Laylow meet me at the top video download

laylow meet me at the top video

laylow meet me at the top video download

We sit down with musician Lay Low who is releas- ing the follow up to 11 8+8= 8. Designers meet manufacturers in Hafnarfjörður .. to make and serve top- notch slices of pizza at prices that I swear, Pizza King, if you serve me one more slice . The video is download their newest single Party Lin-. Tooxclusive | Download Nigerian Songs & Videos Replay- Meet Me At The Top – LayLow Feat. M.I and Abasa Asake Video + Audio. In short, I expected to see or hear nothing new from him, unless we were to meet socially. The norovirus struck the Ross household, and me, my wife and my of his greatest collaborators, Tony Visconti, available for download right now. So to burst back with a single, a video, the promise of an album.

I reason a lot, I think about what people have said, what is going on and it just sort of grows into this. I got inspired by Nigerian boys who are good. Also, in the University, there were a lot of freestyle battles and for some funny reason, I never lost. Tell me about your University days. How did you combine your studies with developing your talent as a rap artiste? University was cool for me. I just kept a low profile with a lot of stuff I did.

laylow meet me at the top video download

Nurturing my talent and studying as well was kinda easy for me because all I ever did was listen in class. Everybody just knew that I was going to do music somehow somehere but I wanted a degree as well.

How has the journey been for you so far? Describe it in a few words. Do you have any regrets, anything you wish you had done differently and wish you could change? Everything works together for the good of those that love God, so they say. Tell me, why does it seem like you are everywhere?

The collaboration part was to prove that I could do good repeatedly over different genres of music. That part where I would get on a juju track and do good, get on a street song, on a love song and still do good.

Most importantly, people appreciated my voice and my skill on their music, and a lot of times I got paid for that. Your kind of rap has been linked to the American rapper, Jay-Z more than a few times.

Lots of people say you sound like him. How does that make you feel?


There must be somebody you also sound like, it could be your Mom, could be your sister. Does that make my elder brother me?

While doing some research on you, I came across some allegations that you took some jabs at famous artistes like Dbanj, Timaya, Terry G, Durella on some of your tracks. You know there is the real information and the perceived information.

laylow meet me at the top video download

Most of the people who wrote that were going with perceived information. I am cool with Dbanj, I have a song with Timaya. If I laid reference to them, the question is what way did I lay the reference not in what way did they perceive the reference laid.

It was not me taking jabs at them, it was just me making music. Some bloggers and fans took it out of context. For artistes who are upcoming, they know the value of having the type of opportunity I have. What has been the most fulfilling point of your music career since you started out? The Man Behind the Music Tell me more about the person behind the music. Who is Olanrewaju Ogunmefun? Lanre is a regular guy but not the average guy.

I want to believe my thought patterns are not the same in any way if compared to what you women call the average Nigerian man. I am a very opinionated person. I believe life is too simple to be as complex as people make it.

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Where did you grow up and what are your fondest childhood memories? I had all the greatest fun. My elder brother was always trying to keep me away from trouble. It was just fun. If I take a look inside your wallet, what would I find?

Have you ever lost your wallet before and you felt like drying? By the way, drying is a mixture of dying and crying.

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Share via Email David Bowie's radio silence for 10 years has put him ahead of and above the pack. Back when I hosted my Saturday morning show on Radio 2 for nearly 11 yearsI ensured we played a track from the Great One every single week — every single week bar one, when Andy, the chap I worked with, forgot to play it. It was the closest we ever came to falling out. A few months later we tried to remedy this shameful blot on our record by playing every track from Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars in order, without really drawing attention to it throughout one programme.

Things have been pretty quiet on the Bowie front for a long time now. After he last toured with his album Reality inhe walked away from performing and recording. He had suffered a few health setbacks but also seemed, quite rightly, to be enjoying life on his own terms, as a husband and father to a young child. It seemed to most of us that he had done with being a rock star.

I chatted about this with another legendary music genius one night a professionally miserable Mancunian of about the same age … you can guess. He thought it might be Bowie had figured he would never feel quite as relevant as he used to, never feel like he was at the centre of the cultural hurricane, so had maybe decided to cut his losses and ride off enigmatically into the sunset.

I tried to take solace in the fact that he appeared to have managed to escape more or less intact from showbusiness. In short, I expected to see or hear nothing new from him, unless we were to meet socially.

laylow meet me at the top video download

Until Tuesday morning of course. I hadn't had the best of nights.


The norovirus struck the Ross household, and me, my wife and my poor daughter — already worried about waking up to face the first of her mock GCSEs — had all come down with it. None of us had managed much sleep. Indeed, I had spent most of the night firing murky liquids from my body.

laylow meet me at the top video download

So I was not quite certain I wasn't held in some ghastly fever dream when I noticed two emails had arrived on my phone.

One was from Julian, who runs the Outside Group, Bowie's management company the other from Duncan Jones, the great man's son, with whom I'd been in touch on and off over the last few years regarding not his genius father but his own remarkable talent, having co-written and directed two of the best and most sophisticated science fiction thrillers of recent years, Moon and Source Code.

My first panic-filled thought was that the worse had happened … I felt even sicker than when I had been hunched kneeling in front of the toilet bowl an hour before and almost didn't open the mails.

Duncan's began so cheerily "Hi Gang …" that I felt immediately calmed. David Bowie had recorded a new album.