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Thailand cave rescue: Meet the 'A-Team' of heroic volunteer British divers who led search

But the spearhead of the Thai cave rescue operation depended on seven British civilians who learnt their craft exploring the chilly waters of. Getting to Know The British Education Index (BEI). Getting to Know BEI; BEI Home; BEI Search Results; BEI Individual Record; BEI Citation; BEI. A family from Yorkshire is thought to be the only one in Britain with six generations alive at the same time. Grandmother Sue Godward and her daughter Niki.

Maybe just having a bit of British cynicism and humility and all the traits that makes Britain great, and marrying that with the talent of Silicon Valley, just worked.

meet the british

There is little pretension, which may be core to their success out of a dizzying array of apps — about 1, at last count, according to Sensor Tower. Headspace offers soothing mental exercises, rendered without airs by co-founder and Bristolian Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe. He left the UK midway through a sports science degree after a string of tragic events put him on track for a mental breakdown, including the death of two friends at the hands of a drunken driver and the death of a girlfriend.

meet the british

He went on a year journey around the world and was ordained as a Tibetan Buddhist monk in northern India. He later met Rich Pierson, a marketing executive, who came to him for help.

Meeting The British

He started off as my meditation teacher and became my best friend and then we started a business. Puddicombe, the director of all things meditation on the product side, has been described by the New York Times as doing for meditation what Jamie Oliver did for food.

meet the british

Calm, on the other hand, has a humour to it that is quintessentially British. Bedtime stories for adults include the dulcet tones of Stephen Fry talking about something so tedious — a minute discussion about lavender fields in Provence — that you cannot help but drift off.

Meet the British family spanning six generations - BBC News

Muldoon critic John Redmond suggests that the 'quick' and the 'slow' are 'the most desirable ' when considered together and in relation to one another. The poem marks the first meeting between the native Indians and the British colonisers, the metaphorical 'two streams coming together'.

  • Meet the British family spanning six generations
  • Meet the seven British divers playing leading roles in the Thai cave rescue mission
  • Meet the British entrepreneurs showing the US how to meditate

As the poem unfolds, soft images of the native's natural surroundings are gradually usurped by linguistically coarse intrusions from the sinister British invaders. The narrator speaks with gentle assonance, 'the snow lavender-blue' is symbolic of natural purity, but this is gradually diluted as the British presence becomes clearer.

The lavender is a motif of 'mythical status' as it is a sacred and medicinal 'mother herb'.

Meet the seven British divers playing leading roles in the Thai cave rescue mission

Its motif significance is lent to that of the natives and its repetition underscores the poem's component parts, most potently referenced in the line 'C'est la lavande'. Spoken in native French by the British Colonel, it signifies the point of colonial intrusion.

meet the british

The discordance in their arrival is represented in the splitting of 'handkerchief' across two couplets. Itself a symbol of man-made industry that is at odds with nature, what at first reads 'the Colonel shook out his hand', implicit of the native's trusting nature, on further reading turns the final word to 'handkerchief', exposing the coloniser's eventual deceit, which culminates in the exchange of smallpox-infected blankets that the native Indians naively accept.

Composed in the months before Muldoon moved to America from his native Northern Ireland ; the eponymous 'Meeting the British', in its treatment of Northern American history, simultaneously alludes to Irish politics.

meet the british

This lends the poem a certain geographical resonance from Muldoon's life.