Meet the candidates 2012 scholastic

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meet the candidates 2012 scholastic

Candidates need millions of dollars to run their campaigns. They use the money to travel around the U.S. to meet voters. The funds are also. Michele Bachmann holds up a newspaper with a headline citing her first place finish in the Ames Straw Poll at a meet-the-candidate fundraiser in Waterloo, Iowa. ELECTION Scholastic Kid Reporters are on the campaign trail. Keep up with the latest election news in this special report. After months of campaigning.

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This ticket allowed them to put their support behind one of the six participating candidates. Voters could also write in another candidate that was not in the race yet or was not participating in the poll.

meet the candidates 2012 scholastic

Once a voter placed his ballot in the box, his finger was painted blue to ensure each person only voted once. She knows exactly what she's doing," year-old Martell P. Supporters of other candidates were just as confident that their choice for President would be the best one for the job. If he is elected, he will know exactly how to turn this country around, in the right direction. Bachmann received the most votes.

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Her victory gave her momentum as she begins campaigning in other parts of the country. For other candidates, like Santorum and Rep. McCotter, the straw poll was an opportunity to build name recognition and grow their support base. Give Them Something to Talk About Make sure your children are sharing their thoughts with parents and other family members: The fact that these books exist is reason enough for a family discussion.

meet the candidates 2012 scholastic

See Scholastic for great home-movie-style slide shows about each candidate, games, and news for kids written by kids. See Time For Kids ' " Understanding the Issues " to assist older elementary students before the last debate. Got your students running for class positions? For older students eager to create campaign commercials, make sure your class carefully watches and critiques The Living Room Candidate.

meet the candidates 2012 scholastic

Perry answered this question clearly later on in the event, even though he was responding to a different question. He replied he would cut the Departments of Commerce, Energy and Education. At an earlier debate, Perry stumbled when answering the same question.

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This time he answered successfully, and his reply was met with both applause and laughter. When the candidates weren't talking about issues, they were going after Romney. The former Massachusetts governor won the Iowa caucus last week and is considered the frontrunner for the Republican nomination. Gregory repeatedly asked the other candidates to comment on Romney and his record.

meet the candidates 2012 scholastic

What is disqualifying, in your judgment?