Meet me at the altar in your white dress

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meet me at the altar in your white dress

Meet me at the altar in your white dress We ain't getting no younger, we might as well do it feeling you all the while girl I must confess Girl let's. A lil white fence, just like this, babe. C'mon let's get married babe. Let's get married [Jagged Edge] Meet me at the alter. In your white dress (your white dress ). [J.D.] This here Is a remarkable So So Def Remix J.E. y'all Run-DMC to the beat y' all Meet me at the altar in your white dress We ain't getting no younger We.

That's right folks, me and my beautiful wife got married at the Secrets Maroma Beach, and it exceeded all expectations and more!! There is an option to use the 24 hour room service, which we used on several occasions to our advantage.

May I suggest the chicken or beef fajitas were nothing short of excellent! Each block of rooms in the hotel consists of a concierge. Our concierge 'Fabiola', was great in making us feel at ease during our stay.

The rooms in the hotels are more like suites, that cater for your needs as if you were in a James Bond film! The grounds of the hotel are created with much style and greenery. Also if your looking for wildlife, then its close to being on your door step, with lizards and coati's racoons in your presence!


Don't book any excursions with your travel group as prices will be sky high. Instead take a trip down to PDC to arrange cheaper prices in a number of tour shops.

meet me at the altar in your white dress

Back to the wedding now We had around 13 guests, which were all seated in and around the gazebo. The ceremony itself lasted for about 20 minutes, then photos of the husband and wife, followed by music form The Mariachi Band!

Let's Get Married (Remix) by JAGGED EDGE

If your English and reading this, then trust me that the band was a whole lot better than the doritos crisp advert! After the music, a 5 course meal followed in another lovely gazebo that was situated in between the beach and pool. The food was delicious, plus we had 3 hours of non-stop music. Well, that's exactly what Dave thought too, so he proposed. Speaking of epic romantic locations, this couple came prepared to get some great pictures with their "King and Queen" shirts in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico.

That's when this king decided to propose to his queen. She was so excited that she ran off screaming.

Let's Get Married (song)

Nikki and Dan were having a great night at the Ed Sheeran concert, but what Nikki didn't know was that Dan had a plan. When Sheeran started playing his hit "Thinking Out Loud", Dan got on one knee and popped the question. Suddenly the audience around them was way more interested in her answer then the show, which was "Yes! Then Backstreet Boys superfan and who among us isn't? Maria went to their show in Las Vegas with her boyfriend Dustin.

Little did she know that Dustin had been secretly talking with band member AJ.

meet me at the altar in your white dress

David Royael was visiting his girlfriend's kindergarten class for a fire safety lesson. Natalie Moy to try on his firefighter suit. As she tried on the fire gear she noticed that there was something in the glove.

She pulled out a ring box, he popped the question, and she said yes. Royael and the kindergarten students all celebrated the couple's engagement. While Tori was away he prepped their house for the ceremony and reception. Tori said yes to his proposal.