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A play on the nickname 'The Fab Four' and a reference to the Beatles finally - The Beat Alls drop a rock onto the Powerpuff Girls. Broadcast on the 37th anniversary of their debut on the Ed Sullivan Show, "Meet fall of The Beatles, cramming more than forty song references and dozens of visual jokes into only ten minutes of animated allegory. The requested URL Loved, loved, loved "Meet the Beat-Alls." So surprised it got made. Bubbles, thinking that she is Mojo Jojo after being hit on the head, steals Mojo's . Bubbles tells the whole episode all over again, which her sisters call her out on. In "Meet the Beat Alls" Mojo and HIM are having a Eviler Than Thou Everything about "Meet the Beat-alls" episode, complete with non-stop references.

Now I love Moko Dono as well. The City of Townsville! It was so full of awesome. BTW, I'm probably overthinking it, but throwing the rock on the girls seemed very reminiscent of imprisoning Sun Wukong under a mountain.

Kids have to buy something from Hot Topic, and Invader Zim can only be relevant for so long. At the time I first saw it, it seemed obvious to me that it was straight out of the rave scene, but maybe I was projecting. And it wasn't new management, this was pre-the CEO quitting over the Mooninite litebrites scaring a metropolitan city scandal. The Aughts were weird in retrospect I was a huge fan of SJ, but it never lived up to its potential outside of a few episodes -- of course, you can say that about any number of shows.

I think it might be. Thanks for the post! The Speed Racer episode runs a close second. Thanks for the reminder. It was great -- you can watch it in full here on YouTube. Now that I Have the youtube link, my contact list is gonna hate me a little more.

If you are, that made two of us. Too much time watching thisimo. They shut down production of Dexter's Laboratory in order to make it. And good as it was, it never measured up. My daughter is ten. I remember watching this. First, you will bow down before me!

Next, you will pledge your allegiance and devotion to serve me! How do you know I won't lie? How in the way Dick Hardly hides the Chemical X in his mouth. That's the only funny moment about him in the entire episode. Bubbles calls the hotline pretending to be the Mayor. The real Mayor picks up. A giant alligator is destroying Townsville! What really sells the Mayor's "I fell in the mud" line is the way he says it.

Rather than sounding upset, it's in a rather calm way that makes it seem like it's something he's regularly done before, which if anything, makes it even funnier.

Meet the Beat-Alls

Not to mention, why was Ms Bellum hanging around outside City Hall in the rain anyway? Bubbles and Buttercup pretending fly while humming the theme song and trying to mimic their flight sound with their mouths. When the girls get into an argument about who should play who nobody wants to be Bubblesthe Professor shows up and tells them to keep it down so he can work. When asked how to settle things so he can get back to work, they end up having HIM pretend to be Bubbles.

It really has to be seen to be belived, they have him wear one of Bubbles dresses and bows which is of course way too small for himand his annoyed expression and stance really seals it, especially the way he pretends to fly with the girls.

Fly fly fly fly fly, POW! Buttercup's impression of Him is just golden.

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I have the power, the skill, and the wardrobe to create such a beast. Blossom pretending to be Mojo, complete with mimcking his speech patterns. While the girls are playing, they come up with a story completely as they go about Mojo Jojo unleashing a giant alligator on Townsville. At the end of the episode, we get a shot of a giant alligator attacking Townsville.

The Mayor calls the girls, saying that Mojo Jojo unleashed a giant alligator on Townsville. Do we have to? When Mojo Jojo is babysitting the girls, he tells them a bedtime story which is a completely wrong account of Napoleon Bonaparte 's conquests.

The girls correct him with a detailed description of the later Napoleonic Wars, all while hitting him with pillows. To top it, after the girls have chased Mojo a bit with the pillows, the girls all stop, look quizzically at the pillows, then drop the pillows and just punch Mojo like normal.

Blarney the singing sea serpent. If I were a bunny I would If I were a rhino I would If I were a fish I would If I were a candle I would The scene ends with the Mayor saying, "Oh, darn fairy! Mojo cooking an elaborate hibachi dinner for the Girls, only for them to end up hating it, which makes complete sense considering that 8-year olds arent exactly the target for sushi.

Apparently dipping sauce is Serious Business to Mojo. The episode "Supper Villain": Not because they got her husband sent to jail, but because they ruined the dinner party! Harold's costume, especially the sparkler on his head and the fact his gun is a hair drier with a bubble blower sellotaped to it. In the sequel to this one, known as "Just Desserts", when the entire Smith family becomes supervillains, they give their reasons for wanting to turn evil.

Bud the son's reason? Not just to avenge the father being sent to jail, but also to avenge the Smiths' dinner with Girls being ruined by them.

Harolds supervillain costume looks even lamer in this episode because the rest of his family has had time to put together REAL costumes for themselves, while Harolds is the same hobby patchwork he made in his basement over the course of a few days in the previous episode. He even Lampshades it. The fact that Harolds life in jail is just as monotonous and dull as his life was on the outside. I lost the key!

Multiple songs are referenced throughout the episode. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. Mojo Jojo's comment "Will the people in the cheap seats, please leave. And the rest of you, hand over your jewelry! The shouting scene, showing how the Beat-Alls got separated, is a reference to the actual separation of the Beatles.

Ironically, Yoko Ono was blamed by many fans for the break-up of the Beatles, while Moko Yono was responsible for the Beat-Alls splitting up since she was really undercover working with the Girls.

In the scene where the Chief of Police is speaking, his name is "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Coincidentally, the character also bears a striking resemblance to Old Fred from the Beatles film: The reporter bears similarities to the character Eric Idle portrays in the film The Rutles: The scene with the remaining three Beat-Alls causing havoc from a rooftop references the Beatles during their rooftop concert on January 30, Michelle, Moko's real name, is inspired by the song of the same name.

In one scene, HIM states "I'd like to say thank you on behalf of the group and ourselves, and I hope we passed the audition". This is from Beatles song Get Back, he also referenced that song by stating "Let's Get Back to where we once belonged". Trivia This is the first and only episode where HIM goes to jail. This episode is the last one to use the large-sized girls in their normal poses from the June version of the animated episode outro.