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is flirt website legitimate

Should you believe the people that say is a scam? Or those that say it's legit? We tested out the site. Here are our results and final rating for the site. I signed up to last week after getting a number of email contacts from girls in my neighborhood. A week later and they now have. Flirt seems to be ok, nothing to be too crazy about but no scam. This site is pathetic plus they screwed up my gender so I had to wait a day for that to be fixed .

I experimented again and texted almost every woman in my area almost Now I knew something was up. I had a female friend sign up and tried sending her messages. She didn't get any of them. When I called their customer service they initially said it was an issue they had with my account and were trying to fix it.

is flirt website legitimate

When I phoned again the Car tried to blame the way I worded my profile or that I had not uploaded enough pictures for women to take interest, which had nothing to do with my initial compaint about confirming why I wasn't getting read receipts.

I set up a phone recording app on my cell and called Flirt again, this time I insisted to speak to a manager. He did in fact talk to me and started feeding me the same bs about my profile not being adequate.

Scam Analysis of (REVIEW)

I told him I had a female friend who was not getting my messages and that I suspected them throttling my ability to contact women and that the overwhelming majority are boys. He kept reading from his script.


I finally said I wanted a full refund. He initially refused until I said I had recorded the conversation and would turn the recording over to the police fraud division and news media.

is flirt website legitimate

I got my refund for every cent. It's nothing but a scam. Do not use this site. It's a rip off and you'll waste your time.

Flirt Local Review - Is Legit or Worthless?

On the front page of the site there is, of course, a parade of profiles. They feature photos of beautiful women in cleavage-baring selfies. There are no pictures of women hiking up a mountain, or posing with their bestie in their graduation gown.

None of this is unusual, we have tested out and reviewed a huge number of sites for our annual review of the best cougar dating sites so we have been around the block. Suddenly, I saw the other side of Localflirt. There are highly explicit photos for nearly every profile. All of the photos are just meant to grab your attention and rope you into a scam run by an overseas company.

is flirt website legitimate

I did some investigation into the site and the company that runs it, so you can read all about the nitty-gritty here without visiting the scammy site yourself. Our Review of FlirtLocal These are the most important things we discovered: Flirt Local is All About the Money!

is flirt website legitimate

All you need is an email address, a date of birth, and a hand to navigate your cursor. I tried to write back: This is where I hit their paywall. Of course, they wait until you are ready to chat with a hot, half-naked woman before they say anything about payment. That seems to be the sites whole strategy, throw in some bait, and wait from the fish to bite.

Once they have you roped into a chat, they ask for your credit card info. The messages I got seemed to all be from fake profiles. Why do they seem fake? Yes, this dating site has a question about your favorite position. We have tried a ton of dating sites in preparation for our compilation review of the top sites to meet older women and this is a first for us. Secondly, the messages are boiler plate.

is flirt website legitimate

But a quick search for profiles in an urban area yields dozens of pages of results again, the actual number of results is not listed. I assume most of them are bots, but there must be at least one or two real profiles mixed in there.