to be taken in by the abduction scheme.

One compartment of my mind was awed and inspired by how much the human mind has been able to discover about the unimaginably small and the unimaginably faraway. Yet in another compartment an intellectual was still that person in the coffee bar, reading a long piece about the newest star among French philosophers, a piece written in German. To bad but that is the reality. Secondly he is a biker and in this city he would have a better chance if he was a Hells Angels member. The first major snowstorm every year people lose their mind if the bike lanes on Laurier are plowed before their street in Barhaven.

Those people will never vote for Mr.

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Leiper buses it out to Barrhaven to go to one of Ms. As chair of the planning committee it would be nice if Ms. Harder could hear directly from people of this ward about the effects of uncontrolled development and infill. It was not to be. I hope the next council can bridge the gap between the core wards and the ones outside the Greenbelt. There are a lot of common problems but I believe the mayor cultivates the animosity between the two because the numbers work for them. I really hope that Carol Anne wins because I see her as someone who can bring the two sides together, she is a great communicator, a free thinker and has a city-wide appeal.

The facts are that this city is facing greater and greater challenges and we need the best and brightest working for us and not just settle for the guy who already has the job.