Little witch academia the enchanted parade ending relationship

The original Little Witch Academia short is traditional, yet satisfying – Scoop's Animation Corner

little witch academia the enchanted parade ending relationship

Akko and Sucy's friendship is tested in The Enchanted Parade after Sucy In the end of the episode, Akko makes Constanze smile for the first time in the series. Little Witch Academia, a Netflix series about a witches' academy called and The Enchanted Parade, and a episode TV show, also called Little Witch Academia. It depicts the relationship between Luna Nova and the nearby town as By the end, all of the elements that make the series great come. Little Witch Academia is a Japanese anime franchise created by Yoh Yoshinari and produced A second short film partially funded through Kickstarter, Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade, was released on October 9, . As Akko's ambitions for the parade grow, however, she ends up arguing with her .

little witch academia the enchanted parade ending relationship

So please keep on teaching me how to use magic, just like you always have! Akko greatly appreciates this, especially since most of the Luna Nova faculty is very scornful of Akko.

And unlike the other faculty, she never seems to be irritated by Akko and is willing to help her pupil fix situations.

little witch academia the enchanted parade ending relationship

Ursula sees a lot of her younger self in Akko; she admires Akko's confidence and selflessness and sees great potential in her. During "Orange Submariner" when Professor Finnelan stated that Akko was a failure, Ursula furiously rebutted and exclaimed at how ignorant Finnelan's remark was. Occasionally, she has quick lapses of inner self-reflection whenever Akko talks about Shiny Chariot. Akko does not realize that Ursula is Shiny Chariot, however.

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She taught Akko that people don't get what they want but what they had put effort through their experiences, a teaching that she gained from her own mentor. Also unknown to her, Ursula was entrusted by Woodward to make sure that Akko will fully awaken the rest of the Seven Words of Arcturus in order to break the seal of Grand Triskellion.

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  • The original Little Witch Academia short is traditional, yet satisfying

Ultimately, Akko is highly fond of her as a tutor, and in Chamber of Time she even describes Ursula as "like a second mom" to her. The biggest instance of the close relationship between Ursula and Akko is shown in " Episode 21 ", where Akko became frustrated with her quest for the Words and Grand Triskellion, that led Croix to trick her into climbing Wagandea tree in hopes of using the tree's pollen to strip her of her magical abilities.

Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade (2015) FILM REVIEW

By this point, Akko was pushed to the breaking point that she ignored Ursula's warning about the pollen, expressing her distrust over what Croix had told her, only to be shocked that Ursula flies through a cloud of toxic pollen to save her from its effects, injuring herself and ultimately losing her ability to fly. Bad Export for You: The video game Chamber of Time was only released on digital storefront outside of Japan.

little witch academia the enchanted parade ending relationship

This also means that all the bells and whistles that came packaged with the Japanese special edition such as a bonus Drama CD will remain Japan-exclusive. Professor Ursula is voiced by Noriko Hidakawho also voiced a certain female from Gunbuster who often struggled with her own skills and worked hard to achieve them.

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Woodward, one of the Nine Old Witches who appears in episode 11, is voiced by veteran voice actress and singer Mitsuko Horie. Diana's narcissism in episode 10 is a reminder that her voice actress also has been narcissistic before.

Amanda's English VA Marianne Miller already voiced the three witches named Magna, Qoo, and Popo in Tweeny Witchesanother anime where an ordinary Japanese girl ventures into the witches' world with the two native witches. A downplayed example of this happens with the Chilean Spanish dub: Due of the harsh criticism that dub had because of the less-than-stellar performance of many of the voice cast, along with the bad translation of both the TV series and the films, it's very possible that LWA along with Glitter Force despite Netflix had no word on the dub of the latter, since it was handled by Saban instead and dubbed in the States in Miami instead will be the last anime series being dubbed in Chile by DINT Doblajes Internacionales for Netflix.


It took until to had another non-Mexican anime dub for Netflix, in this case it was Flavors Of Youthwhen it was dubbed in Argentina instead, along with Juushinki Pandora. This is especially strange in this particular case, since DINT already did excellent dubs, both from anime series and other genres, including especially enough, Avatar: The Last Airbender and its sequelboth having pretty good voice acting.

Directed by Cast Member: Technically speaking, "OVA" is not the accurate term for the shorts, as both of them initially premiered in theaters before being released to the internet; neither of them were Direct-to-Video works.