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joel beeke meet the puritans blog

Check out the new 'Meet the Puritans' website on social media and blog, being run by Danny Hyde on behalf of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. December 7, By Joel Beeke Leave a Comment I am delighted to announce that the first full video trailer for the Puritan Documentary is now online. Also this year, Joel Beeke began an important series on the doctrine of the Guest blogger, Brian Hedges, introduced us to his new book.

Definition of Puritanism Just who were the Puritan writers? Puritanism grew out of three needs: Doctrinally, Puritanism was a kind of vigorous Calvinism; experientially, it was warm and contagious; evangelistically, it was aggressive, yet tender; ecclesiastically, it was theocentric and worshipful; politically, it aimed to be scriptural, balanced, and bound by conscience before God in the relationships of king, Parliament, and subjects; culturally, it had lasting impact throughout succeeding generations and centuries until today Durston and Eales, eds.

Puritan writings help shape life by Scripture. The Puritans loved, lived, and breathed Holy Scripture. They relished the power of the Spirit that accompanied the Word. Their books are all Word-centered; more than 90 percent of their writings are repackaged sermons that are rich with scriptural exposition.

joel beeke meet the puritans blog

If you read the Puritans regularly, their Bible-centeredness will become contagious. Puritan writings show how to integrate biblical doctrine into daily life. First, they address your mind. In keeping with the Reformed tradition, the Puritans refused to set mind and heart against each other, but viewed the mind as the palace of faith. The Puritans understood that a mindless Christianity fosters a spineless Christianity. Puritan literature is a great help for understanding the vital connection between what we believe with our minds and how that affects the way we live.

Second, Puritan writings confront your conscience. The Puritans are masters at convicting us about the heinous nature of our sin against an infinite God. They excel at exposing specific sins, then asking questions to press home conviction of those sins. We grow little if our consciences are not pricked daily and directed to Christ. In this, the Puritans excel. Third, the Puritan writers engage your heart. They excel in feeding the mind with solid biblical substance and they move the heart with affectionate warmth.

Meet the Puritans: Top 10 from 2018

For books that beautifully balance objective truth and subjective experience in Christianity; books that combine, as J.

Puritan writings show how to exalt Christ and see His beauty. The Puritan Thomas Adams wrote: O what a fair and excellent thing would that be? Puritan writings reveal the Trinitarian character of theology. The Puritans were driven by a deep sense of the infinite glory of a Triune God. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Puritan writings show you how to handle trials. Reformed Christianity was under attack in Great Britain, much like Reformed Christianity is under attack today.

The Puritans were good soldiers in the conflict, enduring great hardships and suffering much. Their lives and their writings stand ready to arm us for our battles, and to encourage us in our suffering. The Puritans teach us how we need affliction to humble us Deut.

joel beeke meet the puritans blog

Puritan writings explain true spirituality. The Puritans stress the spirituality of the law, spiritual warfare against indwelling sin, the childlike fear of God, the wonder of grace, the art of meditation, the dreadfulness of hell, and the glories of heaven. Read the Puritans devotionally, and then pray to be like them. Ask questions such as: Am I, like the Puritans, thirsting to glorify the Triune God?

Meet the Puritans, where the dead still speak (Heb. 11:4)

Am I motivated by biblical truth and biblical fire? Do I share their view of the vital necessity of conversion and of being clothed with the righteousness of Christ? Puritan writings show how to live by wholistic faith. Their own daily lives integrated Christian truth with covenant vision; they knew no dichotomy between the sacred and the secular. They lived covenant theology, covenanting themselves, their families, their churches, and their nations to God.

Yet they did not fall into the error of hyper-covenantalism, in which the covenant of grace becomes a substitute for personal conversion.

They promoted a comprehensive worldview, a total Christian philosophy, a holistic approach of bringing the whole gospel to bear on all of life, striving to bring every action in conformity with Christ, so that believers would mature and grow in faith. The Puritans wrote on practical subjects such as how to pray, how to develop genuine piety, how to conduct family worship, and how to raise children for Christ. Please pray that God will give us the strength for this task and mightily bless these efforts.

Why You Should Read the Puritans by Joel Beeke – Del Ray Baptist Church

December 6, By Joel Beeke Leave a Comment With Geoff and Barbara Thomas For an overview of ministry trips this fall, including pictures of friends old and new, you can download the pastoral newsletter here. I am thankful to join Dr. Kent Hughes, and Dr. October 5, By Joel Beeke I am delighted to announce that the first full video trailer for the Puritan Documentary is now online.

joel beeke meet the puritans blog

The documentary will consist of a full length video minutes and 34 shorter teaching videos about specific Puritans theologians and doctrines. To watch the trailer and learn more about the documentary and how to pre-order it, go to https: This was my theme as I was privileged to deliver the commencement address at Reformation Bible College. You can watch the 35 minute address on the video below. Those who know me know that Reformed experiential preaching is a subject very near and dear to my heart.

For an interview that Fred Zaspel did with me recently on this subject, click here.

6. The Puritan Worldview Dr Joel Beeke PRTS Conference 2016

It does not seem like many months have passed since the inaugural planning meeting for this project in the Dominican Republic. Today is the direct fruit of that meeting, and for that much thanks is due to God.