How did matthew the apostle meet jesus movie

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Matthew, the Evangelist who wrote the Gospel that appears first in the He wanted his audience to know that Jesus was the Messiah that God. Historical evidence of the Apostles is scarce, and some of it contradicts book was the film Life of Brian—that scene where Brian is running from the Paul and we know that James, the brother of Jesus, was a real person. the good news, as instructed by Jesus, handing on stories of his miracles, sayings, Luke is also thought to be the author of the Acts of the Apostles, a book which Unlike Matthew, Luke makes few references to Old Testament quotes and.

Jesus never gave Levi a nickname, but his fellow apostles commonly referred to him as the "money-getter. That he, a publican, had been taken in by Jesus and his apostles was the cause for overwhelming gratitude on the part of the former revenue collector. However, it required some little time for the rest of the apostles, especially Simon Zelotes and Judas Iscariot, to become reconciled to the publican's presence in their midst.

Matthew's weakness was his shortsighted and materialistic viewpoint of life. But in all these matters he made great progress as the months went by. He, of course, had to be absent from many of the most precious seasons of instruction as it was his duty to keep the treasury replenished. It was the Master's forgiving disposition which Matthew most appreciated.

He would never cease to recount that faith only was necessary in the business of finding God. He always liked to speak of the kingdom as "this business of finding God.

how did matthew the apostle meet jesus movie

He was one of the apostles who made extensive notes on the sayings of Jesus, and these notes were used as the basis of Isador's subsequent narrative of the sayings and doings of Jesus, which has become known as the Gospel according to Matthew.

The great and useful life of Matthew, the business man and customs collector of Capernaum, has been the means of leading thousands upon thousands of other business men, public officials, and politicians, down through the subsequent ages, also to hear that engaging voice of the Master saying, "Follow me. The presence of Matthew among the twelve was the means of keeping the doors of the kingdom wide open to hosts of downhearted and outcast souls who had regarded themselves as long since without the bounds of religious consolation.

Fragments of these gospels survive in quotations by JeromeEpiphanius and others. Most academic study follows the distinction of Gospel of the Nazarenes 26 fragmentsGospel of the Ebionites 7 fragmentsand Gospel of the Hebrews 7 fragments found in Schneemelcher 's New Testament Apocrypha. Critical commentators generally regard these texts as having been composed in Greek and related to Greek Matthew. The Infancy Gospel of Matthew is a 7th-century compilation of three other texts: Origen said the first Gospel was written by Matthew.

The Hebrew original was kept at the Library of Caesarea. The Nazarene Community transcribed a copy for Jerome [21] which he used in his work.

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Matthew doesn't make his affiliation a secret. In fact, he tells the story of being called by Jesus: Both Mark and Luke tell a similar story about a tax collector named Levi Mark 2: This is why it's widely believed that Levi was another name that Matthew went by. Matthew throws a party From this follow-up story, we can see why it's so important to Matthew to make his readers aware of his background: When the Pharisees saw this, they asked his disciples, 'Why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners?

how did matthew the apostle meet jesus movie

But go and learn what this means: Matthew was one of those undesirables who needed Jesus, and he didn't want anyone to forget it. James, son of Alphaeus Of all the apostles, James is one of the most obscure.

We don't have a lot of information about him. He is known as the son of Alphaeus. We also know that Matthew's father was named Alphaeus as well Mark 2: The likelihood that they're brothers is pretty slim, however.

When Matthew lists the apostles, he identifies the siblings. But he doesn't say that he and James are brothers. It's likely that he was younger or even smaller than the son of Zebedee. Thaddeus Of all the disciples, Thaddeus can be the most confusing.

Many of the apostles are known by multiple names, but it gets pretty complicated when it comes to this disciple. Luke calls him Judas, but he wants to be sure we don't confuse him with the more notorious disciple: John's Gospel also calls him Judas: Simon the Zealot We don't have a lot of information about Simon. It's interesting that he's differentiated from Simon Peter with the nickname "the zealot.

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It's hard to believe that someone could outdo Peter in zeal. Scholars still debate what the Gospel writers meant by calling Simon a zealot. It could be that he was a member of the radical, nationalistic, Roman-hating Zealot party. If that's the case, it's interesting that Jesus would have pulled him into the same circle of disciples that included a tax collector Matthew.

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That would have made for some tense fireside discussions. But it's entirely possible that Simon earned this nickname as an extremely fervent disciple.

Either way, this descriptor is one of the few hints we have about this disciple's personality. Judas Iscariot There might not be a more infamous character in Scripture—and rightly so. Judas betrays Jesus to the authorities for a mere thirty pieces of silver. While the Gospels don't give us a lot of stories about Judas, they do provide little glimpses into his character. Here are a few details we know about Judas: He didn't care about the poor—and he was a thief.

When he complains about Mary's waste of expensive perfume that she used to anoint Jesus' feet, John tells us: He was Jesus' treasurer. John goes on to tell us, "as keeper of the money bag, he used to help himself to what was put into it" John When he goes to the chief priests to betray Jesus, he asks them, "What are you willing to give me if I deliver him over to you?

After Satan tempts Jesus in the wilderness, we're told that he withdrew from Jesus until an opportune time Luke 4: Judas provided that opportunity. He betrayed Jesus with an act of friendship. It's bad enough to betray your Lord, but Judas took it to another level. Judas tipped the authorities off by greeting Jesus with a kiss Luke Once Jesus is arrested and it's evident that He's going to be killed, Judas feels incredibly guilty.

He tries to give the money back to the chief priests, but in a strange case of false piety, they refuse it as "blood money.

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And in his depressed state, Judas hangs himself Matthew Don't forget Matthias, Paul, Barnabas! After Jesus' resurrection, the disciples met in Jerusalem and nominated two possible replacements for Judas. One was Joseph Barsabbasand the other was Matthias. They drew lots for the two and the lot fell to Matthias, making him the new twelfth apostle Acts 1: But that's all we know about this apostle.

Even though they were never disciples, Paul and Barnabas are both considered apostles, too Acts The word apostle means "one who is sent. The disciples changed the world Because of their exposure to Jesus, these men spread the gospel all over the world. Out of all of them, only John was not put to death for his faith. It's incredibly inspiring that these guys were able to do so much under seemingly impossible odds—and the church continues their work today.