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meet me at the god hour

Often we have heard that this hour is known as the Devil's hour. Sometimes, it is also said that this witching hour is a time when all demons meet Praying to God . It was totally dark and I saw something was staring at me. When he saw me looking with a quizzical expression on my face, he held up his God commanded the priests to offer a morning and an evening at the board meeting and went out to find a copy of the Liturgy of the Hours. God Friended Me is an American comedy-drama series. It was ordered to series on May 11, During his first such request, he meets and befriends Cara (Beane), .. 48 Hours (since ); 60 Minutes (since ); CBSN: On Assignment.

With a word, He gave sight to a man who was born blind, and John witnessed it. With only a word, He called a dead man to life again, and John witnessed it. All these things were like pieces of an unsolved puzzle for John. John calls these things "signs" in his book. Signs are an occurrence, a meaningful occurrence that points to something greater, sort of like the ring on my finger points to something greater.

And when John saw Jesus raised from the dead, all the pieces came together for him. This Jesus isn't just some other guy. He is the eternal Word of God in the flesh. He is the darkness dispelling sin, forgiving, eternal life- sharing Word of the Father who's come to be our Brother. Now listen to the opening lines of John's book: He was in the beginning, turned toward God.

Through Him all things came to pass, and nothing has come to pass without Him, and what has come to pass in Him is life, and this life was the light of humankind. The light is shining in the darkness, and the darkness has not put it out. His name was John. He came as a witness to testify about that Light so that all people would believe through him. He himself was not the Light. He only came as a witness to the Light, the true Light.

The Light who gives light to all people was coming into the world, and though the world came to pass through Him, the world did not recognize Him. He came to His own, but His own did not accept Him. But to those who received Him, to those who trusted in His Name, He gave them the authority to become children of God. Children born, not of natural descent or of a human decision or have a husband's will, but children born of God. And the Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us, and we have seen His glory.

John cries out; he bears witness. The Law, the Torah, came through Moses. Grace and truth, steadfast love and faithfulness came through Jesus Christ. John tells us how we got the word. We are speaking creatures because the God who speaks wants to speak with us. He wants to move us to life with His Word.

meet me at the god hour

To move us, not like a bulldozer moves things, but like a tender father moves his frightened daughter by turning toward her with an encouraging word. He wants to move us, not like a bulldozer, but like a groom moves his bride by turning toward her with a word of promise. And just like my bride's word of promise transformed this ring into a sign of wedded love and faithfulness, so also do the signs in John's book have the power to transform us into children of God.

See, God's a father, and even if you don't know Him as a father, even if you've been running from Him and rebelling from Him, even if you've turned away from Him and turned against Him, it doesn't change who He is. It doesn't change His nature. He's still turning toward you. He wants to build up and nurture a bond of trust with you. Now, how is He going to do it?

When God Wakes You Up, Pay Attention

Let me answer that with a parable. Once there were two ring-makers, and they went searching for gold to use for their rings.

meet me at the god hour

The first one had it set in his mind that he wanted to find a large gold nugget. As he was passing along a mountain stream or through a dark cavern with his lantern, sometimes he would see tiny flecks of gold in the cave walls or flecks of gold in the bed of the stream, but he would turn past these because they were so small, so insignificant.

The second ring-maker took a different approach. He stopped and scraped and picked and scrounged and collected all of those tiny flecks of gold. And when they compared them, the second ring-maker had accumulated 10 times more gold than the first.

John Gottman performed hours of clinical research to determine what makes a relationship healthy, what makes any relationship healthy, but specifically a marriage relationship. His team of researchers discovered that the gold standard of a healthy relationship is emotional connection, relational connection--the bond of trust and mutual respect that exists between two people.

Through their research they debunked the myth of the relationship gold nugget. The myth of the relationship gold nugget tells a troubled and conflicted couple that they can solve their problems through a romantic getaway.

The myth of the relationship gold nugget tells a disconnected family that they can make it all right again with a trip to Disney. The research showed that though these trips have their place, they are not the key. The key is those infinitesimal, seemingly insignificant moments of turning toward each other with a word.

Let me illustrate what I mean by this: Let's try it again. And I say, "Have you seen my car keys? Nice lines with the trim work. You can always do three things with a bid for connection. You can turn against that bid: When they studied healthy married couples interacting, they found that on average Monday night dinner at home they would sometimes exchange as many as a hundred bids for connection in a ten-minute period.

Some people treat a relationship with God like a hunt for a gold nugget.

meet me at the god hour

If I just have a mountain top experience, then I'll be set. But the truth is God is turning toward us in Jesus our whole life long. Jesus, through His death on the cross, through His resurrection from the dead, He has won a storehouse of gold-standard love and forgiveness and commitment, and now He is turning toward us by His Holy Spirit. God is much more like the second ring-maker. He is scrimping and scrounging and capitalizing on every opportunity to turn toward us.

In every word of the Scriptures, in every Christ-centered biblical message that you hear, in each conversation you have with a Christ-follower, Jesus is turning toward you. Will you turn toward Him, not just once, but a life of turning toward Him? In the weeks to come I invite you, as you look into the new year, I invite you to do this with me, more intentionally.

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On this program we're going to be going through the Gospel of John, sequentially, and if you've never read the Gospel of John, or it's been more than a year since you've read the Gospel of John, I invite you to do this again. And maybe along the way, you select some flecks of gold, and you commit those words to memory, and you repeat them all week long.

Give it a try. Only a word of promise has the power to make a wedding ring what it is. And only Jesus has the power to make you what you were created to be. He is the solder who fuses you to God.

meet me at the god hour

He is the flux who makes you clean. He is the torch who melts you down and purifies you. He is the hammer who shapes you. He is the Word of power who makes you. He is the pledge and token of God's steadfast love and faithfulness. And if you're willing, I invite you to pray with me to Him. Turn not Your Word from me. Turn my heart again toward You in faith and in love for all people that we might be bound to You, because You are the life with the Father and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.

Reflections for January 06, Title: You're listening to The Lutheran Hour. And we just heard Dr. And would you introduce our guest?

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Our guest is Dr. He is a licensed clinical psychologist, has a Ph. He is a professor at Concordia Seminary, the director of the programs that prepare men to be pastors and deaconesses to serve in the church. He was one of my professors at the seminary. And my favorite thing about Dr. Marrs is although he has all these titles, he asks the students to call him Pastor Marrs.

And I think it shows his heart. So welcome, Pastor Marrs. Thank you very much. Very good to be here. Thank you for inviting me.

meet me at the god hour

In your message, you talked about improving relationships, human relationships, through improved communication. What does that also tell us about God and how He relates to us? Suddenly I was wide awake and completely miserable. My initial frustration centered around my schedule. Just one hour off and I knew that I would probably crash around 2: My plans were foiled, and I was so sure that this early morning disturbance was from the pit of hell.

In my fury, I pitched a fit to the Lord. I was married to my schedule. What could be more important than one more hour of sleep? Something in the words could not have come from me.

The words probed my heart and bore a truth that could not be ignored. I had purposely been too busy. I was too busy to feel, too busy to talk, too busy to cry, and He knew it. I knew it too. In my life, outside of school, something was going on. Something I should have been praying about, something I needed to cry out to God about. I was purposely ignoring it. God cared enough to wake me up, frustrate me and make me cry.

God knows what we need, He knows how to comfort us even if that means shaking us out of our daily routine to get our attention.