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meet the beatles vee jay

Vee Jay records had the historic privilege of releasing the very first Beatles album ten days before “Meet The Beatles”, the first “official” Capitol Beatles album. A copy of "Introducing The Beatles," the first Beatles LP released in the U.S., inspires a look back at Chicago's Vee-Jay Records. The Beatles is the first Beatles album released in the United States. out on 10 January , on Vee-Jay Records, ten days before Capitol's Meet The Beatles!.

Vee Jay claimed that this was not the case, and that they still had the rights to release any Beatles product they had in their possession as they saw fit to do in the future. They negotiated a contract with Brian Epstein, The Beatles' manager, to have the rights for all Beatles product, past and future. Ed Sullivan had already agreed by this time to have The Beatles appear on his show in February Television news and magazines had been running features on "Beatlemania" as it was happening in England in late This temptation was too great for Vee Jay to pass up.

The album was rush-released on January 10th,becoming the first Beatles album ever released in the United States.

meet the beatles vee jay

This event did not go unnoticed by Capitol. They filed suit against Vee Jay with an injunction against manufacturing, distributing, advertising, or otherwise disposing of records by The Beatles.

This legal fiasco went on for months with multiple suits and countersuits being filed. This new version of the album was released on January 27th, It was a shame that the first Beatles album to appear in the US was rush-released in an unflattering record sleeve. Usually the reverse side of American LP record sleeves had pictures of the artists as well as liner notes encouraging potential record buyers of the quality of the music contained therein.

meet the beatles vee jay

When these ran out, blank white sheets of paper were placed on the back of the album jacket until the back sleeve with the song list could be prepared. Because of the immense hype generated through the Capitol records ad campaign, Vee Jay felt this album would sell even without informing the customers what songs were contained on it.

meet the beatles vee jay

And they were right! Vee Jay had to eventually relinquish its rights to the early Beatles catalog by October 15th Before that time came though, they released as many singles, EPs and albums as they saw fit to cash in on the Beatle craze while they could.

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I Love You ", and because the two songs had not yet been officially released in the US, Beechwood refused to issue a license for Vee-Jay to release them. The Beatles had been released with the two songs on them, with only 2, or so in stereo. It removed "Love Me Do" and "P.

I Love You" and replaced them with the previously omitted "Ask Me Why" and "Please Please Me", though some pressings of the album did not alter the track list. The new versions were prepared in late January and began appearing in stores around 10 February Once it did, it quickly rose to the number two spot, where it stayed for nine straight weeks. First came the album Jolly What!

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England's Greatest Recording Stars: Injunctions against Vee-Jay's album were issued, lifted and restored more than once. Vee-Jay was granted a license giving it the right to issue the 16 Beatles' songs it controlled, in any way it saw fit, until 15 October At that time, its license expired, and all rights would revert to Capitol.

The Beatles was available, it sold approximately 1, mono copies and approximately 41, stereo copies.

Although neither album contained any new music, both of them made the Billboard album charts. The back sleeve shows outlines of hearts below each Beatle-photo and holds instructions of how to fill the hearts with personal photos.

meet the beatles vee jay

The record inside the cover did not even contain the new name; it still stated Introducing The Beatles on the label. Though Vee-Jay could not manufacture or distribute any Beatles product after 15 Octoberit took a long time for the records to vanish from retail stores.

meet the beatles vee jay

The Early Beatles, Rarities[ edit ] From the start of Beatlemania in the United States until the October expiration of its rights to Beatles music, Vee-Jay issued four LP albums, four singles, and an EP out of the 16 tracks it gained from its license period. On 22 MarchCapitol issued The Early Beatleswhich contained 11 of the 14 tracks that had previously been issued on Introducing These two albums marked the only time that two different Beatles' albums, each from a different record label, were released in the same month with one song appearing on both albums.

There is a difference between the two tracks in that Paul's count-off is cut short on the Vee-Jay release by three numbers leaving only "four!