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Directed by Jackie Chan. With Jackie Chan, Carol 'Do Do' Cheng, Eva Cobo, Shôko Ikeda. Jackie is hired to help the UN find Nazi gold hidden in Sahara. Rush Hour is a martial arts/buddy cop film starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker Original film poster Carter meets Lee at the Los Angeles International Airport and then proceeds . Fight (Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker) (For the fight against the Chinese gang); Nomination: Best Movie Song (Jay-Z) (For Can I get a . With Jackie Chan, Show Lo, Na-Na OuYang, Erica Xia-Hou. A Special Forces Agent is assigned to protect a scientist and his creation from a sinister gang.

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Uncle Hoi Wu Mathe boss' right-hand man, helps Kuo adjust to being the boss. In a fight to test his toughness, Kuo wins the gang's respect, with the exception of Fei. Kuo reluctantly accept being a gangster boss and tries to find a different way to legitimately make a living for himself and his gang.

When singer Yang Luming Anita Mui comes to him with money to pay off a debt the previous boss had loaned to her dad, Uncle Hoi comes up with the idea to open a nightclub.

At the opening of the nightclub, rival boss Tiger comes to enjoy the nightclub, being introduced to Kuo. Before the music starts, the police and Inspector Ho Richard Ng interrupts the show. In Kuo's office, Ho privately tells him his plan to bring both gangs to jail.

Ho leaves Kuo with Uncle Hoi, who tells Kuo everyone know what they talked about since it the same lines Ho always uses.

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Before a meeting with Tiger, Kuo goes to buy his usual rose from Madame Kao, but she is not at her post. Because of this, he is caught up at a fight in a restaurant. The fight ends when Tiger stops a fan from falling on Kuo, who dives out of his way to grab a rose.

About to be taken for ransom by Tiger, he is saved again by Inspector Ho. Afterwards, Kuo searches for Madame Kao, and finds her terribly upset over a letter she has just received. The letter is from her daughter, Belle Gloria Yipa student in Shanghai whom Madame Kao has been supporting, all the time while concealing her sufferings and leading her to believe that she is a rich society woman in Hong Kong.

She now comes to visit, bringing her wealthy fiance and his father, but Madame Kao is afraid that her poverty will bring disgrace to her daughter. Through Luming's persuasion, Kuo offers to help, buying Madame Kao expensive new clothes and arranging a lavish party for her, to which he invites some of his disreputable friends, including Tung as her husband that he almost didn't rememberon the condition that they impersonate the local dignitaries. Also Kuo accidentally agrees to the wedding in which he later on decides to get the gangs to act as rich dignitaries with mixed results.

Most importantly, his gang ties up photographers and business people, fearing that they might reveal Kao's sad true nature.

jackie chan meet the original gangster wiki

He also reveals that the priceless pieces that are apart of the exhibition were once part of his collection and he intends to get them back. During the stand-off, however, Carter manages to sneak out and locate Soo-Yung. Carter then drives the van into the building and brings the bomb vest within range to kill Griffin and his men inside the exhibition.

After a gunfight breaks out, Lee and Johnson climb into the back of the van and Johnson manages to defuse the bomb and rescue Soo-Yung, but tells Lee that the vest still can be set off with the remote and needs to get rid of it.

Lee then takes the vest and pursues Griffin. Meanwhile, Griffin goes up to the upstairs control room and shoots the agents up there, including Russ and takes a briefcase that is full of money. A few moments later, Sang also goes into the control room and starts putting money into another briefcase. Then Russ, who was not killed by Griffin, groans, and Sang turns his gun on him. Just as he is about to shoot Russ, he is interrupted by Carter, who tells him that he is alone.

Sang then challenges Carter to 'fight like a man'. Carter agrees, but as both men put their guns down, both bring out their alternative guns, and Carter shoots Sang dead in the process.

jackie chan meet the original gangster wiki

Meanwhile, Griffin attempts to escape with the ransom money, and Lee pursues him up several sets of maintenance ladders. During the pursuit, both men fall over the rail with Lee holding onto a rafter and Griffin holding onto the bomb vest, which Lee is now wearing.

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The money falls out of the case that Griffin was holding. The bomb vest then rips apart, sending Griffin falling to his death into a fountain below, Lee then loses his grip and falls from the rafters, but Carter is able to rescue Lee by placing a large flag under him to catch him.

Han and Soo-Yung are reunited. Han sends Carter and Lee on vacation together to Hong Kong. Carter refuses, rudely telling them where he thinks they can take the badge, and that he will always be loyal to the LAPD.

On the plane, Carter shows off a couple of lines of Chinese to Lee who is very impressed, as he had no idea Carter spoke Chinese. When Carter asks about the flight, Lee tells him that it may take fifteen hours, causing Carter to become surprised, and then he immediately requests a new seat as soon as Lee starts singing War. While it gained positive reviews from critics, some people criticized the movie for being a rip-off of Lethal Weapon while some noted that Jackie Chan's performance was nowhere near as lively as his previous roles in Hong Kong movies, Chan enjoyed total creative freedom and was typically given limited creativity in Hollywood productions and that his stunts were no longer death-defying or impressive.

Chan's moves were rather more based upon sliding through vehicles on the road, blocking an enemy's grab for a gun, snatching a gun away from an enemy or simply knocking out the enemy with punches to the face or stomach.

Many critics praised Chris Tucker for his comical acts in the film and how he and Chan formed an effective comic duo. A sequel Rush Hour 2was made in