Kiha and the faces lets meet now

Korean Singer-Songwriters: Kiha & the Faces - Let's meet now

kiha and the faces lets meet now

May 10, Kiha & the Faces is an indie band formed in Kiha Jang(Vocalist, percussion, composer) turned Korean indie scene as soon as he debut. Let's Meet Now (우리 지금 만나) (feat. Chang Kiha and The Faces 장기하와 얼굴 들) Lyrics BY Leessang ALBUM Hexagonal. Oct 10, Indie Rock debut with 싸구려 커피 Cheap Coffee Known for: Kiha's 'talking' singing, Yang Pyung Featured on LeeSSang's Let's Meet Now.

kiha and the faces lets meet now

Ты пробрался в мой кабинет. - Нет. Я сделал это, не выходя из Третьего узла.

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