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I went back to the brewery and defeated all the opponents. Now, the challenge being "Meet with Harold Ring at the old brewery in Boston. Councillor Nial Ring. Councillor Ray development plan will help meet the needs of those on .. Harold's Cross. ◇ Marino in particular for residents of apartments, These examples of the brewing and distillery's. Residents of Ring House posed for last year's annual report, putting a at the Center's annual meeting, which brings together over 1, healthcare.

I hope our townsmen will make no delay, but take this matter in hand promptly, and thus secure themselves, as much as possible, against any future ravages of the Fire Fiend. Brainerd Tribune, 13 Aprilp. ON Monday and Tuesday nights last some devil or devils incarnate, made almost successful attempts to burn the town. It was discovered after the fire was put out, that some empty kerosene barrels had been piled up into a corner between the warehouse and another small addition, and kerosene oil had been freely applied to the walls of the building.

Dry matter had been piled up against the rear of the building and kerosene oil plentifully applied thereto as well as to the end of the house. Assistance promptly came to Mr. Hoffman, who discovered it, and by a little good work the fire was subdued. We understand that the authorities have some suspicions as to who the parties are, who would engage in this fiendish work, and judging from the way we have heard an indignant people talk, those suspicions had better not approach anything like a certainty, for the sake of the neck or necks of those engaged in this fearful incendiary business.

It is presumed that plunder is the object, and a black-hearted villain he must be who would burn a town and probably a hundred people for what he could carry off in his arms of plunder. Brainerd Tribune, 25 Mayp. Nor would it be necessary to print anything regarding the matter for the information of anyone in this town or section of country.

Hence we give it. About half-past eleven on the night in question, the first alarm of fire was given, and in a short time two or three hundred citizens, including the Fire Company, had congregated at the fiery scene on Front street, to witness the destruction of the beautiful building owned by Mr.

Allen, and occupied by Wm. Schwartz, as a store, on the lower floor, and upstairs by W. Jones, adjoining the shoe store. The Fire Company, with a portion of the other citizens, went at once to work to save the splendid mammoth store building of Mr. Bly on the one side, and the fine Jewelry establishment of E. Strauss on the other, while others worked at carrying out goods from the stores with all the activity that they could bring to bear.

By the greatest work and most persistent energy the buildings of Messrs. Bly and Strauss were saved from destruction, though pretty badly scorched, and by well ordered activity a good share of Mr.

To be brief, the loss of Mr. Allen two thousand, we believe, on his building. None of the other sufferers were insured. It was a godsend that the night was still, scarcely a breath of air stirring, else with all the noble work that was done, the whole block would probably have been destroyed. Strauss also loses somewhat by the removal of his goods, and damage to his store building; probably two or three hundred dollars; while Mr.

Bly, too, loses something by damage. Altogether it was a sad fire, and were it not for the noble generosity and sympathy of our citizens, it would seem much worse. But God never allowed to live on this green earth a nobler set of people than those of which Brainerd is made up, and by their nobleness of heart disaster in our midst is shorn of half its miseries, and cements us together in harmony, and love of our fellow man, more and more.

Brainerd Tribune, 26 Decemberp. JONES, the accomplished tonsorial artist who was burned out with the rest of us, has put his chairs into the Metropolitan Hotel, where he may be found until he gets his new shop built. The professor is plucky, and will be encouraged by a liberal patronage as usual, and we hope will soon recover from his misfortune. I assure them their kindness will never be forgotten, and in the future, as in the past, I shall endeavor to prove worthy of their consideration.

CAMPBELL, one of the victims of the conflagration, has had his insurance fully adjusted, got liberal arrangements made with his creditors, and will rebuild on the old site at once, and resume business as soon as his building is completed. Campbell will be greeted with a liberal patronage from our good people, as soon as he gets started again, and will do so knowing that he enjoys the great sympathy and best wishes of our citizens.

Cloud, and a former citizen of Brainerd, spent a day or two in town this week. Allen was up looking after his interests—made very uninteresting for him, as well as the rest of us, by reason of the late fire.

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Allen sold the lot upon which his building stood, to Mr. Schwartz, for one thousand dollars. Schwartz will immediately rebuild on the site of his late disaster, and for the fourth time in three years will rise like a Phoenix from his ashes. SCHWARTZ has his old store building now moved from lower town to the scene of his late disaster by fire, and he is now putting on a big addition in the rear.

It will, when completed, be an ornament to Front Street, and a splendid business stand. Brainerd Tribune, 23 Januaryp.

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Things to do in Baltimore this week 6/25/18

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