Justin bieber meet and greet tickets 2012 oakland

8 Things I Learned at Justin Bieber's Oracle Arena Concert (Before I Got Kicked Out) | Arts & Music

justin bieber meet and greet tickets 2012 oakland

I got kicked out of the Justin Bieber concert on Saturday, guys. In fairness, it wasn' t Oakland, Berkeley, And East Bay News, Events, Restaurants, Music, & Arts Times & Tickets · Movie Theaters · Story Archives Wednesday, October 10, This kid truly never met a mixed metaphor he didn't like. 4. Justin Bieber fans paid $ for meet & greet tickets but got a for a VIP ticket to The Biebs' Purpose tour dates reportedly couldn't get a. LAS VEGAS, NV - MAY Singer Justin Bieber arrives at the Billboard Music Bieber announced Wednesday he is bringing his Believe Tour to Northern Madonna tickets are $$ via guiadeayuntamientos.info

I'm talking confetti, multiple lasers, spotlights sweeping the room, billowing smoke that a security guard told me was "the most he'd ever seen" at Oracle, fireworks shooting twenty feet high, approximately one million multicolored LED lights blinking and twinkling from practically every surface, and all manner of handheld flashlights, glowsticks, and the like.

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In his review of the show, Peter Hartlaub of the Chron reveals that the lighting was done by the same guy who does Phish's which makes total senseand aptly describes the experience as being inside a pinball machine. I hereby describe it as being inside hell. And all that's not even including what was happening on the actual stage — which, suffice it to say, was a lot.

justin bieber meet and greet tickets 2012 oakland

The main set piece was a massive, vaguely steampunk-esque pod thingy ; during the first song, it was joined by a fleet of be-space-suited dancers, though from there, it only got bigger and weirder: Hartlaub reports "parkour and karate"; for my part, I think my favorites were the massive projections of fish and the pair of backup singers dressed as what I'm assuming were angels.

This kid truly never met a mixed metaphor he didn't like. Everything you've heard about Bieber's transition from baby-faced pop singer to bona-fide crossover star is absolutely true.

justin bieber meet and greet tickets 2012 oakland

He's in a tough spot, to be sure: Most of his Beliebers came during the earlier, bubblegummier days — and, by the looks of it on Saturday, they're still primarily the ones paying the bills, or at least their parents are. He managed it pretty well on Saturday, though, following up an early a capella medley of ballads with one of his newer, slicker, more sophisticated tracks, and generally balancing out all the treacle with edgier arrangements and a smooth-bordering-on-sexy stage show i.

BTW here is how Justin Bieber makes an entrance: Bieber's definitely a big Michael Jackson fan: The wings were straight MJ, of course, and he even did a little moonwalk at one point. All the music played between sets was Jackson, too, which was awesome until I overheard a woman have to explain to her daughter who Michael Jackson was. Have you heard that people tend to have very strongly positive feelings toward Justin Bieber?

It's almost like a virus — a fever, even.

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At one point before his set, a bunch of medics rushed backstage for some reason, which caused a large swath of the people seated close enough to see this to immediately start weeping en masse for fear that Justin was hurt. His performances of "Out of Town Girl" and " Beauty and a Beat " were interrupted as the singer vomited on and off stage.

justin bieber meet and greet tickets 2012 oakland

After the show, Bieber tweeted his personal laptop and camera were stolen during the show. Three days following the show, Vevo premiered the video for the singer's third single with an opening message: The following footage was illegally uploaded by an anonymous blogger.

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However, the singer's management still affirm property was stolen. Bieber explained, "It's going to be such a memorable moment from any tour.

I think people will remember that. Coming down right from the beginning of the show, it's me and the wings for about 30 seconds. It's such a big moment.

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People are just captivated and there's nothing else going on, so that moment is going to bleed into their memory. Bieber, a native of Stratford, OntarioCanada, provided a show that made the cavernous arena seem intimate.

justin bieber meet and greet tickets 2012 oakland

Massive amounts of lasers sliced through the 15,seat venue, breaking Jobing.