Meaning of the phrase making ends meet song

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meaning of the phrase making ends meet song

Choose the idiom and click on it to go directly to the explanation and face value , fast buck, feel like a million dollars/bucks, flat broke, foot the bill, for a song, make a bundle, make a killing, make a living, make ends meet, make money hand. Someone Saved My Life Tonight by Elton John song meaning, lyric with the mundane areas of life, the everyday struggles to make ends meet. "Paying your H.P. demands forever" means paying for this "convenience" on a weekly basis. > >. make (both) ends meet means: to earn money which is only enough to cover your expenses | Sara gets a descent salary, bust she has to be careful about extra.

Or to put it another way, the main business of songwriters is to try and capture the lightning of emotional states in a musical bottle and thankfully, that sort of thing doesn't require much in the way of explanation.

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In fact, it is often better to hint or point in the right direction with a well-chosen "la la" or "na na" than it is to spend too long worrying about the right sort of poetic imagery. Here are 10 songs that learned this lesson well.

meaning of the phrase making ends meet song

It has always hidden its most lascivious impulses in knowing winks and coded language the term "rock 'n' roll" itself is, of course, a euphemism for sex. Arguably no other song encapsulates this better than Tutti Frutti - a track that Little Richard can rightly claim as a set text for 20th century pop.

10 great songs that got away with meaningless lyrics

The original lyric contained a fairly ripe, but relatively coded description of sex with a chorus beginning "Tutti frutti, good booty" that had been going down a storm in live performances. Cleaned up for recording purposes with the jive slang "aw rooty" which means "how lovely"the song manages to sound just as racy as ever, thanks in no small part to the explosive holler "A-wop-bop-a-loo-bop-a-wop-bam-boom!

While it's been interpreted in all sorts of ways, largely from the effect it had on listeners, that cry is actually a vocal approximation of a drum break, making Little Richard not just a rock 'n' roll pioneer, but one of the earliest beatboxers on record too. La La La by Naughty Boy ft. But of course music is another way to keep people out of your face, so as a nod to the modern world, Naughty Boy 's lyric has him putting in the earbuds and "turning up the volume" to block out any further interaction, while continuing to sing out loud.

So the childlike, wordless Bollywood refrain upon which the song is built exists not only to us, but also within the reality of the lyric. It has pathos and longing and angst and a fierce sense of lust, particularly in the verses. But what it lacks is a way of getting across just how doolally Lady Gaga 's passion has sent her. What she needs is a way of capturing the twin poles of despair and arrogance - a musical version of "I know this is a terrible idea but I'm damn well going to do it anyway" - created by this exceptional infatuation.

The words she chooses to do this with are perfect, starting with gibberish, stopping off at coquettish bluster and ending with a simple beckoning forefinger in her beau's direction: The narrative portion of the Crystals lyric is so direct as to appear bland, and relies entirely on its musical setting and the wordless refrain that surrounds it.

Between the two lies the knowing refrain "da doo ron ron ron, da do ron ron", a very neat musical way of suggesting there's a gang of friends surrounding the narrator and they are squealing at her romantic revelations, both said and unsaid.

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This only intensifies as the chorus recaps the verse with a lyrical payoff that leaves everything to the imagination: It's there in the verses, which lament the passage of time with the vanity of youth: The accountant was cooking the books for over a year before he was caught. We went to a cut-rate furniture store to buy some new furniture for our apartment.

Recently the government has been making an effort to solve the problem of deadbeat dads who don't support their families. Used computers are a dime a dozen and have very little value. My friend was down and out for several years before he got a job and started making money. We went to the movie as a Dutch treat so it didn't cost me much money. The face value of the stamp was very low but in reality it was worth a lot of money.

The company tried to make a fast buck on the property but they actually lost a lot of money. Although I have been sick for a few weeks I feel like a million dollars today. I am flat broke and don't even have enough money to pay my rent. My sister is footing the bill for her daughter's education so she is making sure that she studies hard.

We bought the car for a song and will try and sell it for a higher price. I forked over a lot of money for the painting that is hanging on my wall. I would not want to have to do that man's job for love or money.

meaning of the phrase making ends meet song

My uncle started a company last year but it quickly went broke. The job was a gravy train and I made a lot of money when I was there. The waiter was greasing his palm at the restaurant until he was finally fired.

After receiving hand-outs from the government for many years they finally had to make money on their own. My friend has been living from hand to mouth since he lost his job.