How did alan and kirlian meet the fockers

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how did alan and kirlian meet the fockers

Everything That's Come Out About Alan Rickman Since He . Kirlian speaker Add content advisory for parents». Edit This FAQ is empty. Join The Healer's Healer Jeffrey Allen In This Program That Guides You Through The In fact, everyone has an aura, even though most people have no clue it exists. . You'll be able to use it to reach your highest potential, or even impact other . mine but that were imposed on me by parents, teachers, and even myself. Heralded as the funniest Hong Kong comedy of the early s, this was also The Kirlian Witness Bodyguard Ah Sun is sent to protect his boss' son, only to meet and fall in love Director: Allan Dwan . Add content advisory for parents» .

He had seen them supporting the Rezillos at Middlesbrough Rock Garden and was intrigued by their weirdness: It was not until me and Jeff joined that things really took off.

how did alan and kirlian meet the fockers

Mick Todd knew he needed to get some better musicians to play with and I guess me and Jeff fit the bill. Jeff was the sax player in Monitor. The band I was in that night had the terrible name of Original Sin. Not my idea by the way.

Introducing Duality by Jeffrey Allen

Indeed, I had got stuck playing the workies clubs as I had left my boring soul destroying job at British Steel earlier in the year with the mistaken belief that I could make a living playing music.

We were a mediocre, third division club band and I wanted out. I liked the lads in the band — we had a good laugh most of the time, but I think they all knew it was a matter of time before I jumped ship. When we arrived to set up our equipment — I was using a borrowed amp- the Barbarians were there, running through their sound check. There were no monitors of course — there would have been no room for them anyway.

He was very open and friendly and had a great benevolent sharing attitude. I liked him straight away. He had a way of hunching over his guitar, his face in concentration, his long lank hair obscuring his face from time to time. He had an insectoid, quirky stage presence. Standing at the bar later, I got talking to Jeff Fogarty. I thought Jeff was quite exotic, playing the saxophone. I knew no other sax players and he really stood out. He had a charisma about him. Suffice to say, we really hit it off.

I remember being really impressed with both the Barbarians and No Way. I remember talking to Dave Johns about the song. He was very obliging and seemed happy to talk about nerdy things like lyrics.

I was too scared to talk to Fran, their singer: Of course he turned out to be a pussy cat once you got to know him No Way came on to big cheers. They sounded bloody great: Their singer, Matey, was a great fitting front man — leaning over the mic stand, pint of lager in hand, off hand leery beery attitude- he was an instant local hero.

They had a great guitarist in Paul Gardner too: Oh, their rhythm section was great too by the way. They were simply a very good local band who maybe could have done something outside their immediate back yard. I remember standing there watching them, and watching the crowd going mad for them. It was the first time in my so far short life as a musician I felt a terrible feeling: It made me even more determined to get out of my club band.

Paul Gardner might be surprised if he reads this!

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Get out I did. Jeff actually joined the club band I was in briefly. I am not sure why he did this; he was more like a guest player on a couple of songs.

I think he was trying to look for an opportunity to get me out of the band. I could be mistaken of course, but looking back, that is my impression. I phoned Jeff regularly from the phone box up the road. He was very excited one day and told me I had to come and see him immediately as he had in his possession a cassette of a band that was looking for new members. It was Basssax remember, that was how it was spelt then I distinctly remember hearing that cassette. The quality was pretty bad, but there was something on it that sounded unique: But that was exactly what I liked about it.

I remember thinking that the singing was out of tune — but it had a strange charm, almost sounding oriental in its atonal between notes atmosphere. Plus the lyrics were strange and being from the Bowie school of pretentious art fops from Jupiter, I loved it.

It all happened very quickly. We thrashed around in a place called the Gables on Marton Road. I remember it was always freezing there and when we got a Calor gas heater in, it became more bearable. Nigel was a character — he fancied himself as the Eno of the band, which was cool by me. He was a very funny man and a practical joker. I remember once, when the band picked me up from my house in Easterside, he leapt out of the car and kissed me full on the lips in front of my mother.

He was like Iggy Pop — recklessly impulsive! I remember another time we were dancing at some new wave disco night in Middlesbrough. He was with a girl and every time he came into my view, he got his willy out and shook it for all to see. He was outrageous and there was never a dull moment in his company. Why was he ejected from the band in favour of John Hodgson?

I cannot actually remember the reason. I was still very hung up on glam rock of course. I got a guitar because of Marc Bolan. His spirit was never far away from me. Bowie and Roxy Music were the other two obsessions of mine.

I also liked Bill Nelson, his Red Noise album was impressive to me at the time. And we got two new members: Both had been drafted in from Blitzkreig Bop. I mean the original version on Mortonsound by the way. I remember the phone conversation with John Hodgson really well.

I think he did one last gig with the Bop and then he and Alan joined us. We were a band that was not self conscious about bringing in then unfashionable musical influences. John never hid the fact that he was a huge fan of Genesis. He was actually a prog rocker in punk disguise. I felt we were in tune with the musical zeitgeist, if only for about six months.

I wrote songs like I had two weeks to live. Jeff would vamp at the organ, I would direct chord changes, Jeff too putting his musical diversions. I wrote the music on the chorus. We shared lyrical duties — writing a line each.

John Hodgson came up with the great keyboard hook on it.

how did alan and kirlian meet the fockers

He was very handy like that, always embellishing the songs with hooky parts. Alan came up with the unusual drum beat —a kind of military shuffle. We were all mindful of trying to approach things a little bit differently. There had already been one released and we were to be on the second one, alongside tracks by the Thursdays and Joy Division.

We are sharing a record with Joy Division! We had by now, a full set of songs, we had a quickly evolving sense of who we were and we had a buzz about us, that even extended to some of the major record companies like Virgin, who I seem to remember were briefly interested in us. Joy Division led the way from thrashy punk to somewhere altogether more moody and atmospheric.

Suddenly, the mausoleum walls begin to shake, windows explode, and doors slam shut. Furniture is whipped around, and the cracks near Raymar's vault split open, revealing a reddish glow inside. Thinking this is the result of Julie being scared crazy, Carol and Kitty decide to get out of the mausoleum. When vaults begin to open, coffins to slide out, and the dead rise and surround them, Kitty and Carol get what's coming to them when they are overpowered by the mob of zombies.

how did alan and kirlian meet the fockers

Meanwhile, Steve has gone over to Julie's house and realizes that she is not home. He catches up with Leslie, who was ejected from Carol's car when she refused to accompany them to the mausoleum. Leslie reluctantly tells Steve about Julie's initiation, and Steve angrily heads over to stop it.

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At the same time, Olivia sneaks out of her house away from Allan and dashes over to the mausoleum after listening to the tape and learning about her father's powers and the possibility that she might also possess them.

Back at the mausoleum, Raymar has broken out of his coffin and is controlling the doors and cadavers with his psychic powers. Steve climbs in an open window and finds a hysterical Julie. Steve has just about convinced her that it was all a prank when they notice that they are surrounded by cadavers Steve tries to fight the cadavers, but they knock him out. Raymar pulls a dazed Julie closer to him just as Olivia arrives. Olivia tries out her psychic telekinsis powers on her father, but he is obviously stronger.

As a last ditch effort, Olivia takes her compact mirror from her purse and reflects the bolts of lightning from Raymar's eyes back on him. Raymar disintegrates, the cadavers crumble to the floor, and Julie and Steve are saved.

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