Meet in the leaky

meet in the leaky

Dallas, TX. AUGUST 9 – 11, Get Dallas Tickets. BOSTON, MA. OCTOBER 11 – 13, Get Boston Tickets · About · Guests · Tickets · Travel. Harry and Remus are disturbed at the Leaky and have one heck of a meeting with a man they really didn't want to see This is AU and will. The Leaky Cauldron was a popular wizarding pub and inn located in London. It was the He also met Cornelius Fudge in a private room for the first time.

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Harry looked over and saw Tom looking at him and smiled as he headed towards the bar. I will take you up there myself and take your orders. Would you like to get your drinks before you go upstairs? I think you can just bring us three orders of the steak and kidney pie.

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That will save you having to come up only to come right back down with our orders. We need about twenty minutes before they are served though. Will that be alright, Harry?

Thank you so much for doing this. If you wait a minute, I will have your drinks for you and you can take them up with you. He got himself under control and smirked as the man who was his Headmaster walked over to him and Remus. I know that I told you that you needed to stay there. Now come along and let me take you back, my boy.

I told you that he would try to force me back there" Remus sighed. I'll get you the five galleons I owe you when we meet up with Griphook to see how his audit of your vaults are going.

Leaky Cauldron

Besides I have business with the Goblins. So, Headmaster, would you like to tell me just why in the bloody hell you never told me about my heritage? I really must insist that you go back to your aunt and uncle's.

You are only my Headmaster and have no right to tell me what I should do. I am perfectly fine staying here at the Leaky like I have been for the last week. Besides I have Remus here and he isn't going to let anything happen to me. However, since you are here maybe you can tell me why you sent my sworn Godfather to Azkaban without a trial? Also, could you tell me why you sent a man that you know is innocent to that shit hole since you are the one who cast the fidelus charm on the house that my parents and I were living in?

I don't know where you got your information, but I can assure you that it isn't the truth.

meet in the leaky

I wouldn't lie to you, Harry. You and I both know that you are lying, Dumbledore. After all, after I accepted my Head of House ring I was able to unseal my parents will. All of these people are Muggles, and all of them are wrong.

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Created some two centuries before the imposition of the International Statute of Secrecythe Leaky Cauldron was initially visible to Muggle eyes. It is the ideal spot to catch up with wizarding gossip if you happen to live a long way from the nearest magical neighbour. Tom, the innkeeper, greeted Hagrid there like an old friend. This made it seem that Hagrid was something of a regular. Harry mispronounced "Diagonally", and therefore travelled to Knockturn Alley instead.

After doing their shopping, Harry and the Weasleys departed through the Leaky Cauldron's fireplace to the Burrow. He also met Cornelius Fudge in a private room for the first time. With Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters moving in the open, many witches and wizards avoided public places as much as possible, including the Leaky Cauldron. When Harry Potter, Rubeus Hagrid, and the Weasley family passed through the Leaky Cauldron that summer on his way to Diagon Alley, they noticed that the bar was empty with the exception of Tom.

While passing through the Leaky Cauldron on the way to the bank, they noted that it was nearly empty. Movie Same is true for the movie more or less.

meet in the leaky

Fudge came for the same purpose in movie as well. I broke the law. Underage wizards can't use magic at home. The Ministry doesn't send people to Azkaban On the other hand, running away like that, given the state of things We have a killer on the loose.

Sirius Black, you mean? But what's he got to do with me?

meet in the leaky

And that's what matters. And tomorrow you'll be on your way back to Hogwarts. These are your new schoolbooks.